2016-05 W22: Forecasts for Week 22 of 2016

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The Taurus New Moooon perfected on May 6th, and we have a Full Moon (Sagittarius Moon / Gemini Sun) on May 21st (a day after Sun moves into Gemini).  Let’s be clear: for better or worse, “things” will change with this lunation and the accompanying Mercury direct station.

School is out, and has been out, for most students, and that particular weekend (May 21/22) marks the true beginning of “summer” for anyone who follows the academic year.  But astrological summer, the official beginning of “summer,” does not begin until the Summer Solstice on June 20th (which also has another full moon).  The retrograde station of Chiron on June 27th and direct station of Mars on June 29th will mark another significant shift.  We will cover these events in more detail as they near, but keep in mind these critical dates as you set plans for vacations, trips, meetings, and so forth.

May 2016 (Mars Out)

Week 22 (W22)

Sunday May 22nd

Mercury stations Direct, and that is enough by itself.  However, the Moon first squares Neptune and then Jupiter followed by a conjunction to Saturn.  Touching every planet involved in the outer planet mutable T-Square currently in effect, the Moon brings emphasis to it.  It means that we will feel an urgency or compulsion to “wrap up” certain projects, yet we will find our desires particularly difficult to accomplish.  It is a frustrating day, and a good one to take off if you can.

Please do wrap up what you can and bring closure to the projects that need it.  Start cleaning house and discarding what is no longer useful.  You will need the room and resources and focus for the new projects that will be coming your way in the weeks to come.

Be certain of one thing: big changes are happening now!

Monday May 23rd

This is a quirky day, and almost no one will be quite certain of how to read it.  Accomplish what you can in the morning, before noon, and be ready for red lights to to turn green and green lights to turn red.  It is a bit of a topsy turvy mess, and you should consider postponing important actions or events until tomorrow.

Tuesday May 24th

Today is better than yesterday or Sunday, but it is not entirely green lights.  Venus opposes Mars and romances take a turn.  Good ones hit a snag, and rocky ones oddly seem to smooth out.  The same is true for finances, and this is especially true if the issue of romance does not apply to you.  None of this is life or death, and it is mostly the kind of thing that keeps life “interesting.”

Wednesday May 25th

No doubt about it, today is the best day this week to get things done.  After the weirdness of the past few days you will be tempted to take a “day off,” but do not do that until you accomplish your most important tasks today.  If fact, you might want to accomplish a few mid-level tasks also.  A little after 8 PM CDT the Moon turns void and you can take that break knowing you accomplished the most important tasks.

Thursday May 26th

Today is rather similar to yesterday, but the perfection of Jupiter square Saturn could make the day quirky.  Do not be surprised to see a shakeup in the financial markets either this week or next week.  The rest seems good, and once again you can accomplish much (in some cases finishing today what you could not yesterday).

Friday May 27th

Today feels a bit like Monday, but it is not quite that bad.  You can accomplish at least a few things if you avoid either (a) getting in a spat with someone or (b) getting in a long-winded endless conversation about drivel with someone who mostly sucks the energy out of you and kills your day.  You get to choose how to spend it, but we vote for being productive again.  (You are still in the “shadow” after Mercury Retrograde ends and will feel at least SOME glitches this week.)

The most important thing about this day is that Retrograde Mars enters Scorpio and revisit certain old issues from months ago.  Scorpionic issues begin bubbling to the surface, and things once hidden come to us.  Don’t be surprised at what secrets begin to be exposed, maybe including some of your own.

Saturday May 28th

This is a day that looks quiet on the surface (lunar / inner planet aspects) but really has certain interesting “things” happening.  Moon square Mars starts a void about 3 PM CDT, and both are very late in their respective signs making the events have a bit of a feel more like “fate” than “free will.”  This also means that the Moon quickly moves into Pisces about an hour later emphasizing the revelation of secrets.

Neptune (rule of Pisces and revealer of secrets) quadrinoviles Juno (all about trust especially with wives, sisters, daughters, and mothers) this evening brings even more revelations.  To be certain, people can be misled at this time, but the tendency is to reveal secrets.  If you have been cheating on someone, engaging in sexual/romantic infidelity, you will likely be “outed” today.  And, if you think something is “going on,” now is the time to put the pressure on them .

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