2016-07 W28: Forecasts for Week 28 of 2016

2016-07 W28: Forecasts for Week 28 of 2016

July 2016 (Mars Out)


We have ups and downs this week, but it is mostly a “good week.”  For most people, most of the time, it is “all systems go.”  If you are contemplating approaching someone to start a romance, chances are good that this is the week to do it.  Even if it is a short-lived “summer romance,” you will still have happy memories from it.  (“Go for it.”)

Sunday July 3rd

Sun Trines Neptune making this a “feel good” day for many but a source of confusion for others.  Do not take anything too seriously today, and certainly do not sign any contracts.  Pluto makes several subtle aspects to asteroids, and you may “feel” this as subtle power struggles, more undercurrents and unspoken than direct confrontation.  Health issues could come to the surface for some.  Mercury sesquiquadrate Mars can loose a few to “lose their cool,” but that is more the exception than the rule.

Monday July 4th

In the United States, this is the Independence Day celebration.  Curiously, the UK (or at least some of it) has declared independence from the EU and many are unhappy about that.  If the “colonies” were to try to declare independence from England today instead of 1776, would it cause a war?  You bet!  Maybe not so much has changed since 1776 except that we can conceal the concentration of power as being “liberal” and somehow benevolent and the world will end if someone decides to break away.

We have a New Moon in Cancer in the early morning hours, so let’s be clear: this is a time for “out with the old and in with the new.”  Interpret that as you may.

Later in the day we may find ourselves frustrated by wrestling with annoying details.  Put that off until another day if you can.  Step outside of yourself and do something to help someone else.  Uranus triseptile Hygeia tells us that an accident can happen today, and if you are alert you can save a life.  Watch toddlers near water, and keep an eye on older adults for possible signs of a “stroke” in this heat.  (See, also: FAST.)  Again, you might can save a life today, but only if you are alert and “on top of things.”

Tuesday July 5th

Those celebrating the holiday go back to work, and the morning has a void of course moon in Cancer in North America and the same affects the EU and UK in the afternoon / evening.  Mercury trine Neptune makes this another day like Sunday: great for poetry and fun and photography and video but terrible for signing contracts or making serious commitments.  Let’s be clear: this is a day that is unclear.  You can be fooled, easily, today.

Saturn quintile Hygeia gives us a practical idea about how to solve a health problem.  As we always say: write it down!

Wednesday July 6th

Venus (Cancer) trines Mars (ever so barely direct in Scorpio), and the sex can be good, especially if it is “break up sex.”  Some people re-kindle a flame (wrong metaphor, admittedly, for water signs) that was thought long extinguished.  These two effectively form a Grand Water Trine, and this can be quite a money-maker for some people.  Mercury and the Sun join, and we see possibly important insights in transportation and communication this evening.  As with last weekend, write down your ideas no matter how silly or unrealistic they currently seem.  You will “connect the dots” later.  See, also: Jobs at Stanford.

Lilith is aspected two different ways (at least) today, so this emphasizes the passionate sex.  If that is not an option for you, then either you or someone else is likely to “break all the rules” today.  Chances are good they (or you) cannot be stopped, but Juno (angry wife) novile (smart ideas) Astraea (lawyers) tells us that someone else (namely anyone betrayed) might have bright ideas today, too.

Mercury opposes Pluto early tomorrow, and you might feel the power struggles this evening.  Or, again, it could be great sex.  Or, both.

Thursday July 7th

Mercury opposes Pluto early, and some of us are in bad accidents or become involved in road rage incidents.  Watch out for power struggles.  Venus squares Uranus leading to unusual and maybe creative ideas, and yesterday’s rather vanilla romance can become extra kinky today.  Boredom is impermissible.  Sun opposes Pluto, and issues of power struggles, taxes, and finance are amplified.  Review the accounts, and look especially for anything that went “astray” earlier this week.  Mars (anger, violence, war) is quite active today, and Juno (the angry wife, daughter, or sister) enters Scorpio (sneak attacks).  If you have misbehaved, then your toothbrush might be used to clean the toilet.

Sun opposite Pluto also is part of a powerful and transformative Mystic Rectangle that can open a window where you can accomplish things you cannot ordinarily accomplish.  Use that wisely.

Things CAN turn a bit odd late this evening, and feelings can be hurt.  Watch what you say.  But, in some cases, a heart to heart may be overdue, and it may be time to “lance the boil.”  Use your best judgment.

[Edit on 07/07: This was written a week ago, or more, before the shootings in Baton Rouge, Minnesota, and Dallas.  We just wish that toothbrushes had been used instead of guns.]

Friday July 8th

Bright ideas are with us again; write them down.  Be careful of overspending, but you might make some good purchases if you have done the research!  They will not be cheap, but they can be quite useful.

Two outer planet / asteroid septiles tell us today is about karma and making amends / helping someone who cannot help themselves is a good idea.  Keep in mind that Mars septile Pluto was active the night the Pulse shooter harmed so many in Orlando.  Defuse the situation if you can, and that includes helping someone who might look “harmless.”  The operative word here is HELP.  Calling the police to incarcerate them will just amplify the situation and should be avoided if possible.  Saturn binoviles Astraea, and someone in the legal world has a rather bright (and practical) insight.  A wrong move today can put you on the wrong side of a lawsuit.  Don’t go there.

Focus on problems solving today and avoid blame (unless you are a lawyer, and even then it might still be a good idea).

Saturday July 9th

Sun sextiles Jupiter (on Friday on the West Coast of the U.S. but early AM for the rest of us, before noon in UK and EU).  Mercury trines Mars, and we can achieve much if we avoid temper tantrums (our owns and those of others).  Jupiter BiQuintiles Uranus, and someone has a brilliant idea about how to make a LARGE amount of money.  I bet someone takes home a BIG lotto win tonight!  The rest of us continue to have some rather brilliant insights.  Again, write them down.  And, maybe, discuss them with someone you know you can trust.


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  1. The last time jupiter crossed into my first house was when I first found your blog back last fall. So glad for it. “Boredom is impermissible” -the way your forecasts read this week I’m thinking I might become a superhero this week. Save some lives, win the lottery, crime fighting and summer romance. Better rest up this dark moon.

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