Mercury Square Mars 2016-09-12 (Hele + Rosetta + Thor’s Hammer)


Mercury Square Mars 2016-09-12 (Hele + Rosetta + Thor’s Hammer)

As was true with the Mercury Square Mars aspect of July 29th, a Hele and Rosetta are present in this variant of the aspect.  Unlike July, a Thor’s Hammer is present rather than a Yod.  That means that this time issues have “heated up,” possibly issues from late July, and the key is to examine your alliances without losing your temper or being victimized by your associates.  To be certain, this is a dangerous window.  (We say window because arguably this aspect affects at least the day before and day after perfection of the aspect, namely the period from September 11th to September 13th.)

We present perfection of the Mercury Square Mars aspect, filtered for the Thor’s Hammer:

2016-09-12 Mercury Square Mars (Hele + Rosetta + Thor's Hammer)

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