Jun 8-14 Lunar Hair Chart Moon in Leo

Riding Moon Cycles

Lunar hair care holds that the waxing moon is the time for treatments to absorb, condition, and see faster growth after a haircut or trim.

The JUN 8-9 Leo moon this week blends well with the waxing moon. As a general purpose astrological sign for haircuts, Leo appears to break the rules as it is recommended for both faster and slower hair growth goals. The moon phase makes the difference. Leos’s classes of Fixed and dry make it useful for the goal of thicker growth.


Times listed are PST.


Jun 8

All day/night

Moon: Leo, trine Saturn, Wax

New Moon week

Condition hair–BEST

Cut hair–BEST

Cut hair, trim ends–faster growth–BEST

Cut hair trim ends–thicker growth–BEST

Permanent wave you want to be frizzy

Jun 9

AVOID before 11a

Moon: Leo, Mercury square Mars

START after 11a

Moon: Leo, sextile Venus, trine Uranus

Condition hair–BEST

Cut hair–BEST+

Cut hair, trim ends–faster growth–BEST+

Cut hair trim…

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