2016-08 W33: Forecasts for Week 33 of 2016

2016-07 W33: Forecasts for Week 33 of 2016


The Moon continues to wax, and we can accomplish a few things this week.  But Sunday is best devoted to spiritual practices, music, poetry, photography, and similar pursuits.  And, even some of those may not work out the way you expect.  Monday is an odd day, and difficult to interpret, but karma is once again in play.  Help someone less fortunate than yourself.  Tuesday we reap what we have sewn.  Wednesday may have power struggles but we can learn beneficial and important lessons from them.  We make progress on Wednesday.  Thursday is odd, a bit like Monday except that we can have awakenings and insights.  Write down your ideas, even the most oddball ones.  Friday we encounter issues involving health, higher education, or both.  It is a very karmic, and maybe dangerous, day.  Saturday is incredibly busy with many things happening as Saturn moves Station Direct.  We feel the impending Saturn shift all week long, and it gives us a powerful and urgent feeling that we had better “get things done.”  Venus sesquiquadrate Uranus confirms that feeling that we “had better” get things done.  And, we had better.


Sun quincunx Pluto gives us unresolvable power struggles.  The immovable object meets the irresistible force.  But certain things can be accomplished today, and if you waste your time on the power struggles then you may lose those opportunities.  Try to be audience to these rather than participant.  Take pictures of it.  Make video of it.  Write poetry, music, and lyrics about it.  Just do not participate in it unless you want to lose the day and the opportunities.  Some people go to jail today (or early morning hours after too much drugs or alcohol), and their lives change forever.  We wish we could say it is a “good change,” but we cannot.  Stay out of that.

Uranus quadrinovile Astraea gives powerful insights about the legal and justice system and can lead to important new skills.  Given another septile (karma) today, you may want to “bail them out again.”  If you are in that role, an “enabler” role, you might have a chance to turn the tide in your own life if not theirs.  Today can be a turning point for you.  If you go the route of “I am not bailing them out again this time,” then you might regret it.  If at all possible, do not do anything to be recognized or take credit for helping someone.  That would backfire.  (Maybe you can send the bail money through an anonymous third party?)


The Moon turns void shortly before 1 PM CDT.  Accomplish what you can in the morning.  Today will find much busy work but little accomplishment.  The day seems odd and empty.  Saturn triseptile Vesta brings an odd and possibly harsh sense of karma to traditions, especially police and military traditions.  Helping an old or disabled veteran, anonymously and without thought or hope of return or recognition, is a good use of your time and money today.  In some ways, this is an astrological version of Veterans’ Day or Memorial Day.  Consider taking it off.


For better or worse, you will reap what you have sewn today, especially with your words and your travels.  A few people in healthcare or education (or both) will have brilliant insights and breakthroughs today.  Emotions run high, and people are easily wounded or offended.  To the best of your ability try to help rather than harm.  Harsh words can be particularly unwise.


We move from First Quarter to Second Quarter, and Jim Shawvan identifies a huge “Opportunity Period” today.  We agree.  Today brings an important gift to certain people, but those people have to be aware of what it is.  Pay attention.

Breakthrough ideas come today.  Write them down.  Draw them.  Email them to yourself or a friend.  Do what it takes to capture them.  They are important.  In the western half of North America, the Moon moves to void of course near midnight.


The moon remains v/c until half past Noon CDT.  The morning is good for intense cleaning out, and you might find important lost objects.  Today feels a bit like Monday, odd and empty and karmic.  Mars binovile North Node is karmic, and you reap what you have sewn.  But you also learn an important lesson and might develop an important new skill.  As we always say, and said yesterday, pay attention.  Write it down, draw it, tell a trusted friend, or email it to yourself.  It matters.


Jupiter (Virgo) opposes Chiron (Pisces), and today feels like yet another karmic day this week and this summer and this year.  They just never seem to “let up” do they?  The Moon square Venus (Virgo), joins Saturn (Sagittarius), and squares Neptune (Pisces).  Near midnight today or tomorrow the Moon also squares Mercury (Virgo).  A huge mutable T-Square, a version of the same one from last week and June 20th earlier this year, dominates today along with the perfection of Jupiter opposite Chiron.  Moon may be waning, but this is about completing and finishing old projects so you can move on to new ones.  Mercury Retrograde is not far away, so that is a very good day of your time today.

Do note that Moon becomes void of course at half past Noon when it squares Jupiter.  Moon square Jupiter tends to spend money on unnecessary purchases and favors sellers.  With a void moon, these purchases will likely not work as expected or may not work at all.

Moon moves into Capricorn slightly past 11 PM CDT.  You might have trouble sleeping tonight, but that is likely the best thing to attempt.


Venus opposes Neptune tomorrow, but many will feel its effects today.  People, places, and things are not as they seem.  You tend to rate them too favorably, and that particularly applies to those purchases that you made yesterday afternoon despite our warning.  Use this date and tomorrow for developing poetry, lyrics, music, photography, and video.  This is a superb day for such creative arts.

Saturn moves direct, and that dominates this day and this week.  As Venus squares Saturn many of us will use this (appropriately) as a work day.  As long as you are realistic in your objectives, you can accomplish much.  But, do keep in mind the warning about unrealistic expectations and people, places, and things not being what they seem.

This is a very complex day that we find difficult to interpret.  But you can come up with some brilliant ideas, again, that you should write down, draw, or email to yourself for future use.  Do make certain that you do this.  Find a way to capture the ideas.


Author: Grandtrines

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