2016-12 W52: Forecasts for Week 52 of 2016

2016-12 W52: Forecasts for Week 52 of 2016

WEEK 52 (W52) / (EUROPEAN WEEK 51 / W51)

The Moon is waning just a few days past full with both the Winter Solstice on Wednesday the 21st along with the shift to the last quarter.  By itself, those are enough to make this week “interesting” but the Mercury Retrograde station Monday precisely on the day that the College of Cardinals, er the Electoral College, meets to decide (if that is possible for them) on our new president.  Let’s hope for white smoke so we can all move forward.  Saturday contains the highly influential trine of Saturn to Uranus, and the following week contains the Uranus direct station.  Though almost all of the Uber Liberals don’t get it, Donald Trump IS a Uranian president-elect, and this week is important to him (and us).  These Uranus / Saturn / Mercury shifts on top of the Solstice mark significant turning points regarding large scale shifts.

Sunday is the day before the retrograde station (but well into the two week “shadow” period).  Expect glitches particularly regarding transportation and communication.  But Sunday is also a day that favors gained from compassion to others.  Monday is dominated by the retrograde station and a semi-square of Mercury to Mars.  Watch the temper and the words; chances are good you will say something in the heat of the moment that you regret later.  Monday is extremely complex and very Martian.   Tuesday continues some of Monday’s complexity but is more of a “cleanup” for those reeling from the aftermath of Monday.

Wednesday  marks a turning point on many levels including the power metaphysical turning point of the Winter Solstice.  The ancients believed othat the Winter Solstice was the ultimate symbol of hope, and powerful arguments have been made that it is the basis of any number of religions speaking of “rising from the dead.”  You are certainly free to believe whatever you wish.

Thursday is a day of practical action where you can “get things done” keeping in mind the shifts in Mercury and Uranus.  Friday has the predictable annual karma of last minute holiday gift shopping amplified.  As we said previously, Saturday contains the highly influential trine of Saturn to Uranus, and the following week contains the Uranus direct station.

Healthcare is a BIG issue this week.  And, this is a busy week!


Sunday is the day before the retrograde station (but well into the two week “shadow” period).  Expect glitches particularly regarding transportation and communication.  But Sunday is also a day that favors gained from compassion to others.

Help others!  Help others!  We cannot say it enough today!  This has a similar feel to the Saturday night that contained the Pulse Club shootings.  Helping someone can save lives, maybe many lives.  Be helpful.


Monday is dominated by the retrograde station and a semi-square of Mercury to Mars.  Watch the temper and the words; chances are good you will say something in the heat of the moment that you regret later.  Monday is extremely complex and very Martian.

The most favorable aspect today is Vesta trine Hygeia, and we have some real benefit from traditions and routine procedures in healthcare.  Stick to basics and AVOID being “creative” in this area.  BUT you will obtain powerful INSIGHT (similar to tomorrow).  Capture them for later, but know that glitches can happen today.  The rest is very tricky, but, again, can provide you with useful insights.


Tuesday continues some of Monday’s complexity but is more of a “cleanup” for those reeling from the aftermath of Monday.  Lunar activity is moderate with Last Quarter starting this evening in the Western Hemisphere and tomorrow in EU / UK.

The day ALMOST seems quiet, except that huge issues are emerging that provide powerful insights in events that are coming soon.  Capture what fleets by you with writing, drawing, a camera, or audio recorder, and keep it for later.  Almost certainly you will have useful ideas and may develop useful skills from insights captured today.


Wednesday  marks a turning point on many levels including the power metaphysical turning point of the Winter Solstice.  The ancients believed that the Winter Solstice was the ultimate symbol of hope, and powerful arguments have been made that it is the basis of any number of religions speaking of “rising from the dead.”  You are certainly free to believe whatever you wish.  The Solstice happens at 4:44 AM CST this morning, so if you celebrate the Solstice you might do that Tuesday night and today with a breakfast.  (Some numerologists would consider “4:44” to be a powerful “Stargate,” a portal for change and opportunity (both gain or loss, so use it carefully and wisely).)

Martians are super-active today, and we might see some violence.  So, be careful regarding dangerous people, places, and things, and avoid being one of those yourself.


Thursday is a day of practical action where you can “get things done” keeping in mind the shifts in Mercury and Uranus.  You may be FORCED to be practical today in some manner, such as taking care of automotive maintenance that you have neglected or something similar.  If you are really on top of such things, then today can be a breakthrough day for you where you have powerful insights regarding such practical matter.

Healthcare is a BIG issue this week.  Uranus sesequiquadrate leaves some of us desparate to push through visits to healthcare providers before insurance deductables reset in January.  But surprises are likely, and other, unexpected, issues might emerge.


Friday has the predictable annual karma of last minute holiday gift shopping amplified but, again, powerful insights to those who have properly prepared.  Ceres (food, prosperity) sesquiquadrates (square + semi-square, and a powerful sense of “urgency”) the North Node, and we truly wonder if we can afford that superb gift we would like to give.  No question about it, it would enrich both them and us.  But, can we afford it?  You must decide.

Neptune squares Astraea, and legal issues emerge.  These tend to involve poetry, photography, or healthcare, but I bet that they might involve issues related to visitation for divorced parents and their children.


Saturday contains the highly influential trine of Saturn to Uranus, and the following week contains the Uranus direct station.  Our experience is that “day of” perfection of long term outer planet aspects such as this one often result in NOTHING.  Rather, a lunation such as the previous Full Moon or upcoming New Moon, or station such as the Mercury or Uranus stations, usually present the “precipitating events” related to the big picture shift.

That said, this is Christmas Eve and we expect some people will have “surprises” on Christmas Day that are a bit more “surprising” than anyone expected.  Mars quincunx Vesta indicates some significant disputes may emerge about traditions, particularly if they involve Martians (athletes, police, soldiers, and similar).  Hygeia squares the North Node, so watch for any overexertion related to things like shoveling snow.  Instead, use that energy to give a gift to the less fortunate.


2016-12 W51: Forecasts for Week 51 of 2016

2016-12 W51: Forecasts for Week 51 of 2016

WEEK 51 (W51) / (EUROPEAN WEEK 50 / W50)


Close to two months have passed since we were knocked down by computer and internet problems and just decided to take some time off.  In the next few weeks we plan to resurrect this blog and its forecasts.  This is a week that tends to especially affect Martians (athletes, police, and soldiers); they tend to benefit though not always.

Sunday: hard work or the easy way out.  Each has the advantages, and you will be compensated accordingly.  Monday is an odd day with an odd feeling; wrap up issues involving healthcare, education, or both and move forward.  Tuesday has a Full Moon, written about much elsewhere.  This one comes less than a week before Mercury Retrograde station, so expect more weirdness than most FMs.  Tuesday and Wednesday are turning points for some people.

Wednesday the Moon is waning and emotions tend to trump logic, unfortunately.  Wednesday is also important for Martians.  Thursday a conflict emerges between dreams and reality, but the two can be made to work together to accomplish useful results.  Friday brings us practical ideas involving education, healthcare, or both, but it is mostly a day off.  Saturday is very busy but may not accomplish anything.  However, if you can properly focus yourself (and those working with you), then you MIGHT can accomplish something useful.


Sun BiSeptiles the North Node, and we catch a glimpse of an important possibility if we are willing to work for it.  Mars is unusually active today and dominates all outer planet activity.  This is a special day for soldiers, police, “agents” and similar.  However, it is not necessarily an easy day for them; even more than others they will have to work and overcome adversity to obtain the gifts that can be had.

Moon (Taurus) forms a yod with Jupiter on one leg and Saturn on the other.  The Jupiter leg is obviously the one most people will tend to pick (which would you rather have (Jupiter) higher ed and luck or Saturn (hard work, difficulties, and tests)), but the Saturn leg is strengthened by the Sun (which joined Saturn yesterday).  So, oddly, this might be a tough call since some people really will want to pick the “hard work” leg of the decision because of the lasting gifts it can bring.

Moon goes void about 10 PM CST, and that does not affect many in the Western Hemisphere.  People in the EU / UK might want to take the evening off, however.  Jim Shawvan sees this window as an “Opportunity Period,” so some of you may find special benefit, particularly if you are an earth sign (Capricorn, Taurus, or Virgo).


Today is a bit of an odd “sideways” kind of day with Venus semisquare Chiron creating a sense of urgency in matters involving health, education, or both.  Whatever it is you have to get done, wrap it up and move forward.

Mars quadrinoviles Vesta, and we see some fleeting but special insight regarding Martians (police, military, athletes) and traditions.  Hygeia receives aspects from Pluto and Neptune, so BIG changes are coming regarding healthcare.  We might hear about some of those today.


Venus is quincunx the North Node, and this is simply unpleasant with little gain or benefit to anyone.  Vesta trines Astraea, and traditions involving the legal community (Lawyers and Judges in addition to law enforcement) are important today.

Today is a Full Moon (Moon in Gemini and Sun in Sagittarius), and much has been written about it elsewhere.  The FM perfects just past 6 PM CST, a bit past Sunset in the Central time zone where your astrologer is located, and we make decisions involving communications, transportation, truth and lies, law, higher education and long distance travel.  Mercury Retrograde station is only five days away, and we feel it all week this week.  We feel it particularly strongly today and tomorrow.


Although today is another day of urgency, it is also a day of insights.  Pay attention and capture the ideas that come to you.  Again, this is another day that tends to benefit Martians (athletes, police, soldiers).  Surprises happen to those specifically involved with the legal system, and a sense of urgency emerges along with some good ideas.  Write it down.

Moon is in Cancer, so emotions can dominate logic and reason.  The moon is waning now, and Mercury Retrograde is only a few days away.  Expect glitches and misunderstandings.  Double check everything.  Be specific.


A struggle between dreams and reality emerges.  Dreams have a bit of an advantage today, though that is not necessarily “good.”  Practical ideas can emerge from dreams, and dreams can be reduced to reality in some cases.  If you write poetry or lyrics, or are a photographer or videographer, then this might be your day.

Moon continues in Cancer until it becomes void about 3:30 PM CST.  Jim Shawvan marks this as an “Opportunity Period” though water signs tend to benefit the most.


Venus noviles Chiron, and we can receive important and useful ideas or skills regarding education, health, or both.  As we always say, write it down (or otherwise capture the idea).  Pluto noviles Astraea, and similarly useful ideas or insights reveal themselves regarding power struggles or legal matters, likely both.  Again, capture them.  Do note that all of this may be blended together or might be separate.

Moon enters Leo early, about 7 AM CST, but it is not the dominate force today.  We seem to have some relief from lunar intensity after two days in those domains.  That is a relief for many of us.


Moon in Leo, not typically the best place for the Moon is hyperactive today after absence yesterday.  Much of it is “much ado about nothing,” the proverbial tempest in the teapot, but it seems important in the moment.  Do what you must, but keep priorities in mind.  Venus septiles North Node and biseptiles Saturn, and this means we can achieve something practical if we are willing to work for it.  Decide what matters to you.

A very loose yod involving the Moon at the apex, Chiron in Pisces (dreams, healthcare, poetry) on one leg and Mercury / Pluto in Capricorn (details and power struggles regarding finances, stocks, bonds, and the corporate world) on the other leg, presents us with a decision between dreams and health versus finances and career.  Choose well.

2016-10 W44: Forecasts for Week 44 of 2016

2016-10 W44: Forecasts for Week 44 of 2016

WEEK 44 (W44) / (EUROPEAN WEEK 43 / W43)


This is the last full week of October, it contains the weekend before Halloween, and the Sunday that follows contains the second New Moon of October, called a “Black Moon” by some.

Jim Shawvan identifies a long “opportunity period” from Saturday afternoon until when the Moon goes void early Monday morning.  Mercury is void from early Saturday morning (as part of an annoying or “motivating” series of lunar squares) until it enters Scorpio about 4 PM Monday and is “too early to tell” (an horary term but we adopt it for predictions) until near the end of the week, about Friday or Saturday.

Sunday is simply difficult, and we face difficult decisions that just do not provide any really good outcomes.  Monday is double void: Moon and Mercury and best for cleanout and cleanup.  Tuesday and Wednesday are the best days this week for getting things done, but be wary of things that “look too good to be true.”  Wednesday adds a cascade of small but important insights; capture them.  Thursday Mercury joins the Sun favoring writers and drives and others involved with communication and transportation but Mars sextile Chiron raises issues involving healthcare, education, or both.  Friday is good early morning into afternoon but then turns dangerous in late afternoon and evening with Mars square Uranus.  People, places, and things can go “boom.”  Saturday is a bit odd with Venus conjunct Saturn and practical matters are favored over anything exotic.  A Scorpio New Moon follows on Sunday (next week, W45).


Sunday is curiously unpleasant for a number of people.  Jupiter in Libra is inconjunct (quincunx) Neptune in Pisces.  Jupiter is in a strong position in Libra, and Neptune is in its home, Pisces.  Neither one wants to yield ground, and both lay claim to a number of overlapping topics but have distinctly different “opinions.”  In the old (traditional) approach, Jupiter ruled both Sagittarius and Pisces.  In modern astrology, Neptune rules Pisces (and Jupiter continues to be Sagittarian).  Both wish to be “polite,” and both are engaging in subtle warfare against the other.  Nobody wins.

And, I would like to do like so many astrologers and say that this affects “today.”  But this is BIG, really BIG.  We wrote about it here in 2014.  If you have a diary, any kind of notes, photographs, or old emails from August / September of 2014, then it would profit you greatly to look back at what was going on then and what decisions you made.  Chances are good that you will find certain ones critical to where you are now, and what path you should choose now.  And we will revisit this again in (April and) May of 2017.  Frankly, it continues with us also into June and July of 2017 as well.

Jupiter in Libra is the scholar, college professor, and maybe lawyer who has traveled extensively and wants to be “fair.”  Neptune is the fallen criminal and the risen savior who appeals to the insights held in our deepest spiritual needs but might deceive us.  Each has compelling arguments for picking their side.  You can pick one or the other on this particular day, but will not be completely satisfied knowing that the other path might be the “right” one.

Moon (Leo) and Jupiter (Libra) favor each other and are in agreement, but Moon has a similar (to Jupiter) disagreement with Neptune and Mars / Pluto (Capricorn).  In that case, we see a very loose “yod” and you must decide between “authority” (Mars / Pluto) and higher spiritual values (Neptune).  Again, it is a frustrating day and you must make at least one decision of some kind that you will likely not be totally satisfied with.  It is a bit like choosing between two mutually distasteful political candidates in an important contest.

Mercury has been void since early Saturday morning, so you can expect a certain amount of “re-do” anyway.

Your birthday today:

This is a strange year in which you can be an important decision maker in critically important decisions but often feel you do not have enough information.  You can count on be disappointed with the results no matter how hard you try, so remember to pause, give yourself a break, and take time to both “replenish the well” and “stop and smell the roses.”


Some of yesterday spills over into today.  Astrological events are not cut up into nice 24 hour / 7 day week bite size chunks like we might hope.  The cosmic clock runs on its on schedule, and it does not necessarily fit with our man-made one.  That said, some of you may face important decisions as early as Saturday of last week or as late as today.

Mercury has been void since Saturday morning.  The Moon turns void slightly past 7 AM CDT and remains void until slightly past 10 PM CDT.  You might make a decision, but expect to revisit it at a later point this week or next, possibly after the New Moon on the 30th.

We like this day for cleaning out and cleaning up and preparing for the Halloween and the Autumn period that continues until the Winter Solstice in December.

Your birthday this year:

Take a vacation.  Travel.  See the world.  You are not getting any younger.  Clean out all the old junk and make room for something new in your life.  Most of it does not matter anyway.  But the pictures you take and stories you tell from your adventures will be priceless.


Tuesday and Wednesday are the best days of the week for “getting things done.”  We bet you can find some remarkable buys today, but do keep in mind that Venus (Sagittarius) squares Neptune (Pisces) giving us a bit too rosy of a picture and some false hopes regarding people, places, and things.  A very loose mutable T-Square is present also.

Jupiter semi-sextile the Node gives us a taste of “fate” today, but we must work to obtain that rosy vision we see.  I encourage you to do just that.

Your birthday today:

You can, and should, “get things done” this year.  We are not saying that all your time needs to be spent “nose to the grindstone,” but you can make important progress if you work at it.  If you are single this year then you might meet that “special person” but remember that they are human.


Noviles abound on Wednesday.  Messages and insights are subtle, very subtle, and you must keep a notepad to capture them by writing them down, drawing them or whatever works best.  In some cases a voice recorder or camera works better.  Do what works best!

Venus squares the Node, and some of us encounter “fate” regarding health, beauty, art, music, or finances.  This could somehow involve religion, spirituality, churches or some similar organization.

Moon goes void about 1:30 PM CDT, so use the time after this for housekeeping, cleaning, planning, and organization rather than decisive actions or important purchases.

Your birthday today:

This is a year of powerful insights.  Take pictures, make drawings, and write notes.  Some of your best ideas may come this year, and if you are the kind of person who can do this sort of think then you might obtain important patents or copyrights on your work and ideas.  Value your insights; sometimes they are all you really have.


Moon enters Libra about 9 AM CDT, and we begin the “Dark of the Moon” period tonight but especially Friday and Saturday.  Some have said “the Veil” (between this world and the other one) is thinnest at this time, and the same is often said to be true of Halloween / All Souls / Samhain.

Mercury conjoins the Sun and begins to move ahead for a Mercury retrograde later in December.  You should continue to receive important ideas and messages at this time.  Again, write them down, capture them in Evernote, OneNote, or a similar tool, or do whatever you need to do to capture them for later review and use.  This is another good day for writers to begin their preparations (character sketches and outlines) for Nanowrimo.

Mars is sextile Chiron, and some of us must face issues involving health, education, or both.  We highly recommend that you “take care of business.”  Juno (trust issues, wives, sisters, daughters) is quincunx (false hopes and miscommunications) Ceres (prosperity in general but especially food and diet).  Disagreements about holiday plans arise, and you may not have complete agreement on those today.

Your birthday today:

Some of you can, and should, think about going back to school.  Others can finally write that book they have been meaning to write.  Skip disagreements that are a waste of time and focus on completing that important work.


This is mostly a benevolent day, and the morning is especially good for job hunting, applying to educational programs (college and grad school), sending out resumes, and similar tasks.  This is a short window, so do it now or wait for a different opportunity.  Take what you have learned the past few days and put it to use this morning (afternoon in EU / UK).

Afternoon squares annoy us and cause problems and certainly send the message to wrap up the activities from the morning if we have not done so already.

Uranus is quadrinovile Hygeia, and we receive utterly brilliant ideas in the form of fleeting insights about health and healthcare.  Again, do whatever it takes to capture these important insight.

Mars squares Uranus circa 11 PM CDT and this evening and early Saturday morning is associated with people, places, and things that go “boom.”   It is a rather dangerous Friday night / Saturday morning, and we advise that you “party” on another evening if you are into that kind of thing.  This energy CAN be harnessed to “get things done,” but safety is paramount.  Regarding safety: take the “belt and suspenders” approach and do whatever it takes to stay safe.  Do that, and today can be a very good day.

Your birthday today:

Have fun this year but stay safe.  Unless you are a “martian” (police, military, athlete), anger will not serve you well.  (And it might be bad if you are a martian, also.)  You can make amazing improvements in your health and fitness.  Your insights and intuitions can be very important.


The Moon is a bit quirky today making just about every variety of aspect and difficult to describe.  You will have ups and downs.  Venus joins Saturn, both in Sagittarius, and today is all about practical matters.  This can be an excellent day for “May / December” romances if you are interested in pursuit of such.  If you are a younger woman and like an older man, this might be the day to let him know you are interested.  You can take a risk and speak explicitly.  He might be too shy and timid to know you are truly interested.

Others of us focus, successfully, on practical matters.  Money and finances are best reviewed today and unnecessary items and services disposed of to eliminate unnecessary expenses thus effectively expanding our overall budget.  Housecleaning is in order, including a financial review.

Mercury is void as of this morning, so communications and transportations glitches can happen.  Do not take too seriously anything you hear.

The “veil” is thinnest tonight for this lunar cycle and possibly for the year.  Connections to the past and the future become more likely and more clear than usual.  If you have a spiritual or psychological practice that facilitates such connections, tonight is a good night to engage in them.

This week in general, and Saturday in particular, represents a “turning point.”  We receive news that makes us re-evaluate our position and our direction, but the news is incomplete and we will not have the full picture until the 30th at the earliest, and more likely into November.

Your birthday today:

Many things will be uncertain this year, but your intuitions will be remarkably powerful, perhaps the most powerful ever in your life.  Use them to guide you when the rest fails.  To borrow a well-worn phrase from a classic movie: “Luke, use The Force.”

2016-10 W43: Forecasts for Week 43 of 2016

2016-10 W43: Forecasts for Week 43 of 2016

WEEK 43 (W43) / (EUROPEAN WEEK 42 / W42)


Sunday is wrapup and recovery from an intense Full Moon.  After the Aries Moon v/c ends, Moon moves into Taurus and people become lazy, stubborn, or both.  Practical matters are favored, but a few ingenious ideas may come your way.  Capture them.  We feel Mars conjunct Pluto (Wednesday) as early as Sunday.  Monday is a day to “take care of business” especially regarding health / healthcare issues.  Tuesday you will be tempted to chase your tail and spin your wheels.  Let other people do that.  Wednesday is a powerful and complex day that is an important turning point for many people.  Thursday still feels like Wednesday and continues processing the important issues that emerged.  Friday tells us that we MUST complete whatever was started on Monday.  But the Sun is void of course, and things may not work the way we planned.  Saturday the Sun is still void most of the day, and we feel like “fate” is acting prior to the Sun moving into Scorpio for the next thirty days.


The excitement of the Full Moon is past for most people though some will still feel it.  The Moon remains v/c in Aries after the FM until slightly past 10 AM CDT.  After that, the Moon moves into Taurus and many people feel either lazy or hungover or both.  The rest become focused on practical matters: money, housekeeping, physical fitness, beauty and cosmetics and so forth.  Some artists have interesting ideas, but the quincunxes of the day tend to make “things” go haywire for anybody attempting serious efforts.

Jim Shawvan claims an “Opportunity Period” for this day and the next (Monday), so maybe some people can find benefit.  Venus BiQuintile Uranus supports this idea, as does Mercury BiQuintile Neptune, and you should keep a notepad or other way of capturing innovative and unusual ideas today.  Those that develop “experimental poetry” (or anything similar) may find today to be an important day.

Jupiter and Mars are active today with higher order aspects, so we expect that those in the legal field can also obtain important insights.  If you are in an educational setting (as either teacher or student), then you efforts today may represent and particularly important turning point.

Your Birthday Today:

Focus on practical solutions this year while noting the innovative ideas that come to you.  These same innovations may have a different practical solution later.  If you are a poet, then this might be “your year.”  If you are not a poet, consider learning about poetry and attempting to write some as an exercise for self development.  (Who knows?  You might find a gift that you did not know you had!)


Moon moves v/c in Taurus near 10 AM CDT, but Jim Shawvan describes this window as an “Opportunity Period” which persists until about 9:30 AM CDT Tuesday.  We recommend sticking to practical matters or things that Taurus can favor (writing or playing music, sculpture, gardening).

Sun Semisquares the North Node (Karma) and is Sesquiquadrate Neptune giving an odd sense of urgency to this day regarding matters involving Neptunian matters (endings, confinement, illness, dreams, alcohol, drugs, poetry, music, photography, and videography).  If any of these matters arise then “take care of business” today.  That is the best use of your time and energy.

Pallas moves direct today (Station Direct, Pallas), so some ingenious ideas may leap into your head about how to solve certain kinds of problems.  Whether or not you act on them during a moon v/c (“opportunity period” in this case) or not will be a decision you must make in your particular situation.

We are already “feeling” Mars conjunct Pluto (Wednesday) by today.

Your Birthday today:

Focus on matters involving health, poetry, music, photography, and video this year.  Make a home movie; you might have an auteur hidden in your soul.  Avoid alcohol and drugs, and if you use them then this is your year to get help and quit.  Take care of business.


The void of course Taurus Moon moves into Gemini about 9:30 AM CDT and is in the “too early to tell” period for most of the afternoon.  If you “leap into action” during this window, you may need to shift direction later based on new information.

We note that Martians (Intelligence agencies, police, athletes) will tend to be active during the void and “too early to tell” period but will be going in circles trying to decipher abstract information that does not quite make sense to them.  Martian or not, avoid “spinning your wheels” on this day.  Do what works and defer the rest.

Your birthday today:

You can accomplish things this year, but you have to be extra careful not to expend time and energy on frivolous pursuits that lead nowhere.  Choose your battles carefully.


Mars joins Pluto in Capricorn today, and you have been feeling it all week already.  Financial issues become pivotal on both a global and local (individual) scale.  This is an incredibly complex day with many different messages for different individual people.  Unlike some days, each person today receives a slightly different message.

Glitches happen, and they dominate the day.  What you think is a “miscommunication” may be precisely what you need to hear.  Slips of the tongue happen, and some of these slips “sink ships.”  Other messages are garbled, a bit like your own personal “Mercury retrograde for a day.”  Issues involving education, healthcare, or both rise to the surface, but confusion dominates (Mercury quincunx Chiron).  Expect to be misunderstood.

Mercury opposes Uranus early tomorrow, but we feel it today.  Curiously, writers, inventors, and other innovators can capitalize on the power struggles (Mars / Pluto) and confusion (Mercury / Chiron) of today.  Brilliant ideas are had by those with eyes to see them or ears to hear them (or both).  If you are participating in Nanowrimo this year, this is the day to structure your “plot outline” in preparation for November.

Vesta enters Leo give a sense of “pomp and circumstance” to our traditions; Jupiter Quadrinoviles Ceres and we obtain an important insight or skill regarding either our prosperity (money) or diet (possibly health weight loss).

Your birthday today:

This will be one of the most transformative years of your life.  Expect miscommunications; if you are sly you might profit from them.  This is also the year to “write your novel” (or other book).  If you want to lose weight / take up bodybuilding, this is the year to do it.


We still feel the effects of yesterday as well as Mercury opposite Uranus perfecting shortly before 3 AM CDT.  All of yesterday still applies, but most of the morning is lost to a Gemini Void Moon from about 6 AM CDT until about 10:30 AM CDT.

Too early too tell applies again for the afternoon, similar to Tuesday, and we need to pause and evaluate rather than push forward.  In doing so, if you can fully identify and eliminate blockages to “moving forward,” then you can do so.

Sun Biquintile Chiron gives us a brilliant idea regarding healthcare, education, or both.  Capture it and maybe discuss it with the people closest to you that you trust.

Your birthday today:

Be methodical in how you implement the rather brilliant ideas that come to you.  Cross every “t” and dot every “i” and you can obtain superb results.


Moon (Cancer, its home) opposes Mars / Pluto (Capricorn) and forms what might arguably be called a (very) loose “T-Square” with Uranus.  That makes today a bit irritating and contentious, but you can still “get things done” if you focus yourself and avoid frivolous disputes that do little more than waste your time.  Productivity is possible with the right focus.

Mercury Semisquares the North Node and is Sesquiquadrate Neptune (as the Sun did on Monday) and issues from Monday MUST be wrapped up today.  You know what to do; DO IT!

Higher order messages do come, but they are extraordinarily subtle and require the keenest of minds to observe them and capture them.  Since you are reading this and are appropriately forewarned, you can probably do just that if you make the effort.

The Sun is void for almost all of the day, so stick to routine.  You can make progress, but do not launch anything new just yet.  Some re-do might be necessary later.

Your birthday today:

You will have to work for it this year, but you can do it if you stay focused.  Fundamental changes are afoot in how you live and work and do things.  Expect a shift (a big one).  Pay attention.  Subtle messages will matter.


The Sun continues void most of the day, and we recommend using it for a day of rest if you can.  When a planet is in the last degree of a sign, the feeling emerges that “fate” is in play.  Decisions just seem to be out of our hands.  The Tsunami ruins our well planned party.  The Sun is like that today as it is void until it goes into Scorpio about 6 PM CDT with the next two or three days being in the “too early to tell” period.

Certainly you can do things, but we recommend you stick to routine.  Observation is favored over action.

Outer planets are profoundly busy, but they are sending us messages and insights.  Major changes are coming, and do not be surprised to see someone you care about go into the hospital today.  Poets dream and lovers sigh.

Your birthday today:

Address ALL health issues this year.  Get a checkup, make certain you are on top of vision and dental and so forth.  A change is coming, a major change, and it may not happen this year but the next instead. Prepare as if a storm is coming, and write poetry and songs about it along the way.


2016-10 W42: Forecasts for Week 42 of 2016

2016-10 W42: Forecasts for Week 42 of 2016

Week 42 (W42) / (European Week 41 / W41)



Sunday is a “Blank Rune” kind of day.  Some commentators have criticized the Ralph Blum book in general and the Blank Rune in particular as being a fiction created in modern times.  Even so, we argue the a “Blank Rune” is appropriate, and today is one of those kinds of day.

Generally, “Sun out” aspects are missing.  “Mars out,” or outer planet (and major asteroid) aspects are limited to Saturn sesquiquadrate Vesta and Juno quadrinovile Ceres.  The moon (Capricorn) has a few aspects, arguably forming a very loose T-Square with Sun (Libra) / Uranus (Aries) before becoming void of course shortly before Noon CDT.

What does this mean?  Moon v/c is usually interpreted as “nothing will come of this.”  Sometimes something does “come of this,” but the outcome is entirely unexpected.  Vesta tends to be about traditions (and maybe “duty”), and Saturn removes the unnecessary.  We think something will be lost or stripped away today, and we cannot say that this is necessarily a positive outcome.  We encourage you to stay safe and perhaps stay home today.

Your birthday today

Be open to the new and unexpected gifts that the universe will bring you.  Be alert for important lessons to learn.


In most time zones, the Moon moves into Aquarius early some time Monday morning.  The Aquarian Moon trines Mercury near Noon CDT and then Jupiter near 2 PM CDT.  This is as benevolent as it can get with possible exceptions for some people with earth or water dominated charts.

Mercury is semi-square Venus, and this produces some urgency in the day.  An important matter must be tended to.  We think it will go well for most people.  Mercury triseptile Neptune provides an element of karma or deep insights or both to this day, and that tends to focus also on our more artistic side.  Poets, priests, and politicians need to examine their words carefully.  Sun is triseptile Chiron indicating that the important matter may involve healthcare, education, or both.

Mars novile Pallas brings an insight or opportunity to learn a special new skill, and this will especially apply to anybody doing anything regarding analysis of the political debates on Sunday evening.  Post-mortems of the event will be the order of the day.  Even if you are not a politician or pundit, you can still learn important lessons if you paid attention.  The most important one might be “grace under pressure.”

Do the most important things on this rare day where you can accomplish much.

Your birthday today

Consider going back to school.  Avoid being lazy and letting important opportunities slip by you.  Keep a journal and review your days, weeks, and months in detail.


This is a busy day that brings powerful insights.  This is also a very “Martian” day and warriors of all kinds are active with many of them learning important lessons.  This is true for athletes as well.  Mercury joins Jupiter and this greatly amplifies the already active brainstorms of the day.  (It also raises issues left from the Mercury Retrograde of September.)  We simply cannot emphasize how important it is for you to capture the ideas the will fleetingly pass you by.  Use a notepad.

Mars sextile Neptune gives an advantage to “snake oil salesmen” (and politicians), so do not believe everything you hear today.  Venus trine Chiron raises issues of health, education, or both, but does so in a benevolent and helpful way.

Again, this is one of the best days in this cycle, maybe this year, to “get things done.”  Moon turns v/c about 10 til 7 PM CDT this evening, so accomplish all by that time and then rest for the evening.

Your birthday today

This is one of your most important years.  If you are not physically active, then take up a physical activity.  If you are physically active, consider trying something new.  Focus yourself, and you will find that you can sell refrigerators to Eskimos.


While “things” are not “bad” today, you will encounter glitches today and the seemingly unending opportunities of Monday and Tuesday suddenly vanish for most people.  We hope you accomplished what you need to accomplish while the “window” was open.  Piscean moons are best for play, and almost anything beyond play or creative work results in confusion.

Mars trine North Node gives a feeling of “karma” to today, and helping someone less fortunate than yourself is a wise idea.  Communications tend to go awry today, and this is just not the best day for romance either.

Issues of trust arise in settings involving education, healthcare or both.  Under NO circumstances do anything that even remotely resembles cheating or dishonesty.  This will not go well for you.

Your birthday today

Explore your creative side this year.  Use the oddball problems you encounter to drive innovation.  Clean house, trust God, and help others.


Mercury (Libra) squares Mars (Capricorn), and this is such a nasty and violent aspect that all bets are off except for following the safest of paths.  People, places, and things tend to go “boom” today (though it COULD happen yesterday or tomorrow).  Avoid dangerous people and avoid being one yourself.

Jim Shawvan indicates an “Opportunity Period” today, but we advocate caution.  Late tonight, actually early Friday morning near 2 AM CDT, the Moon become v/c in Pisces.  That tends to be associated with criminality (along with v/c in Gemini), so be careful regarding your possessions and your person.

Today is not without the ability to learn lessons, so continue to keep your notepad.

Your birthday today

You can avail yourself of important opportunities if you can watch your temper and learn to focus yourself.  Keep a journal of both failures and successes.


Moon is void until about 10 AM CDT then we enter the “too early to tell” period for a few hours.  After that, most of the remainder of the day is benevolent.  Sun is quincunx Chiron, so you can count on glitches, gotchas, and misunderstandings involving healthcare, education, or both.  That part of the day is unpleasant, and it can involve legal matters as well.  But you can simply put that matter “on hold” (in many cases) and have a pleasant afternoon “off” to play.

With the impending Full Moon, we think this could be a GREAT date night for some people (particularly air or fire signs such as Libra, Aquarius, Gemini, Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius).

Your birthday today

Things seem a little strange for the next few months, and then you “break loose.”  Address and wrap up any and all legal matters.  This can be a good year for romance.


Mercury square Pluto almost certainly resurrects the squabble of Wednesday.  Sun opposite Uranus brings a surprise, and not necessarily a pleasant one.  Moon opposes Mercury in the morning and late in the evening joins Uranus shortly before the Full Moon.  We can almost bet on squabbles and accidents and maybe even explosions today.  A few smart people will transform this into excellent romance and superb sex.  For these people, this will be a particularly memorable FM.

For others, healthcare issues bubble to the surface in an unavoidable way and MUST be taken care of.  Pay attention to your rituals and habits, and maybe the rituals and habits of others.  These can bring you important insights.

Your birthday today

This will be one of the most memorably years of your life.  You will reach critically important turning points in both January and July and, along the way, encounter surprises and ideas you had not previously considered.  Embrace them.


2016-10 W41: Forecasts for Week 41 of 2016

2016-10 W41: Forecasts for Week 41 of 2016

Week 41 (W41) / (European Week 40 / W40)


We are in the first full week of October, and the season of Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere and Spring in the Southern Hemisphere has fully arrived for anyone who doubts it.  With a waxing moon, we are now in a period where you want to generally grow and develop things and make money from whatever you might be selling.  (Sellers are favored over buyers through October 15th.)

Sunday is a cranky kind of sideways day.  (We are righting this overview in hindsight and, so, we will say no more.)  Monday you can “get things done,” but focus on action rather than words.  Much will be happening “behind the scenes.”  The establishment tends to “win” on this date.  Tuesday is much like Monday but with a glitch or surprise in the afternoon.  Overall, Tuesday is very much a “nose to the grindstone” kind of workday where you can, and should, “get things done.”  We might be feeling Mars square Jupiter on Tuesday, and that aspect perfects on Wednesday with Mars in Capricorn and Jupiter in Libra.  All bets are off with this combination, but we think you might see a “correction” in the financial markets.  Police officers may be in conflict with university professors, and it will not be pretty.  (We will try to stay home Wednesday.)

Thursday seems “quiet” but healthcare and legal issues are bubbling to the surface, possibly showing themselves today or on Friday with the perfection of one of two annual Sun square Pluto aspects.  Mercury enters Libra on Friday, and this emphasizes the likelihood of legal “discussions” if not battles.  Saturday is a good day to rest and especially a good day for creatives (writers, poets, photographers, videographers, and similar).



Sun quincunx Neptune and Mercury quincunx Uranus create havoc.  Both of them tend to leave us thinking that (1) the other side understood what we said and (2) we understood what the other side said.  Sadly, neither is true.  The Sun (Libra) / Neptune (Pisces) is especially pernicious.  Both of them want to be “polite” and are too polite to ask what the other side really means.  “Misunderstandings,” accidents, confusion, and turmoil result.  By itself, it would be difficult.  Particularly bad results happen at anything involving religion (i.e. churches or any variant on the theme of a church).

Mercury in Virgo is all about the details and Uranus in Aries could not care less about the details.  Each thinks the other understands and is in agreement.  Messes from earlier in the day (Sun / Neptune) WORSEN after attempts to “straighten things out.”

Venus aspects the North Node and tells us that we were “due” for these events.  Pluto sextiles Lilith, and Jupiter noviles Lilith.  Some of us sneak off for a passionated “sexcapade” and it feels really good but just do not expect it to last.  Those of us who are not in a position for such adventures will feel a bit “wild” today.

Write in your journal about your passions or draw them or paint them or take pictures.  (Pictures of sexy / nude models might go rather well today IF you can avoid the problems of the quincunxes mentioned.  i.e. You forget the camera batteries or SD card or something even worse.  Check the ID of your model!)  Uranus (surprises) triseptiles (karma, sometimes) Juno (the betrayed wife / sister / daughter) today, and with the quincunxes “someone” might “walk in on you” when you least expect it.  Or you might be hit with the fallout from your wife meeting with your golf pro at an inopportune time.

I think it is a great day to stay home and take care of overdue items that need to be cleared out.  The quincunxes may still bring you some surprises (oops!  I forgot to pay that?), but better to clear them out now than in some inelegant moment during the next Mercury Retrograde.

Your Birthday today:

Expect an adventurous year, and do not believe everything (sometimes ANYthing!) you see, hear, or read.  Double check everything.  You will have fun, no doubt about it, but you will have some miscommunications this year that lead to unpleasant surprises.  If you are an artist or “creative” then be meticulous; it will pay off in the long run.


Moon entered Scorpio yesterday a little before 3 PM CDT, and Jim Shawvan has identified an “Opportunity Period” that continues until the Moon v/c about 8 PM CDT on Tuesday.  Sun makes a semi-sextile to the North Node speaking to issues of karma but in a relatively mild way.  Similarly, Venus (Scorpio) makes a semi-sextile to Saturn (Sagittarius), but, again, in a relatively benevolent way (if anything involving both Scorpio and Saturn can be benevolent).  Moon and inner planets are relatively quiet though Moon in Scorpio is almost always “intense” even when it is “quiet.”

Outer planets and asteroids, on the other hand, are busy.  We feel subtle but important generational shifts today.  Mars semisquare Juno creates a sense of urgency regarding certain trust issues.

Saturn novile Astraea brings certain important, practical insights to lawyers and others working in the legal system.  Superfluous tasks and issues are discarded in favor of what really matters.  Chiron novile Ceres similarly raises insight regarding health / education / diet / prosperity.  Healthcare professionals improve their own diet on one hand, and some people learn something in school that leaves the more prosperous on the other hand.  (Adjust the forecast to fit is what we are really saying here).

Ceres opposes Astraea, so certain legal matters “come to a head.”  Chances are someone wins big while someone else loses big.  We bet on civil defendants (i.e. “big corporations”) and the government (prosecutors) in criminal trials.  It is that kind of day.

Your birthday today:

Healthcare and legal issues come to the forefront this year.  Be on top of them, and you can experience significant prosperity.  You will taste a bit of karma: if you have planned and worked then you will tend to reap benefits this year.  If you can neither planned nor worked then you will be forced to do both.  Keep quiet as much as you can, and let your actions speak far louder than your words.


Tuesday is much like Monday but with a glitch or surprise in the afternoon.  Overall, Tuesday is very much a “nose to the grindstone” kind of workday where you can, and should, “get things done.”  We might be feeling Mars square Jupiter on Tuesday, and that aspect perfects on Wednesday with Mars in Capricorn and Jupiter in Libra.

Venus septile Mars is karmic for most people, but athletes may have a breakthrough today, particularly by reviewing any information or records from their old training records and modifying their current training accordingly.

An odd sense of urgency emerges regarding “traditions” and “how we have always done things,” and taking a hard look at those can yield important insights.  Examination of health and diet is particularly important to some people today as Ceres (food, diet, prosperity) opposes Hygeia (health and healthcare).  Saturn novile Hygeia adds the possibility of an important idea, skill, or insight.  This can be fleeting in nature, so capture it by writing it down or drawing it or some other way.

Your birthday today:

You can, and should, get things done this year.  Pay attention to diet, exercise, and healthcare; you can have breakthrough insights in these areas.  Similar to yesterday, focus on your actions more than your words.


All bets are off with this combination of Mars in Capricorn squaring Pluto in Libra, but we think you might see a “correction” in the financial markets.  Police officers may be in conflict with university professors, and it will not be pretty.  (We will try to stay home Wednesday.)  This aspect sets the stage for what is likely to be an even more “powerful” event October 19th with Mars joining Pluto.

Writers, speakers, and other communicators can have important insights in terms of how to “do things better,” especially karmic insights from the past as Mercury triseptiles Uranus.  Mars / Pluto helps you explore conflicts in your work; this is especially beneficial to writers of fiction who are working on “character development.”  If you plan to do “Nano,” today can be an important day to lay the foundation for your writing with character sketches and plot outlines.

Your birthday today:

This will be one of the most powerful years of your life.  You will find yourself in conflict with others, but in the process you can make extraordinary progress in your goals in you persist in their pursuit.  Write down any and all of the most creative ideas that come to you.


Thursday seems “quiet” but healthcare and legal issues are bubbling to the surface, possibly showing themselves today or on Friday with the perfection of one of two annual Sun square Pluto aspects.

For some people, healthcare issues become of paramount importance today.  Make certain to attend to these first, above and beyond any other considerations.  Otherwise, today tends to be quiet compared to yesterday and tomorrow.

Your birthday today

Focus on healthcare and finances this year.  You may have power struggles.  If so, then you will need to face them rather than running away.  You can do what needs to be done.


Another shakeup occurs today, probably related to Wednesday’s events, as the Sun in Libra makes one of its two annual squares to Pluto in Capricorn.  (The other square is the Sun in Aries in the spring.  This will continue for the next few years as Pluto continues in Capricorn.)  Also, Mercury enters Libra on Friday, and this emphasizes the likelihood of legal “discussions” if not battles.

Your birthday today

This year will likely be a “wild ride,” so get ready for it now.  Changes will abound, so saddle up.  If you are an athlete, this can be a good year.  If you are not an athlete, then consider pursuit of a physical, athletic discipline.  (This can be marathon running or it can be “restorative yoga.”  Only you know what is the right fit.)


Saturday is a good day to rest and especially a good day for creatives (writers, poets, photographers, videographers, and similar).  But, if you are a creative, you will have insights and you at least need to capture them.

For the rest of us, we experience “karma” and would be advised to do something beneficial for someone less fortunate than ourselves.  Some people, even if they have not officially given themselves the title “creative,” will have brilliant insights today and would be well advised to capture them with writing or drawing or something similar.

As far as “date nights” go, it is an acceptable one, but you might also have a quiet evening at home.  As always, the choice is yours.

Your birthday today

This year is all about a combination of taking a break, or resting, and developing the creative side of yourself.  If you are already a creative, then explore a domain.  If you are a writer, then take up photography and so forth.

Birthdays this week

We are experimenting with transits for people who have their birthday this week.  We picked Wednesday October 5th to use for transits, so if your birthday is the fourth then subtract a day but add a day if it is the sixth and so forth.  Feedback on this is appreciated.  Please note that Sun opposite Sun is particularly important because it is a bit like a “personal Full Moon” where you need to account for what you have accomplished so far.

P1 (H) Asp P2 (H) Date
Ven (4) Cnj Sun (4) Sep 9 2016
Sun (4) Cnj Sun (4) Oct 5 2016
Mer (4) Cnj Sun (4) Oct 14 2016
Mar (6) Sqr Sun (4) Oct 15 2016
Jup (4) Cnj Sun (4) Nov 6 2016
Ven (6) Sqr Sun (4) Nov 22 2016
Mer (6) Sqr Sun (4) Dec 13 2016
Mer (6) Sqr Sun (4) Dec 24 2016
Sun (6) Sqr Sun (4) Jan 2 2017
Mer (6) Sqr Sun (4) Jan 25 2017
Mar (10) Opp Sun (4) Feb 13 2017
Ven (10) Opp Sun (4) Feb 26 2017
Ven (10) Opp Sun (4) Mar 10 2017
Mer (10) Opp Sun (4) Mar 20 2017
Sun (10) Opp Sun (4) Apr 1 2017
Ven (10) Opp Sun (4) May 17 2017
Mar (12) Sqr Sun (4) Jun 23 2017
Mer (12) Sqr Sun (4) Jun 26 2017
Sun (12) Sqr Sun (4) Jul 3 2017
Ven (12) Sqr Sun (4) Aug 11 2017

2016-09 W40: Forecasts for Week 40 of 2016

2016-09 W40: Forecasts for Week 40 of 2016


Sunday we begin to feel the Sun / Jupiter conjunction of Monday. Both Sunday and Monday are extremely “lucky” days, so grab it all as best you can. But please do understand that much of your “luck” will come from “cleaning house” and leaning out your life. Eliminate the superfluous. Tuesday is a “day off” day, and especially good for “housecleaning.” (Most of the week is good for that.)

Wednesday is another cleanup day, it much of Wednesday is about “hard work.” Clear out anything that is not serving you, and wrap up old project that you wish to no longer address. Thursday is much like Tuesday, and (again), we emphasize cleaning out and wrapping up. Friday is a feel good day, and some remarkable insights can come your way. Write it all down. The New Moon brings a fresh start, and this can be an incredible date night if you can get past an annoying glitch (or two). Saturday is full of glitches. Enjoy what you can and ignore the rest as much as you can. However, some key issue involving education or health (or both) may need to be addressed. This is a busy week, and it sets the stage for the new major cycle that begins with next week.


The Sun joins Jupiter tomorrow, and for many people this is one of the “luckiest” periods of the year. Aries feels this nearly as strongly as Libra, but for Cancer or Capricorn it may be a bit odd. Gemini, Aquarius, and Leo do well also, and we would add in Sagittarius except they are dealing with the twin presence of Mars (the “lesser malefic”) and Saturn (the “greater malefic”).
Some people may feel a “glitch” about 1:30 PM CDT but after that expect smooth sailing. With Mercury direct, the change of seasons past, and an “Opportunity Period” per Jim Shawvan, we think this is an excellent period to “get things done.” Stick to housecleaning chores due to a waning moon and know that you might find an important “lost object” (or opportunity) during this time. This is also an excellent time to obtain great deals on items you need to buy (but avoid buying some glitzy thing that will sit around unused).

Mars semisquare Black Moon Lilith creates a sense of “wildness” to this day (as well as the preceding Saturday and following Monday).  For some people, this is intensely passionate sex.  For sexually oriented businesses, this represents a turning point of some kind.  For others, it is just “weird.”  Chiron biquintile Hygeia can lead to amazing breakthroughs in healthcare (think pharmaceuticals, stem cell therapy, and similar).  Jupiter quincunx Ceres tells us that diets started at this time may encounter difficulties and need to be modified or restarted later or both.

Your Birthday Today: For Libras born between September 21st and October 1st, inclusive, this may be one of the “luckiest” years of your life. If you can avoid over-drinking (alcohol or the use of other mood altering drugs), over-eating, or over-eating, this may be one of the best years of your life. Since, at times, you will encounter some difficulties “getting things done,” you will need this “luck.” Also be careful to avoid unproductive tantrums and outbursts of temper from yourself or others.  You may have a powerful sexual experience or relationship this year.


Sun joins Jupiter today, and we would expect “things” to go well. Pluto stations direct, and this is a bit like the Mercury direct station for Police, Military, and Intelligence agencies: it causes a shakeup. Shakeups likely come to the financial markets as well since Pluto routinely affects them, particularly if changes to the tax laws are announced or companies announce that they have made an “error in their bookkeeping.”

Today has two outer planet / asteroid biquintiles and two outer planet / asteroid noviles.  The ideas flowing to you will be  nothing short of amazing.  Capture all that you can.  Uranus squares Vesta, and surprises and new ideas disrupt traditions (yet another marker that we think signals a reset or “adjustment” in the financial markets).  Expect the unexpected today.

Your Birthday Today:
As we mentioned yesterday, this is a powerful year for you. Finances may be VERY strange for you. Chances are good for large amounts of money to both “come in” and “go out.” Try to save SOME of it if at all possible. You will need it for some rainy day. If you are police, military, or a member of an intelligence agency, do not be surprised if you change employers this year, or at least change positions within your current employer.


Sunday and Monday’s “good luck” vanishes with Mars’ entry into Capricorn. This is unpleasant for many people, but Sagittarius tends to breath a sigh of relief (unless the particular Sagittarian has Capricorn planets, as many do). The Moon is void most of the day, from about 4 AM CDT until about 5 PM CDT. Stick to routine, and expect the typical waning Moon type of Moon v/c. (This is VERY good for breaking bad habits or “weaning” someone or something off of something else (or someone else).) The Moon’s trine to Mars after it enters Capricorn brightens spirits a little, and this is an excellent time for vigorous exercise.

Neptune makes (quad-undecile?) aspects to both Astraea (law, lawyers, and legal system) and Hygeia (health, healthcare, and healthcare providers) on this date.  The Undecile aspects are “Eleventh Harmonic” (aka “11th Harmonic”) and not well understood at this time.  My guess is that they provide a “gateway” of insights into the future similar to the novile series (which often bring us new skills that are subtle but change our lives).  That happens on this date; something powerful and important happens on this mostly v/c day.  We can easily miss just how powerful and important it is.  (Think of it as a bit like a “reverse void”: we shrug off or ignore something as “nothing will come of this” but it turns out to be extraordinarily important.)  Alice Portman write about it “some” on this page.  We also like the entry at Tribe which states this:

“Comprising the eleventh harmonic,wherein the 360 degree circle is divided by eleven and then multiplied, this group of astrological aspects consists of the waxing undecile with an angular value of 32’44, the waxing biundecile of 65’27,the waxing triundecile of 98’11, the waxing quadriundecile of 130’55….[emphasis added]”   We will not duplicate the entire analysis here (that would likely violate copyright!) but do add this important quote from the same source: “If earthly law is a reflection of higher spiritual law, perhaps these eleventh harmonic aspects symbolize a karmic “reorganization of debt” in the form of Divine Grace,mercy,compassion when one is staggering under the load of his burdens of fate,provided,however,that one “petitions the spiritual court” through sincere prayer. ”

For some people, this is an important day in terms of “justice” of some kind.

Hygeia and Astraea are both in the final “fated” degrees of Libra today, so the events that happen will have a “fated” feel to them.  A shakeup is coming regarding healthcare and legal systems.

Mercury biquintile Uranus makes this an extremely important day for writers, inventors, and other brainiacs.  Capture every fleeting idea, no matter how “crazy” it seems now.  If you bacteria culture dies because of the mold that contaminated the petri dish, you want to be the guy who “gets it” and “invents” penicillin (which Fleming did with the penicillin mold in his cultures).  “Mistakes” today can become brilliant insights or inventions!

Your Birthday Today:
You will also have much of the same good luck as the other Librans, but you will find it by cleaning out and discarding items that are no longer needed. In this process, you can find items (or ideas) that are particularly powerful. “Lean out” your lifestyle and you can prosper. Save as much money as you can. You will encounter surprises. Do not take them too seriously. But do consider persisting with a new exercise regimen. THAT will be worth it!


Frankly, this is a “nose to the grindstone” kind of day that is about “getting the work done.” People can be heartless on this day; avoid being one of those if you can. A mutable T-Square similar to the one in late June of 2016 influences the day, and issues from that time earlier this year may re-surface. You have the ability to deal with them and, if you wish, to end them. If your desire is to end some situation lingering from late June, then do it today and close out every aspect of it you can.

Vesta triseptile Pallas tells of karma involving traditions and brilliant ideas.  Sun is triseptile Neptune, and Mercury is biseptile Mars!  Triseptiles dominate this day!

We have learned of an additional interpretation: the triseptile can be a window into the future similar to the quintile (brilliant ideas) and novile (subtle insights).  Alice Portman describes septiles as a “wisdom aspect” associated with science, religion, and metaphysical arts such as astrology.  Today is a day where you can have a powerful insight by examining your traditions and rituals or those of people around you.  Being a cultural anthropologist, at least temporarily, can pay off today.

Your Birthday Today:
Hard work pays off this year. Be alert for opportunities, seize them, and work to “make your luck.” The gifts you are given will not blossom without hard work. That is extra important for you this year. Make certain that you, and not someone else, reaps the benefits. If someone else is reaping the benefits of your work, then maybe it is time to change jobs or start your own business.  Look at the traditions that bind you; some of them may need to be dropped in favor of new traditions.


The Moon is void all day, starting about 5 AM CDT. A waning void Virgo moon is excellent for housecleaning and discarding unneeded items. It is also good for ending situations that no longer serve you. Similar to Tuesday, make certain that you completely end it and “wrap things up.” The New Moon will bring you new opportunities and likely new people. But you will not have room for them until you finish what is at hand.

Astraea (law and legal systems) and Hygeia (health and healthcare systems) both entire Scorpio today; we all feel a “shift” in these areas and look back to our insights on Tuesday.  Do note that both of these are in the “too early to tell” period (of the first three degrees of a sign), so be careful about taking action today.

Venus sesquiquadrate Chiron amplifies the urgency regarding healthcare or educational issues (or both).

Your Birthday Today:
Our advice is almost exactly the same as Tuesday: you will also have much of the same good luck as the other Librans, but you will find it by cleaning out and discarding items that are no longer needed. In this process, you can find items (or ideas) that are particularly powerful. “Lean out” your lifestyle and you can prosper. Save as much money as you can. You will encounter surprises. Do not take them too seriously.

For today, we add that you need to focus on communications and transportation and healthcare or educational issues. If you desire to write for a living, this is the year to start that career. Make certain to backup your computers; chances are good you will have some glitches at critical times.


The Moon conjoins Jupiter near Noon CDT, and this is a VERY old Moon. Some of us become a bit “psychic” at this time. If you already have “the gift,” then it will be MASSIVELY amplified at this time and on this day. Make certain to write down what comes to you, even the most fleeting and odd of images. For those anticipating Nanowrimo in November, we suggest you sketch out your characters and plot (at a minimum) at this time if you have not already done so. If you HAVE already done so, then develop it more fully. (Since this is a waning moon, you may have to revise. We STILL recommend you capture these important ideas!)

Sun conjoins Moon (New Moon) about 7 PM CDT and this is a GREAT date night! Some of you will go out on a first date with your life partner tonight. Others may not marry this person but will have a particularly memorable experience. Take pictures, make video, and enjoy it as much as you can.

Venus trines Neptune tomorrow, and we already feel it. That means we CAN be fooled, so do not rush into things just because you think this is “the one.” (They might BE the one, but you will find out more later and will have to consider carefully whether or not to proceed. So, do not OVER-commit on this occasion!)
Most people will have a happy evening, but a glitch might occur about 10:30 PM CDT. (“We told you so.”) Move past it, do not let it ruin your evening, and have fun anyway!

Hygeia and Astraea conjoin today, and the issue involving these two “comes to a head.”  Uranus triundecile recently direct Pluto massively amplifies the importance of the issue and the insights gained from the dispute.  Jupiter sesquiqudrate Pallas produces an undeniable sense of urgency.  It must be solved NOW!  Mars binovile Chiron brings insights; Mars trine Ceres raises issues regarding prosperity (or diet or food supply).  It is a complex and important day with more messages than any single person can enjoy.  And, for many, it is a turning point.

Your Birthday Today:
This might be the best year of your life; it will certainly be one of them. Major new starts come to some, likely most, of you. Some things might seem “too good to be true” and are just that, but mostly you will have an incredible year. Remember to save some of that money! (And, this is THE year to launch that major project, maybe a new business or marriage.)


Read yesterday. However, more glitches occur as we begin to feel (1) Sun quincunx Neptune and (2) Mercury quincunx Uranus; both of these perfect on Sunday. But, you will feel both of them a little on Friday and much more so today. Glitches occur, so take things carefully.

Venus trine Neptune is both the “ultimate feel good aspect” and the “too good to be true aspect.” Have a fun time but do not make any major purchases and do not sign any contracts.

Mercury opposes Chiron. Either educational or healthcare or both sets of issues arise, and chances are good this involves something that happened during Mercury Retrograde in September. You have to deal with it now. Wrap it up and move forward if at all possible.

Neptune sesquiquadrate Vesta brings both confusion and a sense of urgency regarding our traditions and routines today.  Parades are rained out; similar kinds of things happen to other events.

Your Birthday Today:
Keep a journal because this will be one of the oddest years of your life. Some good things, the best of things, are coming your way, and some of the most annoying people or events or both will grace your doorstep as well. Write it all down. If nothing else, it will be an amazing story but it might become the basis of an amazing novel, a bestseller. Track it all. Expect glitches, and just remember that they are part of the story.

2016-09 W39: Forecasts for Week 39 of 2016

2016-09 W39: Forecasts for Week 39 of 2016


We have a busy week this week.  Depending on your time zone, Mercury stations direct on either the 21st or 22nd (but we feel the station all week long, and probably felt it last week).  In most time zones, the Autumnal Equinox (aka “first day of Fall”) is the 22nd.  By themselves, those two signal major shifts.

Sunday, Venus opposes Uranus, and that would be enough, by itself, to make the day “interesting.”  The Moon joins that mix, joining Uranus and opposing Venus.  What could that mean?  Septile aspects abound, some of them outer planet, and we feel massive “karma.”  Monday the Moon has two quincunxes that some people MIGHT call a yod.  If so, a decision is at hand, probably a minor one that Mercury forces us to revisit later.  A sesquiquadrate gives us a sense of urgency, and noviles provide us with fleeting lessons or insights that will be important later.  Jim Shawvan identifies an “Opportunity Period” Monday / Tuesday, but we think it is a “tricky” one given Mercury and the impending change of seasons.  Wednesday seems nearly quiet but we might receive an important insight regarding how we treat our Martians (police and military).  Maybe they need a little better care!  Mercury stations Direct Wednesday or Thursday, and the stations are ALWAYS a time to pause and re-evaluate.  The change of seasons is Thursday for most, another signal for a PAUSE to re-evaluate!  Friday Mercury Trine Pluto tells us to STOP PAUSING and START MOVING even though Mercury is still a bit uncertain.  Mis-steps can happen, but we push forward anyway.  Venus moves to Scorpio, and sex and secrets dominate some of us.  Others are forced to deal with “healing our traditions,” a bit of an odd task for some.  Saturday brings a curious mix of powerful insights along with an important need to help others.  A kind word to someone today can make a huge difference.  (Like the difference between whether they shoot someone or not!)


Sunday is complex and busy.  Mercury is retrograde, but we “feel” the direct station coming, and that causes us to have an important need to double check everything.  Computers and cell phones and cars and motorcycles are at risk of failure or needed maintenance all week long.  Do not be surprised if you see important “patches” come out from major computer vendors during this window.  GLBT people can truly prosper at this time, and new romances for them can blossom.  Others see a window for financial windfalls or improved health.  Starting an exercise reigmen at this time can be wise even if you need to “re-do” it several times.  Test your “New Years Resolutions” now to see what works and what does not.  Opportunities come; the wise will seize them.

Give back, give back, GIVE BACK!  We cannot emphasize this strongly enough this week.  Do it anonymously without thought of future compensation.  Do so, and you will likely receive an odd “gift” that seems totally unrelated but turns out to be very worthwhile.

Your Birthday Today: Expect the unexpected this year.  Chances are good you will receive a windfall; remember to be generous to others who are not so fortunate!


The day is mostly a good one if you skip past the minor glitch that occurs in the early morning and the other minor glitch that occurs in the evening.  You can do this, right?  An offer looks attractive, and you feel an urge to push forward.  Do realize that not everything is as it seems.  Even so, the deal is a good one and you should pursue it anyway.  A Mercury / Venus novile gives us a fleeting insight that can lead to an important skill later.  Two additional noviles occur; some of the ideas are nothing short of “wild.”  Capture it, write it down or draw it; you will need it later.

Please do understand that some of these idea may involve “breaking” or “violating” traditions of some kind.  Some may be offensive to some people.  In any case, they are very powerful, and chances are good that most people will find the insights that come to them to be worthwhile even if they are “risky” (maybe even risque).

Your Birthday Today:  This is an adventurous year, and you may learn some of the most important lessons or skills this year that you ever learn.  Keep a journal and write or diagram or draw your best ideas.  Even keep your bad ideas.  This is a good year for some people to go back to school.


Chances are good that you will face an important decision this evening, and the two alternatives look remarkably similar in some ways.  Both are sexy, but one might be more about love.  Others see a choice between money and power.  Whatever you choose, you MUST lock it in before 10:30 PM CDT.  Do understand, also, that your choice will need to be revisited later this week, and maybe at other points in the future, for a bit of “care and feeding.”  Chances are good that you will feel a sense of urgency today, and you SHOULD.  Do the work, and you will find the results you receive are worthwhile.

Your Birthday Today: Similar to yesterday, chances are good that you will receive a windfall this year.  And you will face an important choice.  This could be regarding a future mate, or it could involve a choice between power and money.  Whatever you choose, you will have to work for the result.  Persistence will be essential, and chances are good that you will have the stamina to do what needs to be done.


All bets are off.  The Mercury Direct Station is at hand, and we cannot quite predict what will happen for you.  We can say that today and tomorrow will be a very good time for most people to pause and reflect.  Computers and electronics and vehicles break or signal that they need maintenance.  Take care of that first.  Everything else can wait, and if you do not take care of these matters you will regret it.Wednesday

Practical ideas about how to solve important problems arrive.  A sense of urgency is present to take care of both legal matters and matters involving healthcare.  These, too, must be addressed.

Your Birthday Today:  This year you must buckle down and “get to work.”  Stick to practical matters and taking care of the essentials.  This is an important year for you to “lay a foundation.”  Take care of business, and you will find it takes care of you.


(1) Re-read yesterday.  All of it still applies.

(2) BUT, if you have neglected anything, the “intensity” ramps up.  Ignored matters simply cannot wait any longer.  Some things / people shut down.  Avert disaster by being as utterly diligent as you can be.

Your Birthday Today: Read Yesterday’s birthday.  It applies to you also.


Shakeups continue, but “things” start to “get better” as the day progresses.  Healthcare issues pop up for some people, but they can be addressed and resolved.  You may have to take a particularly hard look at your daily routine.  What do you need to be doing differently?

Secrets and sex become important.  This could be secrets about sex.  Hidden relationships happen.  Some people find lost objects; other people lose objects at this time.  Be the former, and not the latter, if you can.  Pay attention!

Almost certainly you will need to re-visit some important point or issue from earlier this week or last week.  Chances are good that you can resolve the problem.  This could have something to do with an opportunity that emerged on Sunday or Monday.

Your Birthday Today:  Things are a bit rough, but they get better.  You may be tempted by a “secret” relationship, a sexual one.  Whether or not that is “good” depends on what else is going on in your life.  In some cases, it can be great.  In others, it is a disaster.  Be wise about this.  Money can come in the form of unexpected windfalls, but some work, possibly hard work, may be required.  You can do it if you really want it.


Snake oil salesmen do well today.  If you are NOT one of those, then be careful regarding “opportunities” you hear about today.  They will tend to be bogus.  That said, you can obtain some rather brilliant ideas, maybe even from the “snake oil salesman.”  If so, just make certain you are extra careful about who you go into business with; waiting a day or a week could be a very good idea.

Creatives have a strong day today.  Bright ideas come to inventors, and they might lead to a patent.  The rest of us should write down what we think about; we could obtain an important advantage from the ideas.

Your Birthday Today:  Be careful about what you hear this year.  Good ideas will come to you; research them and find alternative vendors for the products.  Do not buy them just because you receive a flier in your mail or email.  Check elsewhere.  Keep notes; you will have good ideas.

2016-09 W38: Forecasts for Week 38 of 2016

2016-09 W38: Forecasts for Week 38 of 2016


The Full Moon of September 16th, a Lunar Appulse Eclipse that corresponds to the Full Moon of August 18th, dominates the week along with Jupiter’s entry into Libra last week and perfection of Saturn square Neptune last week.  Monday, Retrograde Mercury squares Mars, something that happens a number of times this year, and tempers fly and rage leads to unfortunate events and violence.  Tuesday, the annual Sun square Mars aspects amplifies problems with rage and violence.  Wednesday, septiles bring us more issues of “karma,” continuing from last week.  Mars square Chiron on Thursday brings more heartache in the educational realm, healthcare, or both.  Venus Novile the North Node on Friday can bring us an insight or lesson, if we are paying attention.  Saturday Mars trines Uranus, bringing oddball accidents that somehow ultimately benefit us.  It is a tough week.


Venus square Pluto provides GREAT SEX for some on Saturday of last week or Sunday of this week or both.  Some remarkable romances will start at this time.  The rest of us better check our pocketbooks because finances can go sour.  Be on top of your finances, and you might can turn this situation to your advantage.

Your birthday today: this year is all about love and sex and romance or it is about money and finances.  Or, it could be all of the above.  Marriages formed this year can be very powerful.


Watch your temper, and today can be a great day.  You will likely have energy, maybe too much energy, and you need to focus it on capturing those great creative ideas that come your way.

Today can be nothing short of brilliant for creatives, especially photographers and movie makers.  Poets and songwriters also do equally well.  Do not become sidetracked by annoying but ultimately minor issues.  Endeavor to persevere.

Your birthday today: If you are a creative, this can be your best year yet, maybe your best year ever.  If you are not a creative, this is your chance to consider becoming one.  Watch your temper and focus your energies.


The temptation for rage continues today.  Accidents and explosions can happen.  The maxim today is “safety first.”  Athletes and other martians (police, military, and intelligence agencies) can do very well today.  Some people in the legal system (lawyers and judges) can do very well today as long as they do not have a significant karmic debt to take care of.

Your birthday today: You can have a huge amount of energy this year and accomplish much as long as you can control your temper.  Pay off all your karmic debts, and you can bring to fruition some brilliant ideas.


Once again, we have a day that is all about “karma,” and some people have an amazingly painful day today.  Do something to help someone less fortunate than yourself anonymously and without any expectation of return.

Your birthday today: help others this year anonymously without any expectation of return.  This may not bring you money or financial rewards, but you might look back upon this year as the best of your life.


People in healthcare make errors, and their attempts to cover up the mistakes are revealed in open court.  Some people go to jail for this, and others go bankrupt.  If  you are a student, then do not cheat on tests.  That is dangerous behavior today.  Find a different way.

The Full Moon is near, and it happens tomorrow.  People are a bit scattered and strange.  Look back at what you were, or were not, doing on August 18th and September 1st.  The lessons learned, or not, may prove important now.  Breakthroughs happen in a number of fields including martians (police, military, intelligence agencies), healthcare, and computers / electrical engineering.

Your birthday today: this is a year for you to build, whatever it is you build.  You will have breakthrough ideas and can accomplish much this year.  Avoid lying / cheating / deception; those will undo all your hard work.


The Full Moon, and another lunar eclipse similar to the one of August 18th, perfects today.  Mars novile Black Moon Lilith at least brings out the wild side in almost everyone, and sex can be unusually intense and (!) insightful (!).  Uranus opposes Astraea and lawyers and the court system have problems.  Best for them to take a vacation today.

Your birthday today: this may be the year of your most intense romance ever.  Even if it does not last, you will never forget it.  It will change you forever, and it could become the basis of a novel or other creative work.  Avoid breaking the law or becoming involved with the legal system unless that is what you already do for your career.  This is a big year for you, and you will be a different person a year from now.


We clean up from yesterday, and health care issues come to the forefront for almost everyone in some way.  Even if you are young and fit, someone important and close to you may be ill.  The possibility exists it could be something even bigger, such as the outbreak of a dread disease.  (We hope we are wrong.)

The healthcare issues today will provide important lessons and certain people will develop important skills.  Pay attention!

Your birthday today:  If you ever thought about working in the healthcare field, this is the year for you to make the shift.  If you already work there, then this is the time for a promotion or education that elevates you to a higher position.  If you have been at it for many years and are tired of it, then consider retirement.  This is a good year for that also.  In all other cases, this is the year you can make changes to improve your health or help someone close to you to improve theirs.

2016-09 W37: Forecasts for Week 37 of 2016

2016-09 W37: Forecasts for Week 37 of 2016


Sunday is an uber “karmic” day for some, likely many, people, and you need to “get your act together” regarding either school or healthcare issues or both.  Make certain all your records are in order.  It is important.

In fact, “Karma” dominates all of the week as does the upcoming Saturn square Neptune aspect that perfects on Saturday.  Much of this week is about “reality,” and the first few days (Monday through Wednesday) present a special opportunity and are the most productive days.  Monday brings important insights, and we recommend that you open a savings account or make some move to prepare for a “rainy day” some time later this year or next year.  Tuesday it is important to help someone, but you must be very careful “who” you “help” and “how” you “help.”  Discretion is critically important.  Wednesday tends to be messy with a bit of confusion but some will see opportunities.

Thursday or Friday some people have exams, and if you had not started preparing by Sunday of this week chances are good that you may have a disaster on your hands.  You simply cannot wait until the last minute and be successful this time.  Both of these days are especially problematic, and unrealistic expectations lead to significant pain.  Those who are not students likely wrestle with healthcare issues.  Saturday we face a reckoning about what direct our life should head.


Sun joins the North Node (Rahu) today (both in Virgo) near 10 AM CDT (8 AM PDT / 11 AM EDT) and we experience a bit of karma.  Since school is starting in earnest, we suspect that the “karma” has something to do with the school system for many people and healthcare (or possibly financial) issues for the rest.  Recordkeeping can be a BIG issue at this time, and with Mercury having recently moved retrograde we expect some people to experience a bit of angst related to lost or misplaced records.  If you are meticulous, then you will likely be strong at this time.  Venus BiSeptile Uranus emphasizes the karmic aspect of today, and issues regarding former romantic ties (ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend, ex-wife, ex-husband) will also tend to surface today (or possibly Saturday / Monday).  Taking “the easy way out” and “doing what you have always done” is NOT the right move today.  Make certain you are doing the “right thing,” and if that means doing something difficult or unpleasant then this is the day to do it.

Moon moves v/c after 7:30 PM CDT, so get everything done that you can before then and rest and relax after that.

Your birthday today: the next year is a year of reckoning for you.  If you have done evil it will tend to surface, and if you have helped others that will also surface.  Keeping secrets is tough this year.  This is a year where you can, and should, make an important though difficult change (quit smoking, quit drinking, change jobs, etc.).


Today is a strange but important day.  Moon enters Scorpio circa 7:30 AM CDT and emotions become intense.  Jim Shawvan also claims an “Opportunity Period” for this day through Wednesday evening.  The moon does not seem particularly active today, but we have Jupiter BiQuintile Ceres and Saturn BiQuintile Vesta.  Both bring genius level sparks of insight that, oddly, have to do with being very prudent and sticking with traditions.  You might consider opening a savings account today and stocking with as much money as you can.  And you might see certain things about old traditions that you had not seen before.  Write down your insights from this date; they will fleeting and you do not want them to escape.

Your birthday today: this is a year for you for genius level insights regarding rather ordinary matters.  Keep a journal and write down even the “silliest” of your creative ideas.  Be careful not to betray anyone; keeping trusts and confidences is extremely important this year.  On the flip side, be very careful who you trust.  Keeping your secrets closely held and unrevealed is a good idea this year.


Today is full of odd paradoxes.  Helping people, in general, is a good idea, but you have to be careful who you “help” and what you do to “help.”  If you “help” a criminal to victimize someone, then that is a very bad idea today.  If you help someone who has been victimized to obtain justice, then that might be a very good idea.  In the end, you have to use your own judgment, and please do keep in mind that today is very “karmic.”  Some people will see, and harness, an amazing opportunity, perhaps making a fortune today.

Your birthday today:  Read Monday and add in the idea that a big dose of “karma” is working in your life this year.  Keeping that in mind, and being careful who you “help” and trust this year, a HUGE financial windfall can come your way.  This is not necessarily in the form of money; it may come in terms of a new career or upgrade of some kind.  Make your move this year.


The window of the last few days, involving an odd mix of karma and possibly financial windfalls for some, closes today.  Venus quincunx Neptune, coupled with an ongoing Mercury Retrograde, brings misunderstandings, confusion, problems involving alcohol or mood altering drugs, vehicle accidents, and messy situations to some people.  Again, others will see “opportunity” in these situations.  A few people will have genius level insights (Jupiter biquintile Pallas), especially martians (police, military, intelligence agencies, etc.).

Your birthday today: Read the past two days and add this: watch for confusing situations and deception.  Wishful thinking simply will not work well for you this year.  You can have some brilliant ideas, but you must WORK to make them bring you prosperity.  You can choose to do this, and we encourage just that.


Moon in Sagittarius activates both Mars and Saturn and “all bets are off” for most people.  Sagittarians really must watch their temper today.  Focus that energy to get things done.  The day is also unpleasant for other mutables: Gemini, Virgo, and Pisces.  Venus semi-sextile North Node (Rahu) continues this week’s them of karma, and Saturn BiSeptile Chiron raises karmic issues involving healthcare, education, or both.

Jupiter is void today, and last minute preparations for exams fail for students.  Problems with the legal system and / or long distance travel (the air travel industry; cruise lines) surface.  If any of these apply to you, then today may be very tough.

If you are in school and have one or more exams today or tomorrow then it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you be well prepared for these.  You should have started preparing no later than Sunday of this week.  And if you are NOT in school, then make certain you are “on top of” your health and healthcare issues.

Your birthday today:  If you can control and focus your temper, then you can accomplish much this year.  But, you must control your temper.  Education and healthcare are important issues for you this year.  If you work in any aspect of either you can make HUGE progress in your career this year, but some of you may find it necessary to either change jobs or go back to school or both.  Oddly, when your birthday comes around next year certain major issues are likely to remain open and in need of “closure.”


Jupiter moves into Libra and everything changes.  In many cases the change is so subtle that you do not notice it.  But you will notice it by the time Mercury goes direct / the change of seasons later this month.  Some of you will look back and see that today was a particularly important day regarding school, legal matters, or long distance travel.  If you are a Sagittarian then today can be a particularly important turning point.

Mercury quincunx Uranus means problems with transportation and communications arise.  Accidents during rush hour become more likely.  Stay out of it if you can; leave either earlier or later.  And this may lead some of you to have strange or “bad” ideas that really do not work well.  But, you need to write them down anyway.

Later, after Mercury is direct, more information will come to you and you can see the flaws in these “bad ideas.”  You will also see how to transform them into brilliant ideas.  But if you do not write them down today, if you do not make a record of them, then chances are good that the seed for your good idea later will be lost forever.  When the seed is lost, the good idea is lost with it.

Your birthday today: This year represents a HUGE shift for you in one or more of the following areas: (1) higher education; (2) law or legal matters; or (3) foreign travel or foreign relations.  You will have some ideas for projects that “crash and burn,” but if you learn the lessons you can develop some amazing projects later.  A paradoxical combination of recognizing opportunity along with persistence will be necessary.  Keep a journal.


Many, maybe most, of us will be glad to see this week come to a close.  Even the brightest, most hard-working, and well-intentioned of us will have a few tough moments this week.

We would like say today is “easy” but Saturn square Neptune perfects again today.  Reality and dreams collide, and we may wonder if our most important dreams will EVER come to fruition.  Mercury opposes Chiron, and some people’s hopes are dashed in areas involving education, healthcare, or both.

A painful and shocking event will touch the lives of a fair number of people today.  Pull out your journal and write about it.  You will need those words later.

A few people working in the healthcare field will have breakthrough ideas, particularly regarding how procedures are done such as surgical procedures.

Your birthday today: you will wrestle with the issues of your dreams versus “reality” all year long.  The best way to handle this is to focus on developing your skills, especially if you are a healthcare professional.  Stay grounded!  Develop the skills you need to make your dreams happen!  Work through any old painful issues this year and clear them away so that you can “get on with your life.”

2016-08 W36: Forecasts for Week 36 of 2016

2016-08 W36: Forecasts for Week 36 of 2016


August ends this week and September begins.  Labor Day has not yet arrived, yet we more fully feel that Summer is over.  Sunday is mostly quiet though we do have the karmic Venus triseptile Uranus.  Venus also forms a quintile to Saturn, and brilliant insights can be had about practical matters.  The Moon is waning and headed toward the New Moon on Saturday.  Monday Venus enters Libra, and relationships become particularly important.  If we had wild sex last week with someone new, then it is time to make a decision whether or not we are willing to publicly acknowledge that romance.  Mars squares the North Node, and karma is in play (meaning we will reap what we have sewn).  Mercury joins Venus, and chatter about relationships and romance are amplified.  Mercury finally makes the Retrograde station on Tuesday, and we have been feeling that for the past few weeks but especially this week.  Sun sesquiquadrate Uranus on Wednesday brings surprises, maybe a broken or infected cell phone, tablet, or computer.  Thursday, September 1st, the Sun makes its annual square to Saturn, and we all feel like we had better “buckle down” and get to work.  We might feel a bit depressed about the “daily grind” we go through.  Friday the Sun opposes Neptune, and either we are home sick with something like ragweed allergies or we feel so low energy that we might as well be sick.  This day is best used to reading or writing poetry or photography or videography or something similar.  Retrograde Mercury joins Jupiter on Friday, and we have to review some important matter.  Saturday our ideas will not leave us alone, and we should write down what comes to us at this time.


Except for necessary homework or anything like that, you can “take the day off.”  And, you should.

That said, the Moon in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn and squares Uranus in Aries forming a cardinal T-Square that might be felt Saturday and might be felt Monday but is mostly something that affects today.  For most people, this is a “tempest in a teapot” and has no lasting effect.  Some people who are Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn will feel today as a “trigger point” day and this will be a turning point.  By turning point we mean that “the straw that breaks the Camel’s back” has fallen and an otherwise trivial event triggers something big.  This can also be true for anyone with a planet at 17 degrees (in aspect to Pluto) or 23 degrees (in aspect to Uranus) in their natal chart.  And if you have any kind of Venus / Uranus aspect in your natal chart (or are LGBT), then you might “feel” today a bit more strongly.

Some people will have breakthrough ideas about a practical matter. (Venus quintile Saturn) For creatives this might be a way to do your art that should have been obvious before but was not.  Today it becomes obvious, and that is a different kind of turning point for you than the one listed above (unless you are specifically in one of the groups mentioned).  This new method might actually involve doing LESS to achieve MORE.

Again, for everyone else it is a good day to ignore minor dramas and “take the day off” and rest and relax if you can.


We will restate what we have already said: “Monday Venus enters Libra, and relationships become particularly important.  If we had wild sex last week with someone new, then it is time to make a decision whether or not we are willing to publicly acknowledge that romance.  Mars squares the North Node, and karma is in play (meaning we will reap what we have sewn).  Mercury joins Venus, and chatter about relationships and romance are amplified.”

This is the day before the Mercury Retrograde Station, and if your cell phone, tablet, computer, automobile, boat, or plan has not already gone haywire, chances are good that it will today or in the next few days.  Double check everything and take nothing for granted.


Mercury stations retrograde, and many things seem to go haywire.  But Jim Shawvan identifies two “back to back” opportunity periods from Sunday through today, so you still might come across some powerful opportunity that you need to seize.  If so, then seize it.  This is likely to be a hidden opportunity in the form of something that is broken or misplaced or “odd.”  Change your thinking so you can see what needs to be seen and hear what needs to be heard.


Wednesday is strangely quiet, leaving us to wonder what the universe has in store for us.  Ceres moves retrograde.   People with eating disorders may have had setbacks by this point in time, but they can also learn from them and find what does, and does not, work.  The Moon is void until a bit past 10 AM CDT and moves into Virgo after that.  We should bring closure to what we can, given what Mercury Retrograde will allow us to accomplish before the New Moon tomorrow, a Solar Eclipse, slightly past 4 AM CDT.


As if the Mercury Retrograde station were not enough, we have a Solar Eclipse (and, therefore, a New Moon) in the early hours near 4 AM CDT.  Ships and other ocean going vessels may be able to see this eclipse at sunrise in the Atlantic Ocean.  This map shows the path of the eclipse.  A few hours after the eclipse, the Moon opposes Neptune and squares Saturn, activating a mutable T-Square (involving the ongoing Saturn / Neptune squares) and bringing attention to decisions and events made circa June 20th and several weeks earlier in August.

Sun squares Saturn, and we feel that we MUST get certain things done.  We may also feel a bit depressed with our daily grind.  Accomplishment on eclipse days can be difficult, but the results can also be rather long lasting.  And then there is tomorrow.


Sun opposes Neptune, and that makes today a sick day for many people, likely due to seasonal allergies such as ragweed allergy.  Mercury (retrograde) joins Jupiter, and we look back to Monday August 22nd to better understand how we came to be in the situation we now face.  Moon joins Mercury then Jupiter to emphasize this situation, arguably forming a Virgo Stellium.  The emphasis, now, is on hard work and details.  This is probably NOT a Friday to “take the afternoon off.”  Defer the “fun” and get to work.  You know what has to be done, so do it.

Today is VERY complex in terms of outer planet (generational) aspects, and this may be another day that you see as a “turning point” in hindsight.   Do something for someone less fortunate than yourself (with no expectation of recognition or any form of return).

Power struggles involving traditions and “how we have always done things” might emerge.


This is the Saturday of Labor Day Weekend, and you will be tempted to play.  Moon has moved into Libra, and you may need to spend some time with family or loved ones.

Athletes, police, and military (aka “martians”) are active today, but it is VERY messy for them.  If you are in one of these categories, then you need to re-think “how we have always done things.”  The saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t ‘fix’ it” does not apply well in situations where “it” is clearly “broke.”

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