Glorious New Moon

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The 27 March New Moon (8pm PDT), which will influence the next several weeks, will likely range from Poignant to Painful.  We’re calling that Glorious not because we’re Sadistic, but because it’s a Glorious Opportunity to Let Go once and for all of the Pain.

Hit me, said the Masochist.  No, said the Sadist.

Michael Roads keeps telling us that Victimhood is a Choice.  Well, now we can make the Choice to Let It Go for good.  

The New Moon (Initiation of a New Cycle) is in 8 Aries (Wisdom Graces the Feminine).  The primary Energy in the 6-8 Degree range is a T-Square (Mastery through Challenge) to asteroid Aletheia (Truth) on the Opposition between Centaur Nessus (Abuse and Privilege) and dwarf planet Orcus (Oath-Breaking).

The T-Square has three Bridges (Paths to Make the Challenge Easier):…

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