This Week’s Astro-Insights: 10-17 July 2017


New Merc sextile Jup

Expect more intensity tomorrow morning as the Sun-Pluto opposition peaks, thereby completing a highly cathartic Full Moon phase.

After that, the Moon enters cool and detached Aquarius and things should begin to calm down a little.

The good news is that we don’t have any more negative aspects in store this week. In fact, the heavens are set to go quiet for most of this week, giving us all an opportunity to process recent events.

The only major transit due to happen this week is a warm, feelgood and pretty fun  Mercury-Jupiter sextile on Friday at 21h45 BST – perfect if you’re looking to forget your troubles for a while and let your hair down.

This aspects is also likely to enhance communication of all kinds, but especially within relationships. So if thing got a tad heated during the Full Moon last weekend, now’s your chance to kiss and make…

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Author: Grandtrines

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