Full Moon August 18th 2016: Danger and Opportunity


Full Moon August 18th 2016: Danger and Opportunity

We see both danger and opportunity in this Leo / Aquarius Full Moon.  With Sun at 25 degrees Leo and Moon at 25 Aquarius, both are square to Algol in Taurus.  That alone would be enough to give pause.  But, a pronounced Thor’s Hammer pattern is present, and that is present with anger and temper and people, places, and things that go Boom!

Here is the FM chart, filtered for the Thor’s Hammer pattern:

Full Moon 2016-08-18 Thor's Hammer

[Click Image to Enlarge]

A Rosetta pattern is present, telling us that we will need to make allegiances but they will tend to be short-lived and may turn to treachery:

Full Moon 2016-08-18 Rosetta

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We often ignore T-Squares in our analysis, but a number are present and some of this has figured in a major way in events this summer starting in May / June.  Here is the…

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