2016-09 W40: Forecasts for Week 40 of 2016

2016-09 W40: Forecasts for Week 40 of 2016


Sunday we begin to feel the Sun / Jupiter conjunction of Monday. Both Sunday and Monday are extremely “lucky” days, so grab it all as best you can. But please do understand that much of your “luck” will come from “cleaning house” and leaning out your life. Eliminate the superfluous. Tuesday is a “day off” day, and especially good for “housecleaning.” (Most of the week is good for that.)

Wednesday is another cleanup day, it much of Wednesday is about “hard work.” Clear out anything that is not serving you, and wrap up old project that you wish to no longer address. Thursday is much like Tuesday, and (again), we emphasize cleaning out and wrapping up. Friday is a feel good day, and some remarkable insights can come your way. Write it all down. The New Moon brings a fresh start, and this can be an incredible date night if you can get past an annoying glitch (or two). Saturday is full of glitches. Enjoy what you can and ignore the rest as much as you can. However, some key issue involving education or health (or both) may need to be addressed. This is a busy week, and it sets the stage for the new major cycle that begins with next week.


The Sun joins Jupiter tomorrow, and for many people this is one of the “luckiest” periods of the year. Aries feels this nearly as strongly as Libra, but for Cancer or Capricorn it may be a bit odd. Gemini, Aquarius, and Leo do well also, and we would add in Sagittarius except they are dealing with the twin presence of Mars (the “lesser malefic”) and Saturn (the “greater malefic”).
Some people may feel a “glitch” about 1:30 PM CDT but after that expect smooth sailing. With Mercury direct, the change of seasons past, and an “Opportunity Period” per Jim Shawvan, we think this is an excellent period to “get things done.” Stick to housecleaning chores due to a waning moon and know that you might find an important “lost object” (or opportunity) during this time. This is also an excellent time to obtain great deals on items you need to buy (but avoid buying some glitzy thing that will sit around unused).

Mars semisquare Black Moon Lilith creates a sense of “wildness” to this day (as well as the preceding Saturday and following Monday).  For some people, this is intensely passionate sex.  For sexually oriented businesses, this represents a turning point of some kind.  For others, it is just “weird.”  Chiron biquintile Hygeia can lead to amazing breakthroughs in healthcare (think pharmaceuticals, stem cell therapy, and similar).  Jupiter quincunx Ceres tells us that diets started at this time may encounter difficulties and need to be modified or restarted later or both.

Your Birthday Today: For Libras born between September 21st and October 1st, inclusive, this may be one of the “luckiest” years of your life. If you can avoid over-drinking (alcohol or the use of other mood altering drugs), over-eating, or over-eating, this may be one of the best years of your life. Since, at times, you will encounter some difficulties “getting things done,” you will need this “luck.” Also be careful to avoid unproductive tantrums and outbursts of temper from yourself or others.  You may have a powerful sexual experience or relationship this year.


Sun joins Jupiter today, and we would expect “things” to go well. Pluto stations direct, and this is a bit like the Mercury direct station for Police, Military, and Intelligence agencies: it causes a shakeup. Shakeups likely come to the financial markets as well since Pluto routinely affects them, particularly if changes to the tax laws are announced or companies announce that they have made an “error in their bookkeeping.”

Today has two outer planet / asteroid biquintiles and two outer planet / asteroid noviles.  The ideas flowing to you will be  nothing short of amazing.  Capture all that you can.  Uranus squares Vesta, and surprises and new ideas disrupt traditions (yet another marker that we think signals a reset or “adjustment” in the financial markets).  Expect the unexpected today.

Your Birthday Today:
As we mentioned yesterday, this is a powerful year for you. Finances may be VERY strange for you. Chances are good for large amounts of money to both “come in” and “go out.” Try to save SOME of it if at all possible. You will need it for some rainy day. If you are police, military, or a member of an intelligence agency, do not be surprised if you change employers this year, or at least change positions within your current employer.


Sunday and Monday’s “good luck” vanishes with Mars’ entry into Capricorn. This is unpleasant for many people, but Sagittarius tends to breath a sigh of relief (unless the particular Sagittarian has Capricorn planets, as many do). The Moon is void most of the day, from about 4 AM CDT until about 5 PM CDT. Stick to routine, and expect the typical waning Moon type of Moon v/c. (This is VERY good for breaking bad habits or “weaning” someone or something off of something else (or someone else).) The Moon’s trine to Mars after it enters Capricorn brightens spirits a little, and this is an excellent time for vigorous exercise.

Neptune makes (quad-undecile?) aspects to both Astraea (law, lawyers, and legal system) and Hygeia (health, healthcare, and healthcare providers) on this date.  The Undecile aspects are “Eleventh Harmonic” (aka “11th Harmonic”) and not well understood at this time.  My guess is that they provide a “gateway” of insights into the future similar to the novile series (which often bring us new skills that are subtle but change our lives).  That happens on this date; something powerful and important happens on this mostly v/c day.  We can easily miss just how powerful and important it is.  (Think of it as a bit like a “reverse void”: we shrug off or ignore something as “nothing will come of this” but it turns out to be extraordinarily important.)  Alice Portman write about it “some” on this page.  We also like the entry at Tribe which states this:

“Comprising the eleventh harmonic,wherein the 360 degree circle is divided by eleven and then multiplied, this group of astrological aspects consists of the waxing undecile with an angular value of 32’44, the waxing biundecile of 65’27,the waxing triundecile of 98’11, the waxing quadriundecile of 130’55….[emphasis added]”   We will not duplicate the entire analysis here (that would likely violate copyright!) but do add this important quote from the same source: “If earthly law is a reflection of higher spiritual law, perhaps these eleventh harmonic aspects symbolize a karmic “reorganization of debt” in the form of Divine Grace,mercy,compassion when one is staggering under the load of his burdens of fate,provided,however,that one “petitions the spiritual court” through sincere prayer. ”

For some people, this is an important day in terms of “justice” of some kind.

Hygeia and Astraea are both in the final “fated” degrees of Libra today, so the events that happen will have a “fated” feel to them.  A shakeup is coming regarding healthcare and legal systems.

Mercury biquintile Uranus makes this an extremely important day for writers, inventors, and other brainiacs.  Capture every fleeting idea, no matter how “crazy” it seems now.  If you bacteria culture dies because of the mold that contaminated the petri dish, you want to be the guy who “gets it” and “invents” penicillin (which Fleming did with the penicillin mold in his cultures).  “Mistakes” today can become brilliant insights or inventions!

Your Birthday Today:
You will also have much of the same good luck as the other Librans, but you will find it by cleaning out and discarding items that are no longer needed. In this process, you can find items (or ideas) that are particularly powerful. “Lean out” your lifestyle and you can prosper. Save as much money as you can. You will encounter surprises. Do not take them too seriously. But do consider persisting with a new exercise regimen. THAT will be worth it!


Frankly, this is a “nose to the grindstone” kind of day that is about “getting the work done.” People can be heartless on this day; avoid being one of those if you can. A mutable T-Square similar to the one in late June of 2016 influences the day, and issues from that time earlier this year may re-surface. You have the ability to deal with them and, if you wish, to end them. If your desire is to end some situation lingering from late June, then do it today and close out every aspect of it you can.

Vesta triseptile Pallas tells of karma involving traditions and brilliant ideas.  Sun is triseptile Neptune, and Mercury is biseptile Mars!  Triseptiles dominate this day!

We have learned of an additional interpretation: the triseptile can be a window into the future similar to the quintile (brilliant ideas) and novile (subtle insights).  Alice Portman describes septiles as a “wisdom aspect” associated with science, religion, and metaphysical arts such as astrology.  Today is a day where you can have a powerful insight by examining your traditions and rituals or those of people around you.  Being a cultural anthropologist, at least temporarily, can pay off today.

Your Birthday Today:
Hard work pays off this year. Be alert for opportunities, seize them, and work to “make your luck.” The gifts you are given will not blossom without hard work. That is extra important for you this year. Make certain that you, and not someone else, reaps the benefits. If someone else is reaping the benefits of your work, then maybe it is time to change jobs or start your own business.  Look at the traditions that bind you; some of them may need to be dropped in favor of new traditions.


The Moon is void all day, starting about 5 AM CDT. A waning void Virgo moon is excellent for housecleaning and discarding unneeded items. It is also good for ending situations that no longer serve you. Similar to Tuesday, make certain that you completely end it and “wrap things up.” The New Moon will bring you new opportunities and likely new people. But you will not have room for them until you finish what is at hand.

Astraea (law and legal systems) and Hygeia (health and healthcare systems) both entire Scorpio today; we all feel a “shift” in these areas and look back to our insights on Tuesday.  Do note that both of these are in the “too early to tell” period (of the first three degrees of a sign), so be careful about taking action today.

Venus sesquiquadrate Chiron amplifies the urgency regarding healthcare or educational issues (or both).

Your Birthday Today:
Our advice is almost exactly the same as Tuesday: you will also have much of the same good luck as the other Librans, but you will find it by cleaning out and discarding items that are no longer needed. In this process, you can find items (or ideas) that are particularly powerful. “Lean out” your lifestyle and you can prosper. Save as much money as you can. You will encounter surprises. Do not take them too seriously.

For today, we add that you need to focus on communications and transportation and healthcare or educational issues. If you desire to write for a living, this is the year to start that career. Make certain to backup your computers; chances are good you will have some glitches at critical times.


The Moon conjoins Jupiter near Noon CDT, and this is a VERY old Moon. Some of us become a bit “psychic” at this time. If you already have “the gift,” then it will be MASSIVELY amplified at this time and on this day. Make certain to write down what comes to you, even the most fleeting and odd of images. For those anticipating Nanowrimo in November, we suggest you sketch out your characters and plot (at a minimum) at this time if you have not already done so. If you HAVE already done so, then develop it more fully. (Since this is a waning moon, you may have to revise. We STILL recommend you capture these important ideas!)

Sun conjoins Moon (New Moon) about 7 PM CDT and this is a GREAT date night! Some of you will go out on a first date with your life partner tonight. Others may not marry this person but will have a particularly memorable experience. Take pictures, make video, and enjoy it as much as you can.

Venus trines Neptune tomorrow, and we already feel it. That means we CAN be fooled, so do not rush into things just because you think this is “the one.” (They might BE the one, but you will find out more later and will have to consider carefully whether or not to proceed. So, do not OVER-commit on this occasion!)
Most people will have a happy evening, but a glitch might occur about 10:30 PM CDT. (“We told you so.”) Move past it, do not let it ruin your evening, and have fun anyway!

Hygeia and Astraea conjoin today, and the issue involving these two “comes to a head.”  Uranus triundecile recently direct Pluto massively amplifies the importance of the issue and the insights gained from the dispute.  Jupiter sesquiqudrate Pallas produces an undeniable sense of urgency.  It must be solved NOW!  Mars binovile Chiron brings insights; Mars trine Ceres raises issues regarding prosperity (or diet or food supply).  It is a complex and important day with more messages than any single person can enjoy.  And, for many, it is a turning point.

Your Birthday Today:
This might be the best year of your life; it will certainly be one of them. Major new starts come to some, likely most, of you. Some things might seem “too good to be true” and are just that, but mostly you will have an incredible year. Remember to save some of that money! (And, this is THE year to launch that major project, maybe a new business or marriage.)


Read yesterday. However, more glitches occur as we begin to feel (1) Sun quincunx Neptune and (2) Mercury quincunx Uranus; both of these perfect on Sunday. But, you will feel both of them a little on Friday and much more so today. Glitches occur, so take things carefully.

Venus trine Neptune is both the “ultimate feel good aspect” and the “too good to be true aspect.” Have a fun time but do not make any major purchases and do not sign any contracts.

Mercury opposes Chiron. Either educational or healthcare or both sets of issues arise, and chances are good this involves something that happened during Mercury Retrograde in September. You have to deal with it now. Wrap it up and move forward if at all possible.

Neptune sesquiquadrate Vesta brings both confusion and a sense of urgency regarding our traditions and routines today.  Parades are rained out; similar kinds of things happen to other events.

Your Birthday Today:
Keep a journal because this will be one of the oddest years of your life. Some good things, the best of things, are coming your way, and some of the most annoying people or events or both will grace your doorstep as well. Write it all down. If nothing else, it will be an amazing story but it might become the basis of an amazing novel, a bestseller. Track it all. Expect glitches, and just remember that they are part of the story.

Author: Grandtrines

Like so many people, I am a paradox. I am a politically conservative vegetarian. I am from a Christian background, and still tend to like those values, but am a metaphysical astrologer trained in science who has an interest in the magic of ancient Egypt and a weird belief that some piece of our essence can live on a server. I live in Texas, but like chatting with my international Wordpress pals the best. I learn by teaching. Technically, I am a "Leo," but I am very, very Aquarian with a dose of Scorpio. I bitterly complain about Algol (and Algol personaliites), yet it is the one star that defines me most (other than Regulus). (Which, oddly, makes me an Algol personality.) I am a reclusive lover of peace and quiet who has the Ascendant in the Via Combusta (the most conflict ridden part of the zodiac). I am an incredibly private person with a blog with over 800 followers and 50 to 150 regular daily visitors. I could go on, but I think you get the picture.

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  1. Boy you sure put a lot of hard work into this! So glad you stopped by for a visit. I am finding myself really tuning into astrology and tarot the last several months and have been ever increasing my interests. I watch a lot of tarot readings on Youtube, it’s all so fascinating I wish I understood it better. Guess that’s one of my journeys for this year…I’m a Libra and am excited about what this year has to present to me, I’ve been learning so much about this big event from now til next October. I’ll shall visit often to read what’s coming my way. Thank you for your efforts!! Wishing you an insightful day! 🙂


    1. Thank you for the encouragement. I launched this blog this year, and it is still in its infancy. I do not make any money from it (yet?), so it is truly a labor of love. Other things have been demanding my time, so I am a bit behind on my forecasts. Maybe at some point I will develop a second set of “by sign” forecasts as well. As a Libra, you should be planning your next year until your birthday and then launch your most important actions and activities within the first 30 days after your birthday. “Things” change when the Sun moves into Scorpio, so accomplish the most important activities before then. (Hope that helps!)

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      1. Life is so time consuming that it’s hard to have a blog, never mind several, and a full-time job, possibly a family, trying to keep up with everything is hard. I thought of blogging as a way to make money, I think most do, but it hasn’t turned out that way, but I enjoy doing it. My birthday was September 28, my biggest desire is to quit my job but I am a key cog who has been there 20 years and we are in our busiest time right now, so I won’t leave yet. But I do want to put the wheels in motion aimed towards next Spring. Guess my most important activity would be to work on my resume. Thanks for that info it was an unexpected pleasant surprise!! Wishing you much success. Have the best day! 😊

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      2. Many seem to be changing jobs at this time. Maybe a time to buy “What Color is My Parachute” and review both critical goals and retirement planning as you think about updating the resume’ for the next position. You are in a period now where you can accomplish much so examining your heart’s desire might be overdue!

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      3. Oh thanks for that, sounds interesting!! I’m 58 so I close to retiring but not close enough. My heart’s desire is to stay home! Decompress for a year and then maybe write a book, songs, poems, create a grateful journal for others…I just can’t afford it…there’s always a catch. Thanks again for the book suggestion I’m going to get it!! 🙂 xo


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