2016-07 W32: Forecasts for Week 32 of 2016

2016-07 W32: Forecasts for Week 32 of 2016


The early part of the week is dominated by a New Moon that forms a yod with Pluto in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces.  We face a critically important decision as this new cycle starts, and no matter which choice we make we will always wonder what would have happened had we chosen the other path.  Mars enters Sagittarius a few hours before the New Moon perfects, and we feel a major shift.  Wednesday finds perfection of a series of aspects that confirm the power and important of this yod (decision(s)).

Moon perfects a mutable T-Square on Thursday in a series of aspects with Mars (Sagittarius), Saturn (Sagittarius), Mercury (Virgo), and Neptune (Pisces).  We also start to see the foundations for events that we will revisit in the upcoming Mercury Retrograde.  Venus joins Mercury in Virgo on Friday.  Saturday sees Mercury square Saturn (a critically important need to pay attention to details) and Venus square Mars (often a romantic night for many and a time to examine how we “get things done” for others).


The last day of July finds us with Venus in Leo perfecting a trine with retrograde Uranus in Aries in the western part of North America.  This aspect perfects on Monday in the eastern portion and UK & Europe but is also felt today.  Unusual or non-traditional romances may emerge at this time, and if you were in such a relationship but it “did not work out” then you might have a second chance.  This includes, but is not limited to, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and polyamorous relationships.  Unusual financial ideas or arrangements may present themselves at this time also.

The Moon is very old at this point, and whatever you try at this time may not work out.  Do not expect projects started at this time, or relationships resurrected at this time to last.  If they do, then count yourself lucky.  But, for many, today and tonight are all about obtaining closure.  You will be feeling a Venus / Chiron quincunx, and that presents a pronounced disconnect and misunderstandings involving Venus (love, romance, beauty, finances) and Chiron (the wounded healer, health issues and educational issues).  This is a good day to “clean house” with a plan for a new launch on Wednesday after the New Moon.


A fair number of you will still feel the Venus / Uranus trine of yesterday along with Venus / Chiron quincunx that perfects today.  For many, this will be an unpleasant and even painful day.  Sun trines Saturn, and we get the message that we need to buckle down and get to work.  But the New Moon is not quite here yet, and we have another day best spent in housecleaning and wrapping up old, undone chores.  August may be here, but the new cycle has not started just yet.

Neptune and Ceres form a septile, and we have one of the strangest variants on karma we can imagine today.  But this might be a good day to make a donation, without any thought of recognition or return, to a local food bank.  Jupiter quadrinovile Pallas means a few of you will have an important insight or the opportunity to develop an important new skill related to higher education, the law, or foreign travel.  (This could apply to learning to speak a new language.)


All bets are off.  The Leo New Moon perfects at 3:45 PM CDT, and, if we are smart, we spend the earlier part of the day in house cleaning and preparation for a launch on Wednesday.  The Moon is Cazimi from 3:30 PM CDT until 4 PM CDT, and that is a special window that typically grants us a single wish, usually in the form of some kind of fresh start.

As we mentioned earlier in the Overview, the New Moon forms a Yod with Neptune (Pisces) and Pluto (Capricorn).  We face a critically important decision, and we cannot run from it.  Fortunately, a Mystic Rectangle favors us, and a pair of interlaced Kites (what we call a “Kite Key”) will present us with at least one, if not two, opportunities that may be “once in a lifetime” opportunities.  The details of it are with us today and all day tomorrow.  Seize the Brass Ring or let it pass by, the choice is yours.


This is a very “Leo” kind of day, and it is all about management, leadership, and being focused enough to get something important done.  You have a decision left from yesterday, and still in effect today, to act upon.  Failure to decide is a decision itself, and this set of aspects argues against any thought of abdicating responsibility.  Do not do that under these circumstances.  Venus becomes void just past 11 PM CDT.

Mars biquintile Uranus can give some of us brilliant insights, but for others it may be dangerously unpleasant.  Temper tantrums can erupt into full blow wars that all parties regret.  Pallas biquintile Hygeia gives some people in the healthcare field brilliant insights, and some may patent these breakthroughs.  Pluto biseptile Astraea brings fierce battles and questions of justice and karma in the legal system.  This is a very busy day in terms of outer planet aspects (generational aspects), and we suspect that (for better or worse) this will be a “day to remember” for some people.


Moon moves into Virgo at 2:34 AM CDT (during rush hour in EU and UK), and we feel a shift again.  If you did what you needed to do on Tuesday and Wednesday, then today begins to focus on taking care of necessary details.

Moon successively (1) squares Mars (Sagittarius), (2) conjoins Mercury (Virgo), (3) squares Saturn (Sagittarius), and (4) opposes Neptune (Pisces) essentially forming a T-Square that gives us a sense of urgency to bring to a close the work we started on Tuesday and Wednesday and move beyond the first milestone and to the next stage.  We may even be following up on some critical incident that happened on or near the Full Moon of June 20th.  This day is all about “getting things done,” and if you encounter small glitches just recognize that they are part of the process and you must push beyond them.  Venus is void, and your work in health, beauty, romance, or finances may have to be re-done later, but you still need to work through the process so that a foundation is laid for later changes and updates.

Mars semi-square Pluto leaves many of us (still) irritable as hell.  Transform this into the ability to focus on details and “get things done,” and you will count this as also being a worthwhile day.


Venus enters Virgo near 10:30 AM CDT, and enters the “too early to tell” period for a few days.  Earlier, Ceres quincunx Astraea leaves some people wondering if they will ever have justice for the wrongs done to them.  Not yet, but maybe someday.  Jim Shawvan identifies an “Opportunity Period” for most of this day, but we note that the status of Venus may mean certain activities may have to be re-visited later or re-done or re-worked.  Even so, mostly this is a good day to “get things done,” especially if they require an attention to detail.

Moon moves void of course after 10:20 PM CDT, and this is a good window to pause and relax.


Moon remains void of course Saturday morning until Noon CDT when Moon moves into Libra.  Mercury (Virgo) squares Saturn (Sagittarius), and that aspect is always about attention to detail.  So, pay attention to the important details in your life, and you will benefit from your efforts this day.  Even though the moon is now waxing, we like this as a house cleaning day and a day to review the budget, taxes, and anything related to examine the details for how you can improve your personal and household finances.  Evening has Venus square Mars, and that is superb for romance for some people, and a good time to look at how we “get things done” for other people.

Mars squares Pallas, and some of us erupt into fights or brawls.  Injuries, maybe life changing injuries, happen due to rash behavior.  Others are able to focus this into developing brilliant ideas.


2016-07 W31: FORECASTS FOR WEEK 31 OF 2016

2016-07 W31: FORECASTS FOR WEEK 31 OF 2016


The last full week of July is likely dominated by the Uranus stationary retrograde (SRx) that perfects Friday afternoon.  We feel it all week, and chances are good we felt it some last week as well.  Surprises, maybe dangerous ones, dominate the week.  Revolutions are attempted but surely fail.  A peppering of quintiles gives us some good ideas, but they will almost certainly need revisions and adjustments.  Write them down and keep them for later.


Venus triseptile Neptune tells us that we can, and should, make life better for someone less fortunate than ourselves.  Lately the septiles / biseptiles / triseptiles have manifested themselves as shooters (and dangerous others) who could have benefitted from a better mental health system or at least a few good friends who might could have let the pressure out of the pressure cooker.  Help someone less fortunate than yourself.  It will likely pay off later.

Saturn quintile Astraea gives someone, maybe several someones, some brilliant ideas about difficult situations in the legal system.  Moon is v/c almost all day, so write these ideas down and save them for later adjustments.


Moon moves into Aries setting the stage for a Grand Fire Trine: Moon/ Uranus in Aries; Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Leo, and Saturn in Sagittarius.  This is a strong day for most people (especially fire signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius) and air signs (Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini) to get things done.  However, oddly, highly traditional tasks (such as traditional police and military ceremonies) tend to have failure due to Vesta being void of course until after 4:18 PM CDT (and then being “too early to tell” for at least a few days).  Mercury biquintile Pluto brings bright ideas; write them down.  Saturn quadrinovile Vesta in the evening brings some bright ideas (or skills) about how to solve the problem encountered earlier with traditions.


Tuesday has TWO biquintiles and Mercury trine Uranus.  This is a day for particularly brilliant ideas, and it especially favors inventors, communicators, and writers of any kind.  This might be the most productive day this week; use it wisely!

However, Tuesday morning has Moon v/c in Aries until 10:37 AM CDT, so postpone action until afternoon or better yet evening.  Do also note that the Moon enters the last quarter and is waning.  Housecleaning tasks and preparation tend to be favored; major launches of new projects will have a tendency to wither on the vine.  The flip side of this is that, sometimes, excellent “deals” can be found from the buyer’s point of view.  When Moon goes into Taurus, start checking for sales this afternoon or on Wednesday.

This evening has the potential of “romantic passion” that is a bit on the wild side.


We already mentioned that you might find an excellent purchase today.  This is also another day that favors writers and communicators though yesterday was a bit stronger for that.  A pair of triseptiles make this yet another “karmic” day, so do try to do something to help someone less fortunate than yourself.  Sometimes just helping someone to be “heard” can make a huge difference.

Mercury in Leo in quincunx Chiron in Pisces, and health and healing issues (or educational issues or both) bubble to the surface.  Misunderstandings happen, and finding a solution simply may not occur until another day.  Persist if you must, but sometimes knowing when to take time off with the intent to return to the issue on a later date can be the smartest approach.


A fixed T-Square (Moon in Taurus; Mercury in Leo; Mars in Scorpio) dominates the morning in North America and the afternoon and early evening in the UK and EU.  People become stubborn and powerful conflicts emerge.  Angry words fly, and the bell cannot be “unrung.”  Watch for the tendency to utter words you might regret later, and watch for dangerous behavior in traffic (might be yours; might be someone else’s).

Astraea, the asteroid associated with law and the legal system, enters Libra today.  Traditionally, Libra is “ruled” by Venus.  Almost all astrologers agree on this.  BUT, Venus “also” rules Taurus.  An argument can easily be made that Venus is more Taurean in nature than Libran, and we can see that Astraea might actually be a “better” ruler of Libra.  Based on these ideas, that means Astraea (law and the legal system) is at home (and VERY powerful) at this point in time.  Expect issues of justice to come to the surface and, surprising in some cases, we might see justice when, in the past, we did not see it before.  Today is a turning point for anyone who needs past wrongs “made right.”


Uranus forms a septile with Pallas, and that is a peculiar “karmic” aspect that involves ideas and bright ideas.  With Uranus Station Retrograde today, bright ideas are on hold.  Write them down if they come to you, but be VERY careful about acting upon them.  The smart thing is to know that not all the information is in, just yet, and that waiting for more information is advised.  Mercury squares Mars, amplifying any disputes that you encountered yesterday or Wednesday.  Avoid dangerous people, places, and things, and avoid being any of those yourself.  Police or military (or lawyers), however, might be particularly effective at this time.  Just understand that, if you are in one of those roles, blood may be shed.  These few days are particularly dangerous.

Also: Mercury is void after 3:49 PM CDT today, and continues void until 1:18 PM CDT tomorrow.  Expect communications and transportation SNAFUs and maybe FUBARs.




This is a messy day that is difficult to predict.  Moon is v/c from just before 7 AM CDT until just after 4 PM CDT (and then enters “too early to tell”).  Pallas trines Juno this evening, and if you love your spouse this is a good time to show it.  In fact, this is a good day to make it clear to anyone who deserves your loyalty.  Speak up.  Mercury is also void until 1:18 PM CDT.  It is far ahead of the Sun and preparing to make its retrograde station in a few weeks in early September.  We suggest that accomplish as much as you can on the days where open windows for accomplishment exist.  Once we reach the retrograde period you will need to look back at what you were doing now and decide whether or not it needs to be changed or re-done.

2016-07 W30: Forecasts for Week 30 of 2016

2016-07 W30: Forecasts for Week 30 of 2016


The early part of the week is dominated by the Full Moon on Tuesday after a very “karmic” day on Sunday.  Sun becomes void shortly past midnight (CDT) on Sunday and remains void until early Friday.  Edit: The Sun becomes void after the Full Moon on That makes accomplishment of lasting results during this period, most of the week, somewhere between difficult and impossible.  If you do get results, they will tend to be perverse or oddball.  Mercury is highly active this week, and many of the aspects are disruptive.  Arguments, fights, car problems, plane crashes, and similar will be the norm.  Telecommunications may be knocked out; traffic jams will likely be prevalent.  “Things” get better Friday, and Saturday is a “breakthrough day” for some people (perhaps many).


This is a curious “mixed” kind of day where some people can “jump out of” astrology forecasts, karma, and almost anything else acting to constrain them.  Sun sesquiquadrate Saturn gives us a powerful sense of urgency about duty and possible loss.  Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces feel this most strongly.  We feel we “must do something” though we may not be certain what.  Yesterday’s annual square of the Sun to Uranus still exerts itself today, and upsets are quite likely for some people, notably Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn.  If you have a mix of these signs (for example: Pisces/Aries or Virgo/Libra) then you may feel this day particularly strongly.

Mercury and Venus BiSeptile Uranus, giving this day a particularly “karmic” feel for some people though hopefully not the kind of monstrous kind we have seen this summer with the Pulse Club Shooter, the Sniper in Dallas, Bastille Day in France, or the Coupe in Turkey.  (My apologies if I left anyone out.)  It COULD be one of those days, to be certain, but not as likely as some of the others.

Mars trine Chiron brings up issues of healing, and given this combination in Scorpio / Pisces we might be wrong in the previous paragraph.  Maybe this is another “dangerous day.”  Sun enters this as well, creating a Grand Water Trine (those have been popular lately) and a tremendous money-making opportunity for some people.

Sun is void a bit after midnight and continues void until Friday.  THAT makes this a particularly “challenging” week all by itself.


Sun is sesquiquadrate Neptune, and we have confusion mixed with a sense of urgency.  We, once again, feel we “must do something,” but our ideas are unrealistic and disconnected.  We really do need to re-think our position later.  Mercury sesquiquadrate amplifies and worsens the situation described in the previous sentences.  This is a great day for artists: photographers, videographers, poets, musicians, and song writers can have a breakthrough day today, especially if their work addresses healing the recent wounds.

North Node septile Lilith leaves us with some karmic issue regarding our “wild side” particularly though not necessarily to do with sexuality and the dark and wild side of anything female.  Pallas quadrinovile Astraea brings breakthroughs in law and legal areas, but do keep in mind the aforementioned issues with Neptune / Chiron.  The best use of the quadrinovile is for development of skills.

The moon will be full tomorrow, but you already feel it today.  On this particular FM, with Moon in Capricorn, people can be particularly heartless and do stupid things that harm the innocent in the name of money or progress or some similar kind of rot.  Expect coverups.


Pluto biseptile Hygeia brings health and healing issues to the forefront.  They cannot be ignored today.  Mercury is highly active, and its trine to Saturn helps us accomplish much early in the day.  But a later inconjunct to Neptune makes things messy again later.  A Mercury triseptile to Pluto makes this another karmic day as well.

The full moon perfects today, and the moon is in Capricorn (a bad place for it).  We repeat our warning from yesterday: people can be particularly heartless and do stupid things that harm the innocent in the name of money or progress or some similar kind of rot.  Expect coverups.

Keep in mind that the Sun is void after perfection of today’s Full Moon, and it continues void until Friday.


Outer planet aspects are silent, but Mercury and Venus, particularly Venus, are active today.  Sun septile Jupiter gives this day a karmic feel (yet another one!), and Mercury biseptile Mars amplifies this and adds an element of possible danger (which could manifest on Tuesday or Thursday as well).  Venus sesquiquadrate Chiron adds a sense of urgency to the ongoing health issues we mentioned yesterday.  You must address these if at all possible.  A novile to Jupiter gives us an important insight, particularly if it involves higher education, law or legal, or foreign travel or foreign visitors.  A trine of Venus to Saturn can open a window, a short one, for a possible “May-June” romance.

Keep in mind that the Sun is void and continues void until Friday.


Today is all about insights and lessons.  People who are in “sexually oriented businesses” or anything remotely similar will have a chance to “jump ship” and leave and go do something else.  These same people may put police officers at risk.  People in financial markets can have career changing experiences today.

Keep in mind that the Sun is void and continues void until Friday.


The outer planets are nearly silent again today, only offering a peculiar Mars / Pallas “decile” aspect that is difficult to interpret.  In early morning hours the Sun moves into Leo, that gives many of us some relief (particularly Aries, Leo, and Sadge, but also Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini).  If you were smart, you held off on doing important things during the Solar void (unless you had not meaningful choice).  Tomorrow gives you the best day this week for powerful accomplishment, but it is not perfect.

Mercury is active again, and a triseptile to Neptune is both karmic and messy.  Great for photographers, poets, songwriters, and similar artists but terrible for signing contracts or anything “serious.”


Venus is biseptile Mars, and that brings ANOTHER karmic day.  No relief, at least not yet.  Mercury biquintile Chiron brings genius level insight regarding those health issues we mentioned earlier, and certain medical researchers may have breakthrough ideas visit them today.  Pay attention to that penicillin mold that is “ruining your experiment.”  Uranus quadrinovile emphasizes the power and importance of this insight and requires that you “pay attention” regarding health and healthcare issues.  Write down (or otherwise capture) those insights!

Pallas quincunx Hygeia means that some of these ideas will look like false hopes.  (Some of them will be.)  But, torque your awareness in a bit of a different direction and you may find a brilliant insight.

Mars quintile Node amplifies Karmic issues, and we hope that this is not used in a particularly diabolic fashion, though it could be.  Please do be careful today and tonight.




2016-07 W29: Forecasts for Week 29 of 2016

2016-07 W29: Forecasts for Week 29 of 2016

Weekly Sunout Astrology Calendar (Aspectarian)
Weekly Sunout Astrology Calendar (Aspectarian)


We are deep into Cancer and an ongoing Grand Water Trine involving Cancerian planets (Sun, Mercury, Venus), Mars in late Scorpio, and Neptune / Chiron in Pisces.  It is a GREAT time to make money, but it can also be a time that brings sorrow (water) or other powerful emotions (water).  It is also a DANGEROUS week and a week of REVOLUTIONARY THOUGHT.  The Full Moon happens next week, and we move into the waning “cleanup” period of the lunar cycle after that.  This means you need to “get certain things done” this week.

This is a very Martian week, so you can accomplish much if you avoid temper tantrums and avoid dangerous people, places, and things.

This forecast was developed in the early morning hours of Friday, July 8th.


A Mars / Neptune high order aspect brings an odd sense that maybe things are not what they seem.  That rather incredible salesperson you encounter, who may be wearing clothes other than salesperson such as “poets, priests and politicians” who “have words to thank for their positions,” may sound too good to be true.  You know the warning: “If it sounds too good to be true….”

Sun sextile Jupiter CAN make this a good day for some people, and Mercury trine Mars CAN make it a good day to take action.  Just stick with existing plans you know well and avoid buying into the snake oil salespersons.  You already have your own good ideas and plans and need to funnel your energy into THOSE.  (Do NOT let yourself get sidetracked by someone.)


Vesta and Pallas form a high order aspect that MIGHT give us an ingenious idea about our traditions but Mars forms a quincunx to Vesta leading to certain false hopes about actually taking action on those ideas.  I suspect that police and security forces will be having meetings today about the shootings in Baton Rouge, Minnesota, and Dallas last week.  The ideas will sound very good, and they may be very good, but a flaw in their execution may make things worse rather than better.

Mercury square Uranus brings brilliant ideas, especially to writers and engineers, and especially to electrical engineers and computer scientists.  Breakthroughs in these domains (and related) happen today.  Mercury also trines Chiron, so some of the most compelling writing ever written might happen today.  But Venus is void until late, so edits or revisions may be necessary later (maybe tomorrow or, better yet, Wednesday).


Today is EXTREMELY complex and a bit difficult to interpret.  TWO BiSeptiles tell us that we may be facing yet another “Karma Day” similar to those of the shootings of last week and the Pulse Club shootings in Orlando.  Neptune BiSeptile Vesta reveals the fatal flaw (poor choice of words, admittedly) in yesterday’s ideas and plans.  They omit some important human consideration(s).

Pluto BiSeptile Ceres causes individuals to look very hard at their diet and exercise and retirement plans; financial markets (stocks, bonds, options, futures) may face a “correction” relative to recent events.

Juno, the angry wife / daughter / mother / sister, is semi-square the North Node (Rahu in Vedic, Dragon’s Head) which also makes her necessarily sesquiquadrate Ketu (South Node, the Dragon’s Tail).  Don’t be surprised to see Hillary and her team on a rampage today, and many other females will be as well.  Indeed, they may be the very factor that the security forces have not considered.  Instead of “Mothers Against Drunk Drivers” it might be “Mothers Against Police Shooters.”  If you are laughing, then don’t laugh too loud.  It just could be.

A lunar void from about 10 AM CDT until about 4 PM CDT brings a good period for preparation and “wait and see” until time to take action (maybe tomorrow for some).


Today is at least as complex as yesterday, and certain critical issues continue to be in the forefront.  Also coming to the forefront is a shakeup in the “Adult Entertainment” industry.  This could be a large bankruptcy, merger, or both.  Incredible insights will come to those who work in that business, and a revolution there is at hand.  Mark this day well, it represents a big shift.

If you do not work in adult entertainment, this could be another day of “great sex” for certain people.  And if that is not much of your life at this point, then you will be exploring your inner “dark side” and “inner demons” and can have some great ideas.  As we always say, “write them down” or record them in some appropriate fashion.  Certain writers and photographers will have a breakthrough on this date.

If you work in the mental health field, you may see an AMAZING breakthrough with a patient.

Some of you will have the opportunity to learn a new skill.  Seize it; do NOT let this one pass you by.

Note that danger is present today, also, from the Mars / Uranus quincunx that perfects tomorrow.  Mercury in Cancer is void of course most of the day (until 7:47 PM CDT) and miscommunication fuel problems and danger.  Mercury enters Leo and the “too early to tell” period for communication and transportation for a few days (avoid purchase of cell phones, computers, or vehicles such as automobiles or motorcycles).


We would like to say that “things” calm down relative to the last two days, but that would not be the truth.  However, things do “simplify” today.  We cannot even say that the “message becomes clear” because Mars Quincunx Uranus stirs things up and can be VERY DANGEROUS.  It is MARS in late SCORPIO in conflict with URANUS in ARIES.  You cannot get more “Martian” (violent, war-like) than that EXCEPT when the same kind of thing happened with a Mars  /Pluto Septile with the Pulse shooter.  No clear winners here, and we bet both attackers and security forces are BOTH injured.

Vesta BiNoviles the North Node (Dragon’s Head aka “Rahu”) and this means we can learn important lessons if we are paying attention.  A shift in consciousness is needed, and I am specifically referring to an “aha” moment rather than meditation or “tapping” or something like that.  A breakthrough insight is needed, and one can be had if you are paying attention.  If you are sleepy, then go outside in the bright sunlight and let it WAKE YOU.  You need your awareness today.

Moon in Scorpio amplifies the existing Grand Water Trine AND also amplifies the potential for danger.  People are not very flexible today.


Neptune forms a quadrinovile to Hygeia, and certain healthcare professionals can have important insights and learn new skills.  A few will have breakthroughs that lead to important patents.  Yesterday’s message is still true: “you need your awareness today.”

Mars is Septile Pluto, an aspect similar to the Pulse Shooter, and danger continues.   Avoid risky people, places and things.  Maybe staying home tonight is a good idea, or at least limiting your social events to small parties with well known and stable friends.

Mars / Jupiter may also lead us to over-react or consume too much food or mood altering substances.  And, if none of those apply, you might overspend today on some shiny toy that you really do not need.  A wise move is to channel your efforts into harnessing your existing resources in the best fashion.  If it is about exercise, avoid the new gizmo and wear out the existing Yoga mat or dumbbells.

A Grand Fire Trine is present, so fire signs are strongest (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) followed by air signs (Libra, Aquarius, Gemini).  This is another day for bright ideas and skills development, so capture them (write them down, record them somehow).


Ceres enters Taurus, and it is a bit like New Year’s Eve (or Day) for some people.  New diet and exercise programs become the rage.  People in the finance world have weekend (secret) meetings about the earlier shakeup / shakeout we mentioned.  Wall Street failures tend to favor Trump (the Outsider) over Clinton (Wall Street funding), and some people might be worried about that.

Neptune forms a quadrinovile to Juno, and the angry wives / mothers / daughters / sisters of the world have the opportunity to have a powerful, very nearly psychic, insight.  If you are on the “wrong side” of this, then you are in trouble.  They can pierce into the heart of your secrets.  If it involves “Mothers Against Police Shooters,” then THEY WIN.

Pluto forms a quadrinovile to Vesta.  Police and security forces have another idea (or set of ideas), and THIS one really is “new and improved” and better than the one(s) earlier this week.  This set of ideas really CAN “work.”  (You should have listened to those guys in the first place.  It probably means getting the Juno personalities involved and on the SAME SIDE as security and police forces.)

Uranus is quincunx Astraea, so thoughts of lawyers and lawsuits will probably lead into failure.  Be careful about going down this blind alley.

Sun squares Uranus (an annual aspect) today, so prepare to be surprised.  Possibly violence continues, including explosions, and revolutions and revolutionary ideas dominate the day.

Sun in Cancer later forms a Grand Water Trine (Mars in Scorpio; Chiron in Pisces) that trumps anything from yesterday.  Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) tend to win followed by earth signs (Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo).  Much of this bleeds over into Sunday (tomorrow).

July 2016 Monthly Marsout Aspectarian Calendar
July 2016 Monthly Marsout Aspectarian Calendar


2016-07 W28: Forecasts for Week 28 of 2016

2016-07 W28: Forecasts for Week 28 of 2016

July 2016 (Mars Out)


We have ups and downs this week, but it is mostly a “good week.”  For most people, most of the time, it is “all systems go.”  If you are contemplating approaching someone to start a romance, chances are good that this is the week to do it.  Even if it is a short-lived “summer romance,” you will still have happy memories from it.  (“Go for it.”)

Sunday July 3rd

Sun Trines Neptune making this a “feel good” day for many but a source of confusion for others.  Do not take anything too seriously today, and certainly do not sign any contracts.  Pluto makes several subtle aspects to asteroids, and you may “feel” this as subtle power struggles, more undercurrents and unspoken than direct confrontation.  Health issues could come to the surface for some.  Mercury sesquiquadrate Mars can loose a few to “lose their cool,” but that is more the exception than the rule.

Monday July 4th

In the United States, this is the Independence Day celebration.  Curiously, the UK (or at least some of it) has declared independence from the EU and many are unhappy about that.  If the “colonies” were to try to declare independence from England today instead of 1776, would it cause a war?  You bet!  Maybe not so much has changed since 1776 except that we can conceal the concentration of power as being “liberal” and somehow benevolent and the world will end if someone decides to break away.

We have a New Moon in Cancer in the early morning hours, so let’s be clear: this is a time for “out with the old and in with the new.”  Interpret that as you may.

Later in the day we may find ourselves frustrated by wrestling with annoying details.  Put that off until another day if you can.  Step outside of yourself and do something to help someone else.  Uranus triseptile Hygeia tells us that an accident can happen today, and if you are alert you can save a life.  Watch toddlers near water, and keep an eye on older adults for possible signs of a “stroke” in this heat.  (See, also: FAST.)  Again, you might can save a life today, but only if you are alert and “on top of things.”

Tuesday July 5th

Those celebrating the holiday go back to work, and the morning has a void of course moon in Cancer in North America and the same affects the EU and UK in the afternoon / evening.  Mercury trine Neptune makes this another day like Sunday: great for poetry and fun and photography and video but terrible for signing contracts or making serious commitments.  Let’s be clear: this is a day that is unclear.  You can be fooled, easily, today.

Saturn quintile Hygeia gives us a practical idea about how to solve a health problem.  As we always say: write it down!

Wednesday July 6th

Venus (Cancer) trines Mars (ever so barely direct in Scorpio), and the sex can be good, especially if it is “break up sex.”  Some people re-kindle a flame (wrong metaphor, admittedly, for water signs) that was thought long extinguished.  These two effectively form a Grand Water Trine, and this can be quite a money-maker for some people.  Mercury and the Sun join, and we see possibly important insights in transportation and communication this evening.  As with last weekend, write down your ideas no matter how silly or unrealistic they currently seem.  You will “connect the dots” later.  See, also: Jobs at Stanford.

Lilith is aspected two different ways (at least) today, so this emphasizes the passionate sex.  If that is not an option for you, then either you or someone else is likely to “break all the rules” today.  Chances are good they (or you) cannot be stopped, but Juno (angry wife) novile (smart ideas) Astraea (lawyers) tells us that someone else (namely anyone betrayed) might have bright ideas today, too.

Mercury opposes Pluto early tomorrow, and you might feel the power struggles this evening.  Or, again, it could be great sex.  Or, both.

Thursday July 7th

Mercury opposes Pluto early, and some of us are in bad accidents or become involved in road rage incidents.  Watch out for power struggles.  Venus squares Uranus leading to unusual and maybe creative ideas, and yesterday’s rather vanilla romance can become extra kinky today.  Boredom is impermissible.  Sun opposes Pluto, and issues of power struggles, taxes, and finance are amplified.  Review the accounts, and look especially for anything that went “astray” earlier this week.  Mars (anger, violence, war) is quite active today, and Juno (the angry wife, daughter, or sister) enters Scorpio (sneak attacks).  If you have misbehaved, then your toothbrush might be used to clean the toilet.

Sun opposite Pluto also is part of a powerful and transformative Mystic Rectangle that can open a window where you can accomplish things you cannot ordinarily accomplish.  Use that wisely.

Things CAN turn a bit odd late this evening, and feelings can be hurt.  Watch what you say.  But, in some cases, a heart to heart may be overdue, and it may be time to “lance the boil.”  Use your best judgment.

[Edit on 07/07: This was written a week ago, or more, before the shootings in Baton Rouge, Minnesota, and Dallas.  We just wish that toothbrushes had been used instead of guns.]

Friday July 8th

Bright ideas are with us again; write them down.  Be careful of overspending, but you might make some good purchases if you have done the research!  They will not be cheap, but they can be quite useful.

Two outer planet / asteroid septiles tell us today is about karma and making amends / helping someone who cannot help themselves is a good idea.  Keep in mind that Mars septile Pluto was active the night the Pulse shooter harmed so many in Orlando.  Defuse the situation if you can, and that includes helping someone who might look “harmless.”  The operative word here is HELP.  Calling the police to incarcerate them will just amplify the situation and should be avoided if possible.  Saturn binoviles Astraea, and someone in the legal world has a rather bright (and practical) insight.  A wrong move today can put you on the wrong side of a lawsuit.  Don’t go there.

Focus on problems solving today and avoid blame (unless you are a lawyer, and even then it might still be a good idea).

Saturday July 9th

Sun sextiles Jupiter (on Friday on the West Coast of the U.S. but early AM for the rest of us, before noon in UK and EU).  Mercury trines Mars, and we can achieve much if we avoid temper tantrums (our owns and those of others).  Jupiter BiQuintiles Uranus, and someone has a brilliant idea about how to make a LARGE amount of money.  I bet someone takes home a BIG lotto win tonight!  The rest of us continue to have some rather brilliant insights.  Again, write them down.  And, maybe, discuss them with someone you know you can trust.

2016-06 W27: Forecasts for Week 27 of 2016 (and 2016-07, July)

 2016-06 W27: Forecasts for Week 27 of 2016 (and 2016-07, July)

June 2016 (Mars Out)

July 2016 (Mars Out)


The Sun moves more fully into Cancer, the Full Moon has perfected and the Moon is waning, Chiron stations retrograde on June 27th, and Mars moves direct this week on June 29th.  Chiron and Neptune (both in Pisces) are now both retrograde, and issues of healing move to the forefront.  Adults, especially older adults, might wrestle with summer colds.  Families with children will likely see injuries and need to be particularly careful around bodies of water.  (We are writing this in mid-June, just a few days past the death of a young boy by an alligator in Florida.  Do you recall that?  Safety first!)  Mars direct station tells us something overdue with Mars (war, violence, anger but also basic energy and atheletic performance) is facing us, and we hope this does not mean another attack like the ones of Week 25 / 26 (Pulse in Orlando FL as well as others).  MOST of the other aspects are benevolent this week, so we are hoping for a reprieve.  This upcoming first weekend in July has a number of 5th harmonic aspects, and that is GREAT for idea generation and brainstorming.  We think writers who give themselves a “writers date” at the lake (or near some body of water) can have superb productivity (as long as they do not do anything dangerous like risk drowning by going in the water after drinking alcohol or using drugs).  In all, it actually looks like a good week given the caveats regarding Chiron / Neptune and the Mars direct station.

Sunday June 26th

This is a very strange and “double edged” kind of day.  Jupiter trine Pluto perfects (third of three), and we need to think about either closing out or moving to the next stage regarding some opportunity that has presented itself to us over the course of the past year.  Later this year, in a few months, Jupiter will change signs and “things” will become different in a big way.  If you have not “cashed in” by then, then chances you are you never will with this particular opportunity.

BUT we have two entirely different quincunx aspects confusing things and marring the day.  Mercury (Gemini) forms a quincunx to retrograde Mars (Scorpio).  This is just a problem, and you cannot ignore it.  Worse, even if you “think” solved it, we know that you likely did not because it is a quincunx.  Still worse, since Mars makes a direct station in a few days, it will show itself again at that time.  Do try to close it out, whatever it is, by the New Moon of July 4th.  Since Mercury / Mars are involved, angry words and the possibility of violence are very real here and again later.

AND that would be enough, but a nasty Venus (Cancer) / Saturn (Sagittarius) quincunx is present.  This makes everything very HARD and UNforgiving and very confused.  Some people will have an opportunity today, but they will tend to be predators and sociopaths.  Still, piece together what you can.  We do insist that some opportunity is hidden here for normal people if they have eyes to see it.

Gemini, Cancer, Scorpio, and Sagittarius tend to have a particularly miserable day.  (Sorry to be the bearer of bad news!)

Monday June 27th

Chiron stations retrograde today, and that dominates the day.  Many people are still picking up the pieces from the shooting at the Pulse club in Orlando.  Others of us feel like we are doing the same thing, or we may actually be dealing with some other tragedy in our lives.  Venus trine Neptune brings us false hopes in something, or more likely someone, that looks “too goo to be true.”  You know the old saying regarding that.  Enjoy the moment, but just do not expect it to last.  It is not meant to last, but sometimes the most important thing is to experience the joy of the moment.  Mercury squares Chiron today, amplifying the pain we feel regarding some key issue.  Resist the temptation to let that cause you to tell too much or give too much to this new person or situation.  The person you think is your hero is not.  The situation that you think solves your problems does not.  Enjoy the moment.  All of it will pass, so enjoy it while you can.  This might be a good day to take photographs and make video.  Write down notes on paper in a notebook that you keep confidential.  You will want to refer to these ideas later, especially at the end of the week when more information about this situation will have revealed itself, and you realized that you “dodged a bullet” (we hope) today.

Street photographers who are using their work to help the homeless can do very well today as long as they avoid the kinds of dramas described above.  Taking a picture of a bad situation, and passing it on (maybe in a day or two?) to someone who can make a difference can be a good idea today.  Karma is VERY powerful today, so please do not be a bad guy.  You will regret it.

Tuesday June 28th

This is a tough day, and saying that would be enough.  We are sorely tempted to leave it at that.  The Moon just does not give us any pleasant aspects today, and we face a decision today.  It is a tough decision, and no matter what you do you will regret the choice and look back and wonder what would have happened if you had chosen the other path.  Just know that it was not any better, either.

Late in the evening (early Wednesday for UK / EU) an important insight (or opportunity to learn a skill) will come to you.  Make notes and please do recognize that this will prove to be more important, later, than you recognize at this time.  (This is NOT a person; this IS a “way to get something done.”)

Wednesday June 29th

Moon enters Taurus, and Mercury enters Cancer but the Mars direct station trumps everything.  Something or someone could become violent or unstable today.  However, it is likely to be a GREAT day for most athletes.  If you are an athlete, or athletically inclined at all, make notes and take pictures today (or have someone do that for you).  It is likely to be an important day, maybe a turning point in physical matters for some people.  Again, avoid violent or dangerous people.  Boxing matches / UFC type events could go very, very wrong.

Issues involving justice come to the forefront in a HUGE way.  It is a bad day to be a bad guy, especially if you did something wrong on Monday.

Thursday June 30th

The Moon is very busy, and chances are good that you are also.  Or, at least you should be busy.  This is one of those rare days that we mention periodically where you can “get an amazing amount of work done.”  This could be errands or chores or your career or something entirely different.  Moon is waning, so it is a good time to clean out and discard unneeded items.  Some of you will find amazing sale items and make superb purchases.  You will be glad you waited until today instead of making that bad decision on Monday.  Items may not be quite as pretty, but they will prove far more functional and durable.  Financial markets could have a shakeup, and if you are a smart investor you could be a big winner.  (But, as with anything else, you need to know what you are doing.  If you have not done your homework then you will be one of the losers.)  We really like this day overall, and earth and water signs tend to be the big winners (especially Taurus and Cancer).

One more time: certain purchases today may prove to be the best you have ever made (as long as you know what you are buying).

Friday July 1st

The holiday weekend begins, and some of you are having a brainstorm.  We do not know what you bought (or did) yesterday, but your idea hamster is running full tilt.  You have a problem to solve, and the insight you had Tuesday evening along with the purchase or activity you had yesterday are coming together into something even more brilliant.  No doubt you will need to spend time with the family this weekend, but let us offer that you need a notepad, and you need to make notes.  Notes, photographs, video and whatever maps out the ideas that are coming to you in a flood.  Keeping in mind that we have a waning moon (which can be bad for LAUNCHING new projects), you can take positive action today and tomorrow.  But do let that action be in the nature of preparation rather than a “launch” of a new project.  You should not launch until next week.  Certain important pieces of information have yet to come your way.

Saturday July 2nd

Today is MUCH like yesterday EXCEPT that you encounter an annoying glitch that puts a damper on everything.  Holiday picnics are rained out or the heat proves to be too much for anyone to be outdoors safely.  Plans are scuttled, and new approaches must be embraced.  High hopes are dashed.  But you can salvage the day and still have some kind of pleasant fun if your attitude is right.  We encourage you to do just that.  Traditions can be adjusted, and from time to time they should be.  Enjoying the weekend to the best of your ability is the important thing, along with capturing those important ideas that we keep mentioning.




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