How to manifest dreams with Venus Retrograde

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Venus Retrograde, newly born as the Morning Star, leaves the zero degrees Aries point April 2, which resets us back to the Vernal Equinox point energies of March 20 again.

Venus re-enters Pisces on the 2nd @ 5:25 pm PDT/ 8:25 pm EDT/ April 3 @12:25 am GMT.

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The transition from the Divine Feminine  in her Amazon warrioress energy; fiery, masculine Mars, rules Aries, which has been and will be again, defensive, aggressive, head strong, independent, and spontaneous while Venus is in Mars, ruled Aries.

 Now the moods change drastically into Feminine, watery, psychic, emotional, super sensitive dreamy Pisces where Venus is Exalted. Things will feel very different over the next few weeks. Venus in PISCES brings up love addictions as well as all other kinds of addictions to our attention as well.

On April 15 VENUS TURNS DIRECT @ 26 degrees PISCES exactly conjunct to…

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