22-28 April 2017 Nodal Shift and Mutable T-Square (22 April with Mars and Moon) (Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam)

Isian Centre of Metaphysics

The North Node moves out of Virgo as the South Node moves out of Pisces. Over the next week, we will see the closing of many chapters of self exploration and growth as we prepare to embark on new journeys ahead.

At this moment in time (22 April 2017) the Moon conjuncts the Piscean South Node whilst Mars in Gemini squares both Nodes, creating a Mutable T-Square.

Use this energy to feel and move your way through the closing cycles or chapters that emerge at this time. Catharsis through the spoken or written word would be beneficial, as will an exploration of thoughts, ideas, communication modalities, memories from childhood and/or relationships with siblings. Keep an eye on your physical health (especially digestive / circulatory issues) and focus on decluttering, purifying, strengthening your relationship with your body and/or ritual spaces.


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Author: Grandtrines

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