Weekly prediction, 15.8. – 21.8., Full Moon in Aquarius – Selfexpression Vs Selfrealization

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Dear readers I apologize once more for a late prediction, but i was on vacation and have returned home yesterday. But hey, nevertheless, let’s take a look what this week is all about.

The most important aspect of this week is the Full Moon in Aquarius, so we’ll focus on that.

Full Moon in Aquarius

Transit strength: important monthly transit

Transit duration: in effect throughout the week strongest influence from Wednesday until Friday, with Thursday being the highpoint.


Astrological setting

The Full Moon’s are climaxes of monthly lunar cycles. This a time when things started or initiated with the New Moon come to a conclusion. It is a time of fruition and a time of harvest. This particular Moon concludes the cycle started with the New Moon in Leo on August the 3rd. Issues and themes associated and related to the this New Moon are now being addressed once more…

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