This Week’s Astro – Insights – Mon 15 May 2017


Mercury into Taurus

After Friday’s super-charged Mars-Jupiter trine, the heavens go a little quiet, giving us all time to digest and refine what we managed to achieve in a very short space of time.

Mercury will be on hand to help us consolidate and plan some solid and realistic next steps when it re-enters Taurus on Wednesday at 05h06 BST.

Use this influence to capitalise on traditional forms of knowledge and communication. Sometimes pen and paper really is best! And occasionally more experienced people Do actually know what they are talking about!

On Friday, Saturn will once again trine Uranus at 07h15 BST, giving us another opportunity to combine old and new, conventional and unconventional in new and interesting ways. Think traditional with a twist! Look back to Christmas Day 2016 for clues if you’re wondering where and how this particular transit may manifest in your life.

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Author: Grandtrines

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