2016-06 W25: Forecasts for Week 25 of 2016

2016-06 W25: Forecasts for Week 25 of 2016

June 2016 (Mars Out)

Week 25 (W25)

This is the last full week of Spring 2016.  For many, summer is already here.  This is a VERY busy week astrologically, and you will see many “changes.”

Sunday June 12th

The week starts off with a Bang! as Mars (Scorpio) trines Chiron (Pisces).  Whenever Chiron is involved we talk about education, health, and especially mentors.  But both planets are in water and Mars at home in Scorpio.  Today is all about making and breaking secrets.  Some secrets bubble to the surface and are exposed and new ones are created as certain people manufacture new “cover stories.”  (“Hillary!  It’s just Jake from State Farm….”)

That would be enough, but Venus (Gemini) sextiles Uranus (Aries) and surprises become the norm for the day.  This can be a very tough day for water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces) and maybe earth signs as well (Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo).  Moon is v/c from a little before 1o AM CDT until about 7:30 PM CDT (and then in “too early to tell”).  Mercury is ALSO VOID yesterday and all day today until about 6:30 PM.

People mis-speak today and say things they wish they could take back but cannot.  Feelings are hurt.  Silence, especially working alone, is best today, but do what you must.

See, also: tomorrow.

Monday June 13th

Neptune moves retrograde, and that trumps the day.  By itself, that is enough.  One astrologer (years ago and privately) knew a person who invariably “went into the mental hospital” whenever Neptune turned retrograde and “came out” when it turned direct.  People with problems with drugs or alcohol reach a turning point: get better or die.

Venus (Gemini) squares Chiron (Pisces), typically an annual event but today on top of the Neptune retrograde station.  If things were not bad enough yesterday, more revelations lead to more hurt feelings and emotional pain.

But, wait, there’s more!  Venus is quincunx Mars, leading to miscommunications, false hopes, and disappointments.

Frankly, it is a tough day for many people.

Tuesday June 14th

Today is a reprieve from yesterday and Sunday, but it is not much of one.  While Sun sextile Uranus brings pleasant surprise (mostly fire and air signs benefit, Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Libra, Aquarius, Gemini), late tonight or early tomorrow morning Sun is quincunx Mars.

If you have Sun quincunx Mars in your birth chart, or any similar Gemini / Scorpio aspect, then today is an important day for you and it can be very favorable.  If your birthday is today, be ready for a major shift this year.  Many of the rest of us experience a sense of disappointment.

As an aside, today is Donald Trump’s birthday.

Wednesday June 15

We would like to say that you have some relief today, but that is just not true.  Sun square Chiron raises important issues regarding education, health, or a combination of both.  This may be the week that leads some people to give up on school and education.  Others, wiser ones, move out of the harsh environment and into some alternative such as home schooling.

This week is tough, and it is the kind of thing that produces the stories that become movie scripts.  Keep notes about this week.  Take pictures.  Make video.  You will want to have the option to remember in every detail the things that went on.

Thursday June 16th

Finally, some relief.  Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces) do best, but everyone gets a break.  Whatever break or relief you do get, enjoy it as much as possible.  The time to rest and regenerate is at hand.

Venus is void, so it is not a good day to push forward on anything.  For many of us, this is one of those weeks where we “just get through it.”

Friday June 17th

Venus continues to be void until about 2:30 PM CDT and then enters “too early to tell” for at least the next two days.  Moon is v/c from about 9 AM until past 8:30 PM CDT.

But all of this is trumped by the perfection of Saturn square Neptune.  This week is particularly difficult for Sagittarius and Pisces, and one of two things happens today.  Either it is the worst day of the week, or it is the “eye of the storm.”  In either case, “things” will get better soon.

Oddly, our experience has been that perfection of such huge (huge in terms of the time of the orbit / cycle) planets is often quiet.  But it is not necessarily a pleasant kind of quiet.  It is often the quiet after a series of terrifying events in the movie you are watching and then we receive a pause in the action, maybe even a laugh.  But that makes everything worse because we know that when it all picks back up, the intensity will be even higher.  (And we expect it to pick back up with those outer planet aspects on the next lunation, which is the Full Moon of Monday / Summer Solstice.)

Saturday June 18th

You are feeling Mars quincunx Uranus today (which perfects after midnight about 1 AM).  “Things” are still tough for Sagittarius, and they are tough for Scorpio and Aries also (unless you have both in your natal chart).

If you have BOTH Scorpio and Aries planets in your birth chart then today CAN be very powerful and you CAN gain an important advantage in some matter (depending on your individual chart and your motivation to “get things done”).

Most of us are wanting to move past this week and move on to something new.  The good news is that shift is coming, and it is coming soon.  Monday’s Full Moon is a turning point for many of us, and by the end of next week we will be moving on to something new.

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