ARIES New MOON (March 24) with CHIRON & LILITH – Show up with the Medicine of Spring!

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Dear Cosmic Friends,

Blossoming Aliveness – Photo by Melanie, March 2020

Spring is here (Day 4 it is) – and Nature is fiercely alive!
Continued Spring Equinox Blessings!

Here’s my Equinox blog post again for you.

Well, what a fierce time it’s been for Humanity also, in the last few weeks!
Hope you’re not in emergency / survival mode (one of the low vibrations of the PISCES – ARIES cusp: “Am I making it, or am I going under?”) but blessed to be well, and ready to let something new and alive emerge – just as Nature does, on-goingly, especially NOW.
And if you or your loved ones are affected by the virus I’m sending heartfelt  blessings for a good regeneration of body, mind, and emotions to you!
Yes, it can be super stressful to even ‘just’ get caught in the Corona scare through all the exposure in the media…

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