Weekly prediction, 5.9. – 11.9., First Moon square – Hard work always pays off.

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During this week, we begin to follow the footsteps of the young Moon dealing with themes and issues activated by the New Moon on September the 2nd. Mercury Rx is definitely influencing this progress by giving us new insight, changing our thought processes, he helps us plan different strategies, offers new choices, and encourages us to make interesting or difficult decisions. It is an interesting time, but still, we have to be careful not to make imprudent, hasty and irresponsible decisions. Remember, work on your dreams, goals, ambitions, it will pay of. Perhaps for some of you the payment in the form of success has already arrived. šŸ˜‰


Moon in Scorpio

Transit strength: weak weekly transit.

Transit duration: From Monday until Thursday.

Astrological setting

On her journey through Scorpio, she will form mostly positive trines to earthly positioned planets, such as Mercury Rx,Ā  Jupiter in Virgo and Pluto in Capricornā€¦

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