2017-06 W24: Forecasts for Week 24 of 2017

2017-06 W24: Forecasts for Week 24 of 2017

The detailed forecasts of last year proved to be too much work for too little traffic.  I am trying something new over the summer (and will keep it if it works): short “fortune cookie” style forecasts.

Sunday June 11th

Moon in Capricorn urges us to slow down and double check our work, but varied aspects throw in additional challenges.  Outer planet aspects confirm this and also remind us to do something nice for someone else.

Monday June 12th

Prelude to a storm with a Capricorn Moon v/c from about 2 PM CDT til about 7 PM CDT.  Stick to routine and no major purchases.  Outers are complex, and some of you may need to attend to an important legal matter today.  (TCB, Take Care of Business)

Tuesday June 13th

Our little “storm” begins, but it definitely FAVORS certain people.  You can tell who fairly quickly.  Moon trines Jupiter (law & legal, higher ed, travel, sometimes career) and squares Neptune (poetry, play, healthcare, dreams, drugs & alcohol); both Outers are standing still, complicating things and requiring a “re-do” later.  If you are favored, seize the moment.  If not, take a rest.  Mercury square Jupiter favors writers, speakers, and anyone dealing with transportation or communication.

Wednesday June 14th

Most of the day the Moon is void, but Jim Shawvan characterizes it as an “Opportunity Period.”  We think he is right, taking into account what we told you yesterday.  (If you were favored yesterday, then you are probably favored today.  If not, stick to routine or take a rest.)

Thursday June 15th

Sun in Gemini ends soon.  If that favors you, then “get things done.”  We are in a waning moon, so “completion” is favored over fresh starts.  Sun opposes Saturn, and that makes today tough except maybe for Saturnine characters (bankers and stern school masters).  Get done what must be done, but stick to routine otherwise.  Creatives can sometimes break the rules here and MAYBE start a new project (poetry, songwriting, photographery, videography, and similar).

Friday June 16th

Neptune stations retrograde, and Mercury perfects a quincunx to Pluto.  “All bets are off” for most people, and particularly people with alcohol / drug problems (or other mental health issues) may reach a breaking point or turning point or “bottom” today (or this weekend).  For the rest of us: stick to routine (except creatives, see yesterday).

Saturday June 17th

Fire and air signs get a reprieve from the recent downpour of water recently some time after 1 PM CDT when Moon enters Aries.  Earth and water better have everything wrapped up by this morning at the latest.  Moon enters last quarter, so this period is mostly about wrapup and cleanup for everyone.


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