This Week’s Astro-Insights: 31 Jul – 7 Aug 2017


Lunar Eclipse

July ends with a cosmic exclamation mark in the form of a thrilling Venus-Uranus sextile which is sure to precipitate surprising but incredibly positive, if not downright exciting news and developments in the realm of love, creativity and technology. Get-togethers with friends should also be exceptionally fun and enjoyable.

However, with Uranus slowing down in time for it’s station on August 3, it’s likely that any plans aimed at reforming or revolutionising social norms or public institutions may need a bit more work before they can are fit for purpose.

Global events, especially those involving court cases or disputes centering around fairness or equality could quickly escalate into highly dramatic stand-offs and intensely stressful situations on the 4th as big hitters Jupiter and Pluto square up to each other in cardinal signs. Expect major diplomatic disputes and bitter power struggles within key institutions to erupt into the public domain now.

As if that weren’t enough, a potent lunar eclipse at…

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Author: Grandtrines

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