Grand Kite: Letting Go to Be YOU – May 15

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Snapshot: From now until early Friday we are under the energy of a Grand Kite which has the Nodes of Fate as the support beam and Saturn and Uranus as the ‘wings.’

At 2:14am on Friday morning, Saturn Rx at 26:23 Sagittarius Trines Uranus at 26:23 Aries.

This Trine is building now and will gather strength until it exacts. Effectively, this is some harmony between the status quo, or ‘powers that be’ and any innovation and change. Yes, these tend to be 2 contradicting energies, but in this aspect they will bring about a change that balances both ‘tradition’ and ‘novel’ ideas. Saturn and Uranus are in 2 Fire Signs so there is some passion to initiate (Aries is Cardinal Fire) and changeable philosophy (Sagittarius is Mutable Fire) to allow for the change while maintaining some global perspective.

But as these 2 exact, the Nodes of Fate are within orb…

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