2016-06 W26: Forecasts for Week 26 of 2016

2016-06 W26: Forecasts for Week 26 of 2016

June 2016 (Mars Out)

Week 26 (W26)

A Full Moon, quickly followed by the Summer Solstice (entry of the Sun into the sign of Cancer as determined by the “tropical zodiac” used by western astrologers) marks our transition (officially) this week form Spring 2016 into Summer 2016.  This is the last full week of June, 2016, and July 2016 starts late next week.

Sunday June 19th

Some time zones feel Mars quincunx Uranus (Scorpio / Aries) on Saturday (yesterday), and we have mentioned it there.  That aspect perfects for PDT (Pacific) and MDT (Mountain) though quite late in the evening for both.  CDT (Central), EDT (Eastern), UK, and EU have the perfection after midnight (early on Sunday).  Everyone feels it on BOTH days.

Quincunx is an aspect that ties two planets together in signs that do not communicate by element (Fire, Earth, Air or Water) or by “character” (Cardinal, Fixed, or Mutable).  Stated simply, it is communication that is not.  While both parties BELIEVE they understand the position and message of the other, this simply is not true.  So when the “God of War” (planet associated with “energy” in general but especially anger and violence in the more common “low form”) meets with the “Sky God” (associated with wind, storms, lightening, electricity, revolutions, explosions, and surprises), “things” (and people) tend to go boom.  At best, rather unpleasant “misunderstandings” happen.

Lunar aspects (Moon in Sagittarius) activate the ongoing outer planet T-Square (particularly Jupiter and Chiron) over the course of the day.  Today is Father’s Day, and many of us feel like step-children on visitation weekend whether or not that is actually true.

No matter who it is, keep in mind that you may NEVER fully understand each other, and this day, too, shall pass.  A few rare people will actually find a hidden opportunity today.  They are the exception rather than the rule.

Monday June 20th

The Moon opposes the Sun forming a Full Moon, an event that occurs once every 28 days or so.  This one differs in that it comes at the end of Sagittarius (Moon) / Gemini (Sun) marking the second one in those two signs this year.  (That does not happen much and is associated with the more traditional definition of a “blue moon,” something which some say occurred with the previous Full Moon 28 days ago.)

This Full Moon (FM) perfects almost exactly 6 AM CDT (7 AM EDT / 5 AM MDT / 4 AM PDT), and is followed by a short void that ends at 5 til the next hour (4:55 AM / 5:55 AM / 6:55 AM / 7:55 AM).  Mercury opposes Saturn and squares Neptune forming ANOTHER Grand Cross (GC) today.  Sun enters Cancer just past 5:30 PM CDT (adjust for your time zone).  In simple terms, astrologically, this is a BUSY day.

So, we MUST process what happened yesterday (on Sunday, Father’s Day).  Reality kicks us in the teeth, and we must find a way to deal with what is facing us.  The aspects today just will not let us ignore those huge issues any more, and a powerful ending (followed by a similarly powerful beginning) is facing us.

Chiron (health, healing, education, teachers, and mentors) opposite Hygeia (specifically health and healthcare) perfects today, and issues regarding these bubble to the top.  If your Dad was your best friend and mentor, tell him to stay out of the heat today (and this summer) and rest and take care of himself.

Mercury square Neptune is excellent for writing poetry and lyrics, photography and videography, and moments of spiritual insight (but sometimes delusions).  Whatever pain or frustration you feel today, you can achieve benefit via one of these areas (poetry, photography, and similar).  Avoid drugs / alcohol.

Tuesday June 21st

Today is the formal “first day of summer” that many people, including religious authorities, observe.  Needless to say, “it is all over” in many ways by the time today arrives, and we have to shift gears.

Moon in Capricorn can leave some of us in a position where we can be a bit ruthless (particularly earth signs such as Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo) and decide that we “must do what must be done.”  Taurus may see an unusual opportunity today, particularly if it involves wrapping up or closing out something.  Most of the rest of us are still reeling from Sunday and Monday.  Today CAN be the most productive day this week for some (many?) of us.  Seize the opportunity for your most critical tasks.

Pallas moves Stationary Retrograde today, and we feel an effect a bit like a Mercury Retrograde.  Today is NOT the day to put that “innovate new idea” into play; chances are good it will backfire.  You can make progress, but you should stick with proven methods and avoid “experiments.”

Wednesday June 22nd

From about 4 AM CDT until 3 PM CDT the Moon is void (v/c) in Capricorn.  That gizmo that you MUST buy at this moment is likely to give you a surprise.  Once I made such a purchase long ago.  The gizmo did, indeed, exactly what I bought it for.  Performed flawlessly, and I thought I had a bargain (and had outsmarted the void moon).  Then I tried to use it for a slightly different purpose, and it performed miserably.  I knew, then, I had been bitten.  It was an important lesson that helped teach me about the void-of-course moon.

So it may go for you today.  If you must buy it, then do so.  Just know that the store will (probably) not permit you to return it, and it may not work in some way that you hope.  Learn the lesson and move forward.

Mercury square Jupiter leads us to spend money unnecessarily, so if the “gizmo” is a “big” purchase then DON’T DO IT.  Mercury quincunx Pluto makes this situation even worse, so if it is a computer, tablet, cell phone, car, motorcycle, bicycle, boat, airplane, or anything remotely similar DON’T DO IT.  That “great price” is the bait.  But, if you must, then see the above part about “learn the lesson and move forward.”

If you can wait until tomorrow, then do so.  More information will come to light, and if you decide to buy it anyway in the face of its flaws at least you will be making a truly “informed” decision.

Juno moves Stationary Direct (SD) today, and trust issues come to the forefront.  In particularly, indiscretions of cheating spouses (or other partners) will tend to be exposed today (or this week).  (Tomorrow may be even worse in this regard.)

Jupiter square Vesta perfects, and we can make foolish expenditures on old traditions that either (a) no one cares about or (b) even if they do care they will not acknowledge your generosity.  Spend your money elsewhere.

Thursday June 23rd

Please re-read yesterday.  Moon forms one quincunx with Venus (love, beauty, sometimes health, purchases, money, finances, art, vanity, women) and later another with Jupiter (law, courts, travel (especially foreign travel), foreign relations and “foreigners,” teachers, professors, higher education, universities, courses, and philandering husbands).  Together, it all forms a very LOOSE “yod” which is the pattern that tells you that you must make a “decision.”

Chances are good this decision is a followup from yesterday, and certain blemishes come to light.  If you are a woman, maybe you discover that “his divorce has not yet been finalized.”  If you are a man (especially if your name is Waylon), you may discover that her name is Lucille and her husband is a police officer with a shotgun collection who is on paid leave from work for using “excessive force” when he killed another guy last week.

Anyway, it is your decision.

Uranus conjoins Ceres, and we see disruptions in “prosperity” (but especially in food supply chains).  Innovations in these areas can also be forthcoming; write down your best ideas today or even the fleeting ones that may not seem as good now as they will later.

Friday June 24th

If you are still intact, if you made it this far through the week and are still alive, we congratulate you!  It really wasn’t THAT bad, was it?  🙂  Today is better, not as good as Tuesday, but better.  Moon moves v/c about 9:45 AM CDT and stays void until 9:30 PM CDT.  This is a great Friday afternoon to take off and play if you can.  If not, try not to do anything too serious; stick to routine and most things should go well.

Jupiter joins the North Node, and we find that hard work done with little or no expectation of return might be the best way to clean up a mess and eliminate bad karma.  Housecleaning during this moon v/c can be a very good idea.  If you have not made amends for past indiscretions, then maybe the time to do that is now.

Saturday June 25th

We WOULD say today is a good day, especially with the incredible power of Jupiter Trine Pluto (seen several times earlier in the past few months and technically perfects tomorrow but you will feel it today), but Mercury (Gemini) is quincunx Mars (Scorpio), and Venus (Cancer) is quincunx Saturn (Sagittarius).  (Please re-read the description of “quincunx” that we provided for Sunday June 19th earlier this week.  Those also perfect tomorrow but you will feel them today!)

So, it is a sideways kind of day with some VERY strong winners (particularly Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo) and some annoying (and painful) possible losers (likely to be Cancer, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and maybe Gemini).  If you are one of the other five Sun signs, you will need to look to other planets in your personal chart (start with the Moon) to see if you have a personal planet (in this case Moon, Mercury, Venus) in one of those signs.  And, if none of that applies, then stay out of the way and watch the show!

Whether or not you can have a “quiet day” today remains an open question, but some of you may want just that.  Not EVERYONE wants the drama that is swirling about many people today, and sometimes being audience (or at home out of the fray) is the smartest position.

Everything we wrote about today (Saturday) applies to tomorrow (Sunday) as well.



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