YOUR HOROSCOPE BY BLESILDA (BLES) CARMONA-DELA ROSA For the week of November 14-20, 2016

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For the week of November 14-20, 2016

For all signs: November 14 marks the occurrence of the Super Moon that has everybody abuzz and excited. The last time the Moon approached perigee this close was in 1948, and the next one won’t happen until 2034. This Full Moon is in Taurus and among the many messages out there about its significance, here is one that resonates: this Full Moon is about the power for embodiment of our deepest desires, but if those desires do not truly reflect our highest good, then we had better be prepared to go within ourselves and transmute those yearnings (and cravings, dare I say?). We can always ask: What do I desire? Yet we can also ask: What is good for me?

ARIES (Mar 21-Apr 19) After a careful assessment of the facts, you will find that your…

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