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June is named for the Roman Goddess Juno, symbol of marriage and Divine Union. Juno/Hera in Greek was Zeus /Jove’s wife. The all faithful, ideal wife to Zeus’ philandering. She is associated with Peacocks, beauty, seeing in many directions, we call it multi-tasking; what women do best. She is descended from Hindu Goddess Saraswati, Goddess of creativity.  I believe Juno is the symbol for Feminine genius. Yes we have Juno awards in Canada,

June. Marriage Goddess,Tara Greene astrology

June is the most popular month to get married because Juno’s Blessings were strongest during this month. 


The second Saturn in Sagittarius to Neptune in PISCES @  square exact on June 17th.

This is being reflected on the world’s stage and in our personal lives as the conflict between the old-fashioned SATURN conservative, {Sagittarius} religion and politics, involving immigrants,LGBT foreigners and justice. There is a reality check-Saturn- between the Old Guard,old tyme religion and the more…

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2016-06 W24: Forecasts for Week 24 of 2016

2016-06 W24: Forecasts for Week 24 of 2016

June 2016 (Mars Out)

Week 24 (W24)

Sunday June 5th

By Noon the Moon is void and the remainder of the day is best spent as a day for rest and relaxation if that is possible.

Moon makes a quincunx to Pluto in the early morning hours (about 1 AM CDT) and another quincunx to Mars much later in the day (about 5:30 PM CDT).  We think this CAN be interpreted as a (VERY) loose Yod.  If that is true, then you will tend to face some kind of important decision today.  (And that kind of thing can be tricky during a Moon void-of-course.)

This is not a life and death decision, and you will likely have moved on to other things by the end of the summer, but it “seems important” right now.  This is particularly important if your birthday is today.  Other Gemini are likely to be affected also (favorably if their birthday is BEFORE today and unfavorably if it is AFTER today).  Scorpio and Capricorn are likely to be affected also.

Health issues may surface this afternoon, but they are mostly transitory and tend to affect Gemini and Pisces most.  Some people will have rather unpleasant encounters with law enforcement personnel.  (Maybe a good day to stay home and stay out of conflict.)

Monday June 6th

Sun conjoins Venus (both in Gemini), an annual event.  This is benevolent (usually) and particularly favors Gemini (and air signs Libra and Aquarius) but both are quincunx Pluto in Capricorn shortly past midnight CDT.  If you have Gemini / Capricorn in your natal chart this CAN be a very good day for you.  If that is true and today is your birthday then a BIG shift is happening for you.

The rest of us feel good about “something” but then we find ourselves disappointed by something today, something that is more of a nuisance or annoyance than anything else.  Defer important actions and decisions until tomorrow afternoon.

Tuesday June 7th

Make those important decisions and do those important actions this afternoon (the ones you deferred from yesterday).  Cancerians and other water signs (Scorpio, Pisces) are most favored during this period.  Fire and air signs can benefit but might do better on Wednesday or Thursday (if you can watch your temper).

Move past the disappointment you encountered yesterday or early this morning and into the opportunity that presents itself.

Juno moves into Libra today, and issues of trust and betrayal come to the forefront in relationships.  Romances started last weekend likely meet their first important test today.

Wednesday June 8th

Moon enters Leo quite early (about 2 AM CDT), Mercury (Taurus) sextiles Chiron (Pisces) and issues involving education (especially mentors), health, or both come to the surface.  Taurus and Pisces tend to be the big winners today (but may have to deal with some old painful issue).

Avoid speaking words you cannot take back.

Thursday June 9th

Mercury opposes Mars and that dominates the day.  You will be tempted to speak angry words, and unless you are an expert who does that for a living you should avoid saying what you will not be able to take back.  Old wounds opened for some yesterday, and “things” can become very bad.

If you move past this issue and focus this “energy” (and emotions) into productive action, then you will find you can accomplish much today.  Late night squabbles can be very bad.  Stay home, avoid alcohol and other mood altering substances, and work by yourself tonight if at all possible.

Sun is opposite the Galactic Center, and the events of this week can be an important turning point for many people.

Friday June 10th

This is a good day to “take off” or work by yourself if that is at all possible.  Much can be accomplished if you avoid fruitless squabbles.  A major shift may occur involving some kind of traditions, and issues of fidelity and trust may be at the center of this shift.

Moon is in Virgo by 9 AM CDT, so focus on detailed work, bookkeeping, and housecleaning today.  Reviewing financials and their performance with a keen eye for detail is a recommended activity for today.

Saturday June 11th

Today is an odd day that begins with conflicts and glitches and annoyances that can progress into a powerful insight or opportunity by afternoon (specifically Moon conjunct Jupiter circa 1:30 PM CDT) and through the remainder of the evening.  You can likely have fun if you want to, but this is another good day for detail work (especially if it builds on what you accomplished yesterday).

Today has Mars Septile Pluto, the aspect of karma for both warrior planets.  A very smart thing to do with this is to do something for a disabled veteran you know (or for disabled veterans in general).  This will benefit you in important ways that you cannot see yet.  Alternatively, you can do the same especially regarding any kind of “widows and orphans” fund for police or firefighters.




“This is a great month to honor personal change. Whatever has been internalized over the past few months has a possibility for outward manifestation this month. For example, if you have been working on better health, your health could outwardly improve this month. If you have been dreaming about starting a new area of study or a new project, you could have both the resources and the support for actually getting started.

The growing pains of your recent personal growth will also subside as you begin to show up in the world, well adapted to the transformation. Expect sudden changes to continue and be prepared to be flexible, accepting and resourceful. As you continue to trust, make sure you are also doing practices that keep your energy positive and your frequency as high as possible. Beware of matching others who are struggling and remember that you cannot take away…

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Sensational Summer

Pure Prana


June’s sun is shining brighter exuding expressive, analytical, all-out power-packed energy! What brings us purpose, security, nourishes our sensibilities and reconnects us to nature, inside and outside is essential right now.  “Life is like a river.” – Siddhartha. The energy of the year (based on the planetary activity and numerology) is about going with the flow! Cosmic forces are mostly contained in mutable signs so change and refinement is happening. Connect with nature. Relate to water. Do whatever it takes to create clarity, creativity and ease in your life. Stay connected to your deepest needs, focus on what matters most and cultivate healthy relationships.

Dream big and create your grandest vision for your future. Take time to sit with your self and breathe. Relax, meditate and listen to your deepest consciousness. Slow down, support your good life and know the times. Read our relevant resources Cafe Astrology, Mystic Mamma, Astrostyles  and other sites… to check your…

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Weekly prediction, 30.5. – 5.6., New Moon in Gemini -Mutable grand cross

astro maestro


Alignment of the Mutable grand cross

Aspect strength: very important yearly aspect.

Aspect duration: in effect from Autumn 2015 until end of June 2016. Strongest influence from end of May 2016 until first half of June 2016. The New moon in Gemini on 5th of June is its peak date.

A grand cross is an aspect that is formed when at least four planets align themselves to form a cross like aspect form. Grand crosses are very potent and powerful aspect patterns and their main purpose is to increase the dynamics of our lives. This is done by either triggering our need for action and initiation or by leaving us no other chance but to move our butts and do something about certain difficult situations we might find our selves in. Action is used to tackle important life’s challenges, problems, it’s used to resolve conflicts of any kind and…

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