New Beginnings September 6th // keep up the good work

Cosmic Guide James Ray

Mercury will end its retrograde period and enter Promethean Direct Cycle September 6-8th ((beginning a direct cycle lasting until December 2nd — the next mercury retrograde, this time in Sag))This is the time when mercury is its furthest distance behind the sun yet moving forward. The energy shift will be from that of “oh dear how do I do this?” To “I shall complete these tasks with confidence and intuitive guidance”.

During the same birthing period, mars will have made its way into Virgo, and the sun will be in a building trine with Pluto. Mars in Virgo offers the exact positive energy needed to execute all of those deeply analytical plans which likely unfolded over the past three weeks of mercury retrograde. Sun trine Pluto ignites the powerful motivations deep within the unconscious, this time connecting Virgo and Capricorn, practical progress at its finest, with no space to ponder…

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