Mars, Demon Star inconjunct Saturn

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic

This aspect is exact on the 17th PDT and EDT: April 18 GMT.  But the effects last until the next planetary aspect on the 21st when SATURN and VENUS square off again as they did on April 8th. This time Venus is moving direct and only Saturn is Retrograde. Venus and Saturn had their first square on Jan 27 this year on a New Moon in Aquarius when both were moving direct @ 24+ degrees Pisces/Sagittarius.

Mars is conjunct to ALGOL, known as the Demon Star, Medusa

Medusa Caravaggio Tara Greene

This star with traditionally the evilest in the skies from the Greek myths. It’s associated with the myth of a  scary monster, the Gorgon Medusa. They said she was so scary looking that the sight of her would turn a man to stone. Perseus, a great hero often shown riding on Pegasus, the Flying Horse killed her. Algol was a Libyan Amazon historically who fought…

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