Weekly prediction, 30.5. – 5.6., New Moon in Gemini -Mutable grand cross

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Alignment of the Mutable grand cross

Aspect strength: very important yearly aspect.

Aspect duration: in effect from Autumn 2015 until end of June 2016. Strongest influence from end of May 2016 until first half of June 2016. The New moon in Gemini on 5th of June is its peak date.

A grand cross is an aspect that is formed when at least four planets align themselves to form a cross like aspect form. Grand crosses are very potent and powerful aspect patterns and their main purpose is to increase the dynamics of our lives. This is done by either triggering our need for action and initiation or by leaving us no other chance but to move our butts and do something about certain difficult situations we might find our selves in. Action is used to tackle important life’s challenges, problems, it’s used to resolve conflicts of any kind and…

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