New Moon Predictions for September 1, 2016

Astrology & Tarot

This New Moon represents the Equinox.  It is our fall Eclipse or Solar Eclipse with the Lunar Eclipse just two weeks later.  This can be a very profound time as this energy has been building for the last twelve weeks.  For many these are difficult times, as my teacher has mentioned many times.  Eclipses require that we grow up and get rid of what we no longer need.  Sometimes the things we no longer need get ripped from us.  At that time, it is difficult for us to know it is better that way.  Saturn is square exactly the Sun/Moon of this eclipse and the others mentioned square Neptune, so it is NOT an easy time.  Let’s be kind to one another!

ARIES:    Be wary Aries!  Risks that are taken now can have an effect on your health.  Some can be quite self-destructive.  Perhaps you have been seeking clarity but wonder…

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Author: Grandtrines

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