Martial Matters


By Mark Lerner

“The red planet Mars has a number of positive attributes, as this celestial body has strong connections to sports, exercise, physical-emotional energy, courage, passions and desires that lead to hard-fought victories for what is noble and ideal. However, the shadow side of this planet has a kinship with anger, ego-impulses, rash behavior, inflammatory rhetoric and violent actions that can result in all kinds of discord.

Over the next three days, Mars seems to be looking for trouble rather than avoiding it as it makes an alarming, 135-degree link to Uranus (12:15AM today), proceeds to form an intense conjunction with Saturn (4:28AM tomorrow), and then moves on to make a worrisome square to Neptune (11:57PM on Thursday).

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Author: Grandtrines

Like so many people, I am a paradox. I am a politically conservative vegetarian. I am from a Christian background, and still tend to like those values, but am a metaphysical astrologer trained in science who has an interest in the magic of ancient Egypt and a weird belief that some piece of our essence can live on a server. I live in Texas, but like chatting with my international Wordpress pals the best. I learn by teaching. Technically, I am a "Leo," but I am very, very Aquarian with a dose of Scorpio. I bitterly complain about Algol (and Algol personaliites), yet it is the one star that defines me most (other than Regulus). (Which, oddly, makes me an Algol personality.) I am a reclusive lover of peace and quiet who has the Ascendant in the Via Combusta (the most conflict ridden part of the zodiac). I am an incredibly private person with a blog with over 800 followers and 50 to 150 regular daily visitors. I could go on, but I think you get the picture.