Aug 13 2017🔮Weekly Tarot Card Forecast✨Stay Grounded, Don’t Overdue Yourself & Everything Will Flow

Celestial Priestess's Fourth Density Journal

#Sunday Aug 13 2017🔮Tarot Weekly Forecast✨This week ahead we have quite an interesting combo. We finally achieve balance (Adjustment) ⚖️after the transformation as it is displayed here with the lust card aka as the Strength Card.We finally have the strength to control it and master it. Last week maybe we were feeling impregnated with ideas (The Star) and now we are being observant of how we will make that happen (Queen of Cups) 🔭and how we can offer our services for our higher good (Knight of Cups).

However this week ahead we could overdo things with the (7 of Cups) or maybe realize some disappointments that have not yet been resolved. ğŸ”Ž

Our attitudes as a result could be a little bit defensive (4 of Disks) or we will strife for some sort of discipline.

From the outside we will be receiving support with an overflow of something. (Ace of…

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