2016-09 W38: Forecasts for Week 38 of 2016

2016-09 W38: Forecasts for Week 38 of 2016


The Full Moon of September 16th, a Lunar Appulse Eclipse that corresponds to the Full Moon of August 18th, dominates the week along with Jupiter’s entry into Libra last week and perfection of Saturn square Neptune last week.  Monday, Retrograde Mercury squares Mars, something that happens a number of times this year, and tempers fly and rage leads to unfortunate events and violence.  Tuesday, the annual Sun square Mars aspects amplifies problems with rage and violence.  Wednesday, septiles bring us more issues of “karma,” continuing from last week.  Mars square Chiron on Thursday brings more heartache in the educational realm, healthcare, or both.  Venus Novile the North Node on Friday can bring us an insight or lesson, if we are paying attention.  Saturday Mars trines Uranus, bringing oddball accidents that somehow ultimately benefit us.  It is a tough week.


Venus square Pluto provides GREAT SEX for some on Saturday of last week or Sunday of this week or both.  Some remarkable romances will start at this time.  The rest of us better check our pocketbooks because finances can go sour.  Be on top of your finances, and you might can turn this situation to your advantage.

Your birthday today: this year is all about love and sex and romance or it is about money and finances.  Or, it could be all of the above.  Marriages formed this year can be very powerful.


Watch your temper, and today can be a great day.  You will likely have energy, maybe too much energy, and you need to focus it on capturing those great creative ideas that come your way.

Today can be nothing short of brilliant for creatives, especially photographers and movie makers.  Poets and songwriters also do equally well.  Do not become sidetracked by annoying but ultimately minor issues.  Endeavor to persevere.

Your birthday today: If you are a creative, this can be your best year yet, maybe your best year ever.  If you are not a creative, this is your chance to consider becoming one.  Watch your temper and focus your energies.


The temptation for rage continues today.  Accidents and explosions can happen.  The maxim today is “safety first.”  Athletes and other martians (police, military, and intelligence agencies) can do very well today.  Some people in the legal system (lawyers and judges) can do very well today as long as they do not have a significant karmic debt to take care of.

Your birthday today: You can have a huge amount of energy this year and accomplish much as long as you can control your temper.  Pay off all your karmic debts, and you can bring to fruition some brilliant ideas.


Once again, we have a day that is all about “karma,” and some people have an amazingly painful day today.  Do something to help someone less fortunate than yourself anonymously and without any expectation of return.

Your birthday today: help others this year anonymously without any expectation of return.  This may not bring you money or financial rewards, but you might look back upon this year as the best of your life.


People in healthcare make errors, and their attempts to cover up the mistakes are revealed in open court.  Some people go to jail for this, and others go bankrupt.  If  you are a student, then do not cheat on tests.  That is dangerous behavior today.  Find a different way.

The Full Moon is near, and it happens tomorrow.  People are a bit scattered and strange.  Look back at what you were, or were not, doing on August 18th and September 1st.  The lessons learned, or not, may prove important now.  Breakthroughs happen in a number of fields including martians (police, military, intelligence agencies), healthcare, and computers / electrical engineering.

Your birthday today: this is a year for you to build, whatever it is you build.  You will have breakthrough ideas and can accomplish much this year.  Avoid lying / cheating / deception; those will undo all your hard work.


The Full Moon, and another lunar eclipse similar to the one of August 18th, perfects today.  Mars novile Black Moon Lilith at least brings out the wild side in almost everyone, and sex can be unusually intense and (!) insightful (!).  Uranus opposes Astraea and lawyers and the court system have problems.  Best for them to take a vacation today.

Your birthday today: this may be the year of your most intense romance ever.  Even if it does not last, you will never forget it.  It will change you forever, and it could become the basis of a novel or other creative work.  Avoid breaking the law or becoming involved with the legal system unless that is what you already do for your career.  This is a big year for you, and you will be a different person a year from now.


We clean up from yesterday, and health care issues come to the forefront for almost everyone in some way.  Even if you are young and fit, someone important and close to you may be ill.  The possibility exists it could be something even bigger, such as the outbreak of a dread disease.  (We hope we are wrong.)

The healthcare issues today will provide important lessons and certain people will develop important skills.  Pay attention!

Your birthday today:  If you ever thought about working in the healthcare field, this is the year for you to make the shift.  If you already work there, then this is the time for a promotion or education that elevates you to a higher position.  If you have been at it for many years and are tired of it, then consider retirement.  This is a good year for that also.  In all other cases, this is the year you can make changes to improve your health or help someone close to you to improve theirs.

2016-09 W37: Forecasts for Week 37 of 2016

2016-09 W37: Forecasts for Week 37 of 2016


Sunday is an uber “karmic” day for some, likely many, people, and you need to “get your act together” regarding either school or healthcare issues or both.  Make certain all your records are in order.  It is important.

In fact, “Karma” dominates all of the week as does the upcoming Saturn square Neptune aspect that perfects on Saturday.  Much of this week is about “reality,” and the first few days (Monday through Wednesday) present a special opportunity and are the most productive days.  Monday brings important insights, and we recommend that you open a savings account or make some move to prepare for a “rainy day” some time later this year or next year.  Tuesday it is important to help someone, but you must be very careful “who” you “help” and “how” you “help.”  Discretion is critically important.  Wednesday tends to be messy with a bit of confusion but some will see opportunities.

Thursday or Friday some people have exams, and if you had not started preparing by Sunday of this week chances are good that you may have a disaster on your hands.  You simply cannot wait until the last minute and be successful this time.  Both of these days are especially problematic, and unrealistic expectations lead to significant pain.  Those who are not students likely wrestle with healthcare issues.  Saturday we face a reckoning about what direct our life should head.


Sun joins the North Node (Rahu) today (both in Virgo) near 10 AM CDT (8 AM PDT / 11 AM EDT) and we experience a bit of karma.  Since school is starting in earnest, we suspect that the “karma” has something to do with the school system for many people and healthcare (or possibly financial) issues for the rest.  Recordkeeping can be a BIG issue at this time, and with Mercury having recently moved retrograde we expect some people to experience a bit of angst related to lost or misplaced records.  If you are meticulous, then you will likely be strong at this time.  Venus BiSeptile Uranus emphasizes the karmic aspect of today, and issues regarding former romantic ties (ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend, ex-wife, ex-husband) will also tend to surface today (or possibly Saturday / Monday).  Taking “the easy way out” and “doing what you have always done” is NOT the right move today.  Make certain you are doing the “right thing,” and if that means doing something difficult or unpleasant then this is the day to do it.

Moon moves v/c after 7:30 PM CDT, so get everything done that you can before then and rest and relax after that.

Your birthday today: the next year is a year of reckoning for you.  If you have done evil it will tend to surface, and if you have helped others that will also surface.  Keeping secrets is tough this year.  This is a year where you can, and should, make an important though difficult change (quit smoking, quit drinking, change jobs, etc.).


Today is a strange but important day.  Moon enters Scorpio circa 7:30 AM CDT and emotions become intense.  Jim Shawvan also claims an “Opportunity Period” for this day through Wednesday evening.  The moon does not seem particularly active today, but we have Jupiter BiQuintile Ceres and Saturn BiQuintile Vesta.  Both bring genius level sparks of insight that, oddly, have to do with being very prudent and sticking with traditions.  You might consider opening a savings account today and stocking with as much money as you can.  And you might see certain things about old traditions that you had not seen before.  Write down your insights from this date; they will fleeting and you do not want them to escape.

Your birthday today: this is a year for you for genius level insights regarding rather ordinary matters.  Keep a journal and write down even the “silliest” of your creative ideas.  Be careful not to betray anyone; keeping trusts and confidences is extremely important this year.  On the flip side, be very careful who you trust.  Keeping your secrets closely held and unrevealed is a good idea this year.


Today is full of odd paradoxes.  Helping people, in general, is a good idea, but you have to be careful who you “help” and what you do to “help.”  If you “help” a criminal to victimize someone, then that is a very bad idea today.  If you help someone who has been victimized to obtain justice, then that might be a very good idea.  In the end, you have to use your own judgment, and please do keep in mind that today is very “karmic.”  Some people will see, and harness, an amazing opportunity, perhaps making a fortune today.

Your birthday today:  Read Monday and add in the idea that a big dose of “karma” is working in your life this year.  Keeping that in mind, and being careful who you “help” and trust this year, a HUGE financial windfall can come your way.  This is not necessarily in the form of money; it may come in terms of a new career or upgrade of some kind.  Make your move this year.


The window of the last few days, involving an odd mix of karma and possibly financial windfalls for some, closes today.  Venus quincunx Neptune, coupled with an ongoing Mercury Retrograde, brings misunderstandings, confusion, problems involving alcohol or mood altering drugs, vehicle accidents, and messy situations to some people.  Again, others will see “opportunity” in these situations.  A few people will have genius level insights (Jupiter biquintile Pallas), especially martians (police, military, intelligence agencies, etc.).

Your birthday today: Read the past two days and add this: watch for confusing situations and deception.  Wishful thinking simply will not work well for you this year.  You can have some brilliant ideas, but you must WORK to make them bring you prosperity.  You can choose to do this, and we encourage just that.


Moon in Sagittarius activates both Mars and Saturn and “all bets are off” for most people.  Sagittarians really must watch their temper today.  Focus that energy to get things done.  The day is also unpleasant for other mutables: Gemini, Virgo, and Pisces.  Venus semi-sextile North Node (Rahu) continues this week’s them of karma, and Saturn BiSeptile Chiron raises karmic issues involving healthcare, education, or both.

Jupiter is void today, and last minute preparations for exams fail for students.  Problems with the legal system and / or long distance travel (the air travel industry; cruise lines) surface.  If any of these apply to you, then today may be very tough.

If you are in school and have one or more exams today or tomorrow then it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you be well prepared for these.  You should have started preparing no later than Sunday of this week.  And if you are NOT in school, then make certain you are “on top of” your health and healthcare issues.

Your birthday today:  If you can control and focus your temper, then you can accomplish much this year.  But, you must control your temper.  Education and healthcare are important issues for you this year.  If you work in any aspect of either you can make HUGE progress in your career this year, but some of you may find it necessary to either change jobs or go back to school or both.  Oddly, when your birthday comes around next year certain major issues are likely to remain open and in need of “closure.”


Jupiter moves into Libra and everything changes.  In many cases the change is so subtle that you do not notice it.  But you will notice it by the time Mercury goes direct / the change of seasons later this month.  Some of you will look back and see that today was a particularly important day regarding school, legal matters, or long distance travel.  If you are a Sagittarian then today can be a particularly important turning point.

Mercury quincunx Uranus means problems with transportation and communications arise.  Accidents during rush hour become more likely.  Stay out of it if you can; leave either earlier or later.  And this may lead some of you to have strange or “bad” ideas that really do not work well.  But, you need to write them down anyway.

Later, after Mercury is direct, more information will come to you and you can see the flaws in these “bad ideas.”  You will also see how to transform them into brilliant ideas.  But if you do not write them down today, if you do not make a record of them, then chances are good that the seed for your good idea later will be lost forever.  When the seed is lost, the good idea is lost with it.

Your birthday today: This year represents a HUGE shift for you in one or more of the following areas: (1) higher education; (2) law or legal matters; or (3) foreign travel or foreign relations.  You will have some ideas for projects that “crash and burn,” but if you learn the lessons you can develop some amazing projects later.  A paradoxical combination of recognizing opportunity along with persistence will be necessary.  Keep a journal.


Many, maybe most, of us will be glad to see this week come to a close.  Even the brightest, most hard-working, and well-intentioned of us will have a few tough moments this week.

We would like say today is “easy” but Saturn square Neptune perfects again today.  Reality and dreams collide, and we may wonder if our most important dreams will EVER come to fruition.  Mercury opposes Chiron, and some people’s hopes are dashed in areas involving education, healthcare, or both.

A painful and shocking event will touch the lives of a fair number of people today.  Pull out your journal and write about it.  You will need those words later.

A few people working in the healthcare field will have breakthrough ideas, particularly regarding how procedures are done such as surgical procedures.

Your birthday today: you will wrestle with the issues of your dreams versus “reality” all year long.  The best way to handle this is to focus on developing your skills, especially if you are a healthcare professional.  Stay grounded!  Develop the skills you need to make your dreams happen!  Work through any old painful issues this year and clear them away so that you can “get on with your life.”

2016-08 W33: Forecasts for Week 33 of 2016

2016-07 W33: Forecasts for Week 33 of 2016


The Moon continues to wax, and we can accomplish a few things this week.  But Sunday is best devoted to spiritual practices, music, poetry, photography, and similar pursuits.  And, even some of those may not work out the way you expect.  Monday is an odd day, and difficult to interpret, but karma is once again in play.  Help someone less fortunate than yourself.  Tuesday we reap what we have sewn.  Wednesday may have power struggles but we can learn beneficial and important lessons from them.  We make progress on Wednesday.  Thursday is odd, a bit like Monday except that we can have awakenings and insights.  Write down your ideas, even the most oddball ones.  Friday we encounter issues involving health, higher education, or both.  It is a very karmic, and maybe dangerous, day.  Saturday is incredibly busy with many things happening as Saturn moves Station Direct.  We feel the impending Saturn shift all week long, and it gives us a powerful and urgent feeling that we had better “get things done.”  Venus sesquiquadrate Uranus confirms that feeling that we “had better” get things done.  And, we had better.


Sun quincunx Pluto gives us unresolvable power struggles.  The immovable object meets the irresistible force.  But certain things can be accomplished today, and if you waste your time on the power struggles then you may lose those opportunities.  Try to be audience to these rather than participant.  Take pictures of it.  Make video of it.  Write poetry, music, and lyrics about it.  Just do not participate in it unless you want to lose the day and the opportunities.  Some people go to jail today (or early morning hours after too much drugs or alcohol), and their lives change forever.  We wish we could say it is a “good change,” but we cannot.  Stay out of that.

Uranus quadrinovile Astraea gives powerful insights about the legal and justice system and can lead to important new skills.  Given another septile (karma) today, you may want to “bail them out again.”  If you are in that role, an “enabler” role, you might have a chance to turn the tide in your own life if not theirs.  Today can be a turning point for you.  If you go the route of “I am not bailing them out again this time,” then you might regret it.  If at all possible, do not do anything to be recognized or take credit for helping someone.  That would backfire.  (Maybe you can send the bail money through an anonymous third party?)


The Moon turns void shortly before 1 PM CDT.  Accomplish what you can in the morning.  Today will find much busy work but little accomplishment.  The day seems odd and empty.  Saturn triseptile Vesta brings an odd and possibly harsh sense of karma to traditions, especially police and military traditions.  Helping an old or disabled veteran, anonymously and without thought or hope of return or recognition, is a good use of your time and money today.  In some ways, this is an astrological version of Veterans’ Day or Memorial Day.  Consider taking it off.


For better or worse, you will reap what you have sewn today, especially with your words and your travels.  A few people in healthcare or education (or both) will have brilliant insights and breakthroughs today.  Emotions run high, and people are easily wounded or offended.  To the best of your ability try to help rather than harm.  Harsh words can be particularly unwise.


We move from First Quarter to Second Quarter, and Jim Shawvan identifies a huge “Opportunity Period” today.  We agree.  Today brings an important gift to certain people, but those people have to be aware of what it is.  Pay attention.

Breakthrough ideas come today.  Write them down.  Draw them.  Email them to yourself or a friend.  Do what it takes to capture them.  They are important.  In the western half of North America, the Moon moves to void of course near midnight.


The moon remains v/c until half past Noon CDT.  The morning is good for intense cleaning out, and you might find important lost objects.  Today feels a bit like Monday, odd and empty and karmic.  Mars binovile North Node is karmic, and you reap what you have sewn.  But you also learn an important lesson and might develop an important new skill.  As we always say, and said yesterday, pay attention.  Write it down, draw it, tell a trusted friend, or email it to yourself.  It matters.


Jupiter (Virgo) opposes Chiron (Pisces), and today feels like yet another karmic day this week and this summer and this year.  They just never seem to “let up” do they?  The Moon square Venus (Virgo), joins Saturn (Sagittarius), and squares Neptune (Pisces).  Near midnight today or tomorrow the Moon also squares Mercury (Virgo).  A huge mutable T-Square, a version of the same one from last week and June 20th earlier this year, dominates today along with the perfection of Jupiter opposite Chiron.  Moon may be waning, but this is about completing and finishing old projects so you can move on to new ones.  Mercury Retrograde is not far away, so that is a very good day of your time today.

Do note that Moon becomes void of course at half past Noon when it squares Jupiter.  Moon square Jupiter tends to spend money on unnecessary purchases and favors sellers.  With a void moon, these purchases will likely not work as expected or may not work at all.

Moon moves into Capricorn slightly past 11 PM CDT.  You might have trouble sleeping tonight, but that is likely the best thing to attempt.


Venus opposes Neptune tomorrow, but many will feel its effects today.  People, places, and things are not as they seem.  You tend to rate them too favorably, and that particularly applies to those purchases that you made yesterday afternoon despite our warning.  Use this date and tomorrow for developing poetry, lyrics, music, photography, and video.  This is a superb day for such creative arts.

Saturn moves direct, and that dominates this day and this week.  As Venus squares Saturn many of us will use this (appropriately) as a work day.  As long as you are realistic in your objectives, you can accomplish much.  But, do keep in mind the warning about unrealistic expectations and people, places, and things not being what they seem.

This is a very complex day that we find difficult to interpret.  But you can come up with some brilliant ideas, again, that you should write down, draw, or email to yourself for future use.  Do make certain that you do this.  Find a way to capture the ideas.

2016-06 W24: Forecasts for Week 24 of 2016

2016-06 W24: Forecasts for Week 24 of 2016

June 2016 (Mars Out)

Week 24 (W24)

Sunday June 5th

By Noon the Moon is void and the remainder of the day is best spent as a day for rest and relaxation if that is possible.

Moon makes a quincunx to Pluto in the early morning hours (about 1 AM CDT) and another quincunx to Mars much later in the day (about 5:30 PM CDT).  We think this CAN be interpreted as a (VERY) loose Yod.  If that is true, then you will tend to face some kind of important decision today.  (And that kind of thing can be tricky during a Moon void-of-course.)

This is not a life and death decision, and you will likely have moved on to other things by the end of the summer, but it “seems important” right now.  This is particularly important if your birthday is today.  Other Gemini are likely to be affected also (favorably if their birthday is BEFORE today and unfavorably if it is AFTER today).  Scorpio and Capricorn are likely to be affected also.

Health issues may surface this afternoon, but they are mostly transitory and tend to affect Gemini and Pisces most.  Some people will have rather unpleasant encounters with law enforcement personnel.  (Maybe a good day to stay home and stay out of conflict.)

Monday June 6th

Sun conjoins Venus (both in Gemini), an annual event.  This is benevolent (usually) and particularly favors Gemini (and air signs Libra and Aquarius) but both are quincunx Pluto in Capricorn shortly past midnight CDT.  If you have Gemini / Capricorn in your natal chart this CAN be a very good day for you.  If that is true and today is your birthday then a BIG shift is happening for you.

The rest of us feel good about “something” but then we find ourselves disappointed by something today, something that is more of a nuisance or annoyance than anything else.  Defer important actions and decisions until tomorrow afternoon.

Tuesday June 7th

Make those important decisions and do those important actions this afternoon (the ones you deferred from yesterday).  Cancerians and other water signs (Scorpio, Pisces) are most favored during this period.  Fire and air signs can benefit but might do better on Wednesday or Thursday (if you can watch your temper).

Move past the disappointment you encountered yesterday or early this morning and into the opportunity that presents itself.

Juno moves into Libra today, and issues of trust and betrayal come to the forefront in relationships.  Romances started last weekend likely meet their first important test today.

Wednesday June 8th

Moon enters Leo quite early (about 2 AM CDT), Mercury (Taurus) sextiles Chiron (Pisces) and issues involving education (especially mentors), health, or both come to the surface.  Taurus and Pisces tend to be the big winners today (but may have to deal with some old painful issue).

Avoid speaking words you cannot take back.

Thursday June 9th

Mercury opposes Mars and that dominates the day.  You will be tempted to speak angry words, and unless you are an expert who does that for a living you should avoid saying what you will not be able to take back.  Old wounds opened for some yesterday, and “things” can become very bad.

If you move past this issue and focus this “energy” (and emotions) into productive action, then you will find you can accomplish much today.  Late night squabbles can be very bad.  Stay home, avoid alcohol and other mood altering substances, and work by yourself tonight if at all possible.

Sun is opposite the Galactic Center, and the events of this week can be an important turning point for many people.

Friday June 10th

This is a good day to “take off” or work by yourself if that is at all possible.  Much can be accomplished if you avoid fruitless squabbles.  A major shift may occur involving some kind of traditions, and issues of fidelity and trust may be at the center of this shift.

Moon is in Virgo by 9 AM CDT, so focus on detailed work, bookkeeping, and housecleaning today.  Reviewing financials and their performance with a keen eye for detail is a recommended activity for today.

Saturday June 11th

Today is an odd day that begins with conflicts and glitches and annoyances that can progress into a powerful insight or opportunity by afternoon (specifically Moon conjunct Jupiter circa 1:30 PM CDT) and through the remainder of the evening.  You can likely have fun if you want to, but this is another good day for detail work (especially if it builds on what you accomplished yesterday).

Today has Mars Septile Pluto, the aspect of karma for both warrior planets.  A very smart thing to do with this is to do something for a disabled veteran you know (or for disabled veterans in general).  This will benefit you in important ways that you cannot see yet.  Alternatively, you can do the same especially regarding any kind of “widows and orphans” fund for police or firefighters.

2016-05 W23: Forecasts for Week 23 of 2016

2016-05 W23: Forecasts for Week 23 of 2016

2016-06 W23: Forecasts for Week 23 of 2016

May 2016 (Mars Out)

Week 23 (W23)

Everything this week is about love or money.  You can pick one or the other, and in some cases you can have both.  In order to have either, you must clean house and shed old baggage this week.

Sunday May 29th

Planets have either moved out of Taurus or soon will, Moon and Sun have made a powerful statement regarding Sagittarius / Gemini issues, and retrograde planets are beginning to move forward.  School is out (for most students), summer is here, and May (and Taurus) is nearly “over” (until next year).  The “Mutable T” we have been discussing is highly activated today with Moon joining Neptune in the morning.

Secrets have been revealed, and we must process what we have learned.  We do have a danger of “reading too much into something” at this time and becoming delusional.  Stick to the facts as much as you can, knowing that doing just that can be difficult at this time.  “Clean house in all ways if you can.”  That is the message for this week and especially for today.  Time to “move forward,” and exactly what that means is something you will have to decide for yourself.  (But seeking guidance from a trusted source can be a good idea at this time.)

Monday May 30th

Let’s be clear: today is a good day to “get things done.”  Although these good windows do come from time to time, they are not always with us.  If you have read our work “enough” to test whether or not our forecasts work for you, and (assuming they do) you have missed such a window before, then you know how valuable they can be.  As “Larry the Cable Guy” says: “Get ‘er done.”  We could say more, but really that is the most important message, along with “Moon turns void about 6 PM, and the window closes then.”

This is a particularly strong day for water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces).

Tuesday May 31st

You get a second bite at the apple today, but today is better for fire signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius).  It is still another good day to get things done, and (as we recommended yesterday) you still need to push.  “Things” may become a bit shakey as the day progresses because of an annual event that happens tomorrow.

June 2016 (Mars Out)

“June” is named after Juno, the wife and sister of Jupiter.  She was often the jilted wife who could vent a powerful level of anger at the frequently unfaithful “King” regarding his infidelities.  Do what you must, but this is a very good time of year to be loyal to your vows.

Wednesday June 1st

All days have their uses.  Today is fabulous if you are a photographer, film-maker, videographer, poet, or maker of music.  Stage musicians do well also.  It can be good if you are a criminal.  The rest of us should consider a day off.  Some people will have a “summer cold” today.  It is all related to the annual “Sun Square Neptune” aspect that occurs today and will occur near this date for at least a few more years.  If you are a Gemini or Pisces, and especially if your birthday is yesterday, today, or tomorrow, you will really “feel” today.

A TriSeptile between Ceres and Hygeia tells us that we can benefit by helping someone else regarding an issue involving both food (or prosperity) and health.  This could be a donation at a food bank or giving someone a meal.  Have you ever taken the time to be a volunteer at an Elder Care facility and help feed someone?

Thursday June 2nd

The BiQuintile between Vesta and Lilith tells us that tradition, on one hand, and the wild and untamed side of ourselves on the other hand, may cooperate to give us a powerful insight.  Sex is the issue, but this may be sex in ways you have never considered before.

Venus square Neptune tells us that we may “fall in love” with someone and not really see who they are.  Sun opposite Saturn brings a “reality check” of some kind, and these contradictory set of aspects spills over onto tomorrow (Friday).

Some artists can produce rather amazing works today, especially if they explore our expectations about love and sex.

If you are not quite “getting” what I am talking about, consider a video party with many or few friends (maybe even just that one special “friend”) where you watch a double feature: (1) Hope Springs and (2) Last Tango in Paris.  (You get to decide which is first and which is second.)  At least one of them, maybe both, should “speak” to you if you have even an iota of romance within you.  (If not, try tomorrow’s recommendation.)

If romance is not an option but money is, then your double feature should be (1) The Big Short and (2) Money Monster.

Friday June 3rd

Yesterday’s odd conflict between “falling in love” and the “reality check” continues, and today it is amplified further.  If you are interested in a “May-December” romance (young-old), then the window opens here.  Regardless of which side of the partnership you represent, make certain you are ready for the “ride.”  And, let us make one thing clear: SOME of these relationships WILL survive and become the “best thing that ever happened” to each partner.  (Not all of them, but SOME of them!)

If love is not in the air for you, then this is all about money and finance and investments.  Make certain you “know what you are getting into.”  Avoid risky schemes.

This is a good evening to watch Harold and Maude again with someone you love (or would like to love).  What?  You have never seen it?  Really?

If it is still “all about the Benjamins” rather than romance, then you could watch “Wall Street” instead.  (But, we still vote for Harold and Maude anyway!)

Saturday June 4th

Moon moves from old to new circa 11 PM CDT today.  You may want to check the List of New Moons for 2016.

Today is a quirky day, and some people will spend a huge amount of money and some people will make a huge amount of money.  Big gains happen for some, and big losses happen  for others.  If it is not money, then it is overeating or too much in the way of drugs or alcohol.  If none of those affect you, then you MIGHT be able to focus your abilities to accomplish something that is nothing short of amazing today.

Curiously, the moon is VERY old and waning today, so for many people this is about cleaning out and cleaning up.  Buyers are favored over sellers, and some people will buy that “$10 ‘pretty rock'” that happens to be a Star Sapphire (or not).  Alliances that you form shortly past 11 PM CDT may betray you later.  Pick your “friends” carefully.

The particular combination most favored today is that rare person who has beneficial planets in Aries / Virgo.  You have both (1) the drive and ambition and (2) the eye for detail needed to best take advantage of today’s rare opportunity.  Chances are good this will come to you some time between 9 PM and 11 PM CDT.  (Please adjust for your time zone.)

If you are asking someone on a date this Saturday night, make it as late as possible.  Try NOT to end it before 11 PM CDT, and if you can schedule “the kiss” right on 11 PM CDT (adjust for your time zone), then this is best.  (This assumes you actually WANT “the kiss.”  You might change your mind.  If so, end it early and go out with your friends.  You might find the right one later!:)  )

A big Lotto jackpot tonight (Powerball?) would not be much of a surprise.

If love did blossom for you this week, consider doing something special for your sweetie!

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