2016-09 W38: Forecasts for Week 38 of 2016

2016-09 W38: Forecasts for Week 38 of 2016


The Full Moon of September 16th, a Lunar Appulse Eclipse that corresponds to the Full Moon of August 18th, dominates the week along with Jupiter’s entry into Libra last week and perfection of Saturn square Neptune last week.  Monday, Retrograde Mercury squares Mars, something that happens a number of times this year, and tempers fly and rage leads to unfortunate events and violence.  Tuesday, the annual Sun square Mars aspects amplifies problems with rage and violence.  Wednesday, septiles bring us more issues of “karma,” continuing from last week.  Mars square Chiron on Thursday brings more heartache in the educational realm, healthcare, or both.  Venus Novile the North Node on Friday can bring us an insight or lesson, if we are paying attention.  Saturday Mars trines Uranus, bringing oddball accidents that somehow ultimately benefit us.  It is a tough week.


Venus square Pluto provides GREAT SEX for some on Saturday of last week or Sunday of this week or both.  Some remarkable romances will start at this time.  The rest of us better check our pocketbooks because finances can go sour.  Be on top of your finances, and you might can turn this situation to your advantage.

Your birthday today: this year is all about love and sex and romance or it is about money and finances.  Or, it could be all of the above.  Marriages formed this year can be very powerful.


Watch your temper, and today can be a great day.  You will likely have energy, maybe too much energy, and you need to focus it on capturing those great creative ideas that come your way.

Today can be nothing short of brilliant for creatives, especially photographers and movie makers.  Poets and songwriters also do equally well.  Do not become sidetracked by annoying but ultimately minor issues.  Endeavor to persevere.

Your birthday today: If you are a creative, this can be your best year yet, maybe your best year ever.  If you are not a creative, this is your chance to consider becoming one.  Watch your temper and focus your energies.


The temptation for rage continues today.  Accidents and explosions can happen.  The maxim today is “safety first.”  Athletes and other martians (police, military, and intelligence agencies) can do very well today.  Some people in the legal system (lawyers and judges) can do very well today as long as they do not have a significant karmic debt to take care of.

Your birthday today: You can have a huge amount of energy this year and accomplish much as long as you can control your temper.  Pay off all your karmic debts, and you can bring to fruition some brilliant ideas.


Once again, we have a day that is all about “karma,” and some people have an amazingly painful day today.  Do something to help someone less fortunate than yourself anonymously and without any expectation of return.

Your birthday today: help others this year anonymously without any expectation of return.  This may not bring you money or financial rewards, but you might look back upon this year as the best of your life.


People in healthcare make errors, and their attempts to cover up the mistakes are revealed in open court.  Some people go to jail for this, and others go bankrupt.  If  you are a student, then do not cheat on tests.  That is dangerous behavior today.  Find a different way.

The Full Moon is near, and it happens tomorrow.  People are a bit scattered and strange.  Look back at what you were, or were not, doing on August 18th and September 1st.  The lessons learned, or not, may prove important now.  Breakthroughs happen in a number of fields including martians (police, military, intelligence agencies), healthcare, and computers / electrical engineering.

Your birthday today: this is a year for you to build, whatever it is you build.  You will have breakthrough ideas and can accomplish much this year.  Avoid lying / cheating / deception; those will undo all your hard work.


The Full Moon, and another lunar eclipse similar to the one of August 18th, perfects today.  Mars novile Black Moon Lilith at least brings out the wild side in almost everyone, and sex can be unusually intense and (!) insightful (!).  Uranus opposes Astraea and lawyers and the court system have problems.  Best for them to take a vacation today.

Your birthday today: this may be the year of your most intense romance ever.  Even if it does not last, you will never forget it.  It will change you forever, and it could become the basis of a novel or other creative work.  Avoid breaking the law or becoming involved with the legal system unless that is what you already do for your career.  This is a big year for you, and you will be a different person a year from now.


We clean up from yesterday, and health care issues come to the forefront for almost everyone in some way.  Even if you are young and fit, someone important and close to you may be ill.  The possibility exists it could be something even bigger, such as the outbreak of a dread disease.  (We hope we are wrong.)

The healthcare issues today will provide important lessons and certain people will develop important skills.  Pay attention!

Your birthday today:  If you ever thought about working in the healthcare field, this is the year for you to make the shift.  If you already work there, then this is the time for a promotion or education that elevates you to a higher position.  If you have been at it for many years and are tired of it, then consider retirement.  This is a good year for that also.  In all other cases, this is the year you can make changes to improve your health or help someone close to you to improve theirs.

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