Weekly Tarot Reading: April 9th – April 16th

Maiden Oracle

Judgment (Reversed) | 8 of Cups | 7 of Wands | Kuan Yin | Rhiannon | Bast

Numerological Breakdown: 2+8+7=17=8       As we can see, the number 8 is still a recurring theme since we also saw that as the main number in last week’s reading; number 8 is heavily tied to abundance, manifestation, infinity, authority, personal power, confidence, karma.

Our first card in this week’s reading: Judgment. I feel like this card is very telling of the fact that Mercury just stationed retrograde today; in its upright position judgment calls for a period of introspection and evaluation, and reversed it can serve as a much less subtle reminder of the same lesson. In the reversed position, judgment is a harsh wake up call to the reality that sometimes, no matter how fast everything around us is moving, we MUST find time to slow down and reflect. Are…

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