2016-07 W30: Forecasts for Week 30 of 2016

2016-07 W30: Forecasts for Week 30 of 2016


The early part of the week is dominated by the Full Moon on Tuesday after a very “karmic” day on Sunday.  Sun becomes void shortly past midnight (CDT) on Sunday and remains void until early Friday.  Edit: The Sun becomes void after the Full Moon on That makes accomplishment of lasting results during this period, most of the week, somewhere between difficult and impossible.  If you do get results, they will tend to be perverse or oddball.  Mercury is highly active this week, and many of the aspects are disruptive.  Arguments, fights, car problems, plane crashes, and similar will be the norm.  Telecommunications may be knocked out; traffic jams will likely be prevalent.  “Things” get better Friday, and Saturday is a “breakthrough day” for some people (perhaps many).


This is a curious “mixed” kind of day where some people can “jump out of” astrology forecasts, karma, and almost anything else acting to constrain them.  Sun sesquiquadrate Saturn gives us a powerful sense of urgency about duty and possible loss.  Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces feel this most strongly.  We feel we “must do something” though we may not be certain what.  Yesterday’s annual square of the Sun to Uranus still exerts itself today, and upsets are quite likely for some people, notably Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn.  If you have a mix of these signs (for example: Pisces/Aries or Virgo/Libra) then you may feel this day particularly strongly.

Mercury and Venus BiSeptile Uranus, giving this day a particularly “karmic” feel for some people though hopefully not the kind of monstrous kind we have seen this summer with the Pulse Club Shooter, the Sniper in Dallas, Bastille Day in France, or the Coupe in Turkey.  (My apologies if I left anyone out.)  It COULD be one of those days, to be certain, but not as likely as some of the others.

Mars trine Chiron brings up issues of healing, and given this combination in Scorpio / Pisces we might be wrong in the previous paragraph.  Maybe this is another “dangerous day.”  Sun enters this as well, creating a Grand Water Trine (those have been popular lately) and a tremendous money-making opportunity for some people.

Sun is void a bit after midnight and continues void until Friday.  THAT makes this a particularly “challenging” week all by itself.


Sun is sesquiquadrate Neptune, and we have confusion mixed with a sense of urgency.  We, once again, feel we “must do something,” but our ideas are unrealistic and disconnected.  We really do need to re-think our position later.  Mercury sesquiquadrate amplifies and worsens the situation described in the previous sentences.  This is a great day for artists: photographers, videographers, poets, musicians, and song writers can have a breakthrough day today, especially if their work addresses healing the recent wounds.

North Node septile Lilith leaves us with some karmic issue regarding our “wild side” particularly though not necessarily to do with sexuality and the dark and wild side of anything female.  Pallas quadrinovile Astraea brings breakthroughs in law and legal areas, but do keep in mind the aforementioned issues with Neptune / Chiron.  The best use of the quadrinovile is for development of skills.

The moon will be full tomorrow, but you already feel it today.  On this particular FM, with Moon in Capricorn, people can be particularly heartless and do stupid things that harm the innocent in the name of money or progress or some similar kind of rot.  Expect coverups.


Pluto biseptile Hygeia brings health and healing issues to the forefront.  They cannot be ignored today.  Mercury is highly active, and its trine to Saturn helps us accomplish much early in the day.  But a later inconjunct to Neptune makes things messy again later.  A Mercury triseptile to Pluto makes this another karmic day as well.

The full moon perfects today, and the moon is in Capricorn (a bad place for it).  We repeat our warning from yesterday: people can be particularly heartless and do stupid things that harm the innocent in the name of money or progress or some similar kind of rot.  Expect coverups.

Keep in mind that the Sun is void after perfection of today’s Full Moon, and it continues void until Friday.


Outer planet aspects are silent, but Mercury and Venus, particularly Venus, are active today.  Sun septile Jupiter gives this day a karmic feel (yet another one!), and Mercury biseptile Mars amplifies this and adds an element of possible danger (which could manifest on Tuesday or Thursday as well).  Venus sesquiquadrate Chiron adds a sense of urgency to the ongoing health issues we mentioned yesterday.  You must address these if at all possible.  A novile to Jupiter gives us an important insight, particularly if it involves higher education, law or legal, or foreign travel or foreign visitors.  A trine of Venus to Saturn can open a window, a short one, for a possible “May-June” romance.

Keep in mind that the Sun is void and continues void until Friday.


Today is all about insights and lessons.  People who are in “sexually oriented businesses” or anything remotely similar will have a chance to “jump ship” and leave and go do something else.  These same people may put police officers at risk.  People in financial markets can have career changing experiences today.

Keep in mind that the Sun is void and continues void until Friday.


The outer planets are nearly silent again today, only offering a peculiar Mars / Pallas “decile” aspect that is difficult to interpret.  In early morning hours the Sun moves into Leo, that gives many of us some relief (particularly Aries, Leo, and Sadge, but also Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini).  If you were smart, you held off on doing important things during the Solar void (unless you had not meaningful choice).  Tomorrow gives you the best day this week for powerful accomplishment, but it is not perfect.

Mercury is active again, and a triseptile to Neptune is both karmic and messy.  Great for photographers, poets, songwriters, and similar artists but terrible for signing contracts or anything “serious.”


Venus is biseptile Mars, and that brings ANOTHER karmic day.  No relief, at least not yet.  Mercury biquintile Chiron brings genius level insight regarding those health issues we mentioned earlier, and certain medical researchers may have breakthrough ideas visit them today.  Pay attention to that penicillin mold that is “ruining your experiment.”  Uranus quadrinovile emphasizes the power and importance of this insight and requires that you “pay attention” regarding health and healthcare issues.  Write down (or otherwise capture) those insights!

Pallas quincunx Hygeia means that some of these ideas will look like false hopes.  (Some of them will be.)  But, torque your awareness in a bit of a different direction and you may find a brilliant insight.

Mars quintile Node amplifies Karmic issues, and we hope that this is not used in a particularly diabolic fashion, though it could be.  Please do be careful today and tonight.




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