2016-08 W36: Forecasts for Week 36 of 2016

2016-08 W36: Forecasts for Week 36 of 2016


August ends this week and September begins.  Labor Day has not yet arrived, yet we more fully feel that Summer is over.  Sunday is mostly quiet though we do have the karmic Venus triseptile Uranus.  Venus also forms a quintile to Saturn, and brilliant insights can be had about practical matters.  The Moon is waning and headed toward the New Moon on Saturday.  Monday Venus enters Libra, and relationships become particularly important.  If we had wild sex last week with someone new, then it is time to make a decision whether or not we are willing to publicly acknowledge that romance.  Mars squares the North Node, and karma is in play (meaning we will reap what we have sewn).  Mercury joins Venus, and chatter about relationships and romance are amplified.  Mercury finally makes the Retrograde station on Tuesday, and we have been feeling that for the past few weeks but especially this week.  Sun sesquiquadrate Uranus on Wednesday brings surprises, maybe a broken or infected cell phone, tablet, or computer.  Thursday, September 1st, the Sun makes its annual square to Saturn, and we all feel like we had better “buckle down” and get to work.  We might feel a bit depressed about the “daily grind” we go through.  Friday the Sun opposes Neptune, and either we are home sick with something like ragweed allergies or we feel so low energy that we might as well be sick.  This day is best used to reading or writing poetry or photography or videography or something similar.  Retrograde Mercury joins Jupiter on Friday, and we have to review some important matter.  Saturday our ideas will not leave us alone, and we should write down what comes to us at this time.


Except for necessary homework or anything like that, you can “take the day off.”  And, you should.

That said, the Moon in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn and squares Uranus in Aries forming a cardinal T-Square that might be felt Saturday and might be felt Monday but is mostly something that affects today.  For most people, this is a “tempest in a teapot” and has no lasting effect.  Some people who are Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn will feel today as a “trigger point” day and this will be a turning point.  By turning point we mean that “the straw that breaks the Camel’s back” has fallen and an otherwise trivial event triggers something big.  This can also be true for anyone with a planet at 17 degrees (in aspect to Pluto) or 23 degrees (in aspect to Uranus) in their natal chart.  And if you have any kind of Venus / Uranus aspect in your natal chart (or are LGBT), then you might “feel” today a bit more strongly.

Some people will have breakthrough ideas about a practical matter. (Venus quintile Saturn) For creatives this might be a way to do your art that should have been obvious before but was not.  Today it becomes obvious, and that is a different kind of turning point for you than the one listed above (unless you are specifically in one of the groups mentioned).  This new method might actually involve doing LESS to achieve MORE.

Again, for everyone else it is a good day to ignore minor dramas and “take the day off” and rest and relax if you can.


We will restate what we have already said: “Monday Venus enters Libra, and relationships become particularly important.  If we had wild sex last week with someone new, then it is time to make a decision whether or not we are willing to publicly acknowledge that romance.  Mars squares the North Node, and karma is in play (meaning we will reap what we have sewn).  Mercury joins Venus, and chatter about relationships and romance are amplified.”

This is the day before the Mercury Retrograde Station, and if your cell phone, tablet, computer, automobile, boat, or plan has not already gone haywire, chances are good that it will today or in the next few days.  Double check everything and take nothing for granted.


Mercury stations retrograde, and many things seem to go haywire.  But Jim Shawvan identifies two “back to back” opportunity periods from Sunday through today, so you still might come across some powerful opportunity that you need to seize.  If so, then seize it.  This is likely to be a hidden opportunity in the form of something that is broken or misplaced or “odd.”  Change your thinking so you can see what needs to be seen and hear what needs to be heard.


Wednesday is strangely quiet, leaving us to wonder what the universe has in store for us.  Ceres moves retrograde.   People with eating disorders may have had setbacks by this point in time, but they can also learn from them and find what does, and does not, work.  The Moon is void until a bit past 10 AM CDT and moves into Virgo after that.  We should bring closure to what we can, given what Mercury Retrograde will allow us to accomplish before the New Moon tomorrow, a Solar Eclipse, slightly past 4 AM CDT.


As if the Mercury Retrograde station were not enough, we have a Solar Eclipse (and, therefore, a New Moon) in the early hours near 4 AM CDT.  Ships and other ocean going vessels may be able to see this eclipse at sunrise in the Atlantic Ocean.  This map shows the path of the eclipse.  A few hours after the eclipse, the Moon opposes Neptune and squares Saturn, activating a mutable T-Square (involving the ongoing Saturn / Neptune squares) and bringing attention to decisions and events made circa June 20th and several weeks earlier in August.

Sun squares Saturn, and we feel that we MUST get certain things done.  We may also feel a bit depressed with our daily grind.  Accomplishment on eclipse days can be difficult, but the results can also be rather long lasting.  And then there is tomorrow.


Sun opposes Neptune, and that makes today a sick day for many people, likely due to seasonal allergies such as ragweed allergy.  Mercury (retrograde) joins Jupiter, and we look back to Monday August 22nd to better understand how we came to be in the situation we now face.  Moon joins Mercury then Jupiter to emphasize this situation, arguably forming a Virgo Stellium.  The emphasis, now, is on hard work and details.  This is probably NOT a Friday to “take the afternoon off.”  Defer the “fun” and get to work.  You know what has to be done, so do it.

Today is VERY complex in terms of outer planet (generational) aspects, and this may be another day that you see as a “turning point” in hindsight.   Do something for someone less fortunate than yourself (with no expectation of recognition or any form of return).

Power struggles involving traditions and “how we have always done things” might emerge.


This is the Saturday of Labor Day Weekend, and you will be tempted to play.  Moon has moved into Libra, and you may need to spend some time with family or loved ones.

Athletes, police, and military (aka “martians”) are active today, but it is VERY messy for them.  If you are in one of these categories, then you need to re-think “how we have always done things.”  The saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t ‘fix’ it” does not apply well in situations where “it” is clearly “broke.”


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