2016-06 W27: Forecasts for Week 27 of 2016 (and 2016-07, July)

 2016-06 W27: Forecasts for Week 27 of 2016 (and 2016-07, July)

June 2016 (Mars Out)

July 2016 (Mars Out)


The Sun moves more fully into Cancer, the Full Moon has perfected and the Moon is waning, Chiron stations retrograde on June 27th, and Mars moves direct this week on June 29th.  Chiron and Neptune (both in Pisces) are now both retrograde, and issues of healing move to the forefront.  Adults, especially older adults, might wrestle with summer colds.  Families with children will likely see injuries and need to be particularly careful around bodies of water.  (We are writing this in mid-June, just a few days past the death of a young boy by an alligator in Florida.  Do you recall that?  Safety first!)  Mars direct station tells us something overdue with Mars (war, violence, anger but also basic energy and atheletic performance) is facing us, and we hope this does not mean another attack like the ones of Week 25 / 26 (Pulse in Orlando FL as well as others).  MOST of the other aspects are benevolent this week, so we are hoping for a reprieve.  This upcoming first weekend in July has a number of 5th harmonic aspects, and that is GREAT for idea generation and brainstorming.  We think writers who give themselves a “writers date” at the lake (or near some body of water) can have superb productivity (as long as they do not do anything dangerous like risk drowning by going in the water after drinking alcohol or using drugs).  In all, it actually looks like a good week given the caveats regarding Chiron / Neptune and the Mars direct station.

Sunday June 26th

This is a very strange and “double edged” kind of day.  Jupiter trine Pluto perfects (third of three), and we need to think about either closing out or moving to the next stage regarding some opportunity that has presented itself to us over the course of the past year.  Later this year, in a few months, Jupiter will change signs and “things” will become different in a big way.  If you have not “cashed in” by then, then chances you are you never will with this particular opportunity.

BUT we have two entirely different quincunx aspects confusing things and marring the day.  Mercury (Gemini) forms a quincunx to retrograde Mars (Scorpio).  This is just a problem, and you cannot ignore it.  Worse, even if you “think” solved it, we know that you likely did not because it is a quincunx.  Still worse, since Mars makes a direct station in a few days, it will show itself again at that time.  Do try to close it out, whatever it is, by the New Moon of July 4th.  Since Mercury / Mars are involved, angry words and the possibility of violence are very real here and again later.

AND that would be enough, but a nasty Venus (Cancer) / Saturn (Sagittarius) quincunx is present.  This makes everything very HARD and UNforgiving and very confused.  Some people will have an opportunity today, but they will tend to be predators and sociopaths.  Still, piece together what you can.  We do insist that some opportunity is hidden here for normal people if they have eyes to see it.

Gemini, Cancer, Scorpio, and Sagittarius tend to have a particularly miserable day.  (Sorry to be the bearer of bad news!)

Monday June 27th

Chiron stations retrograde today, and that dominates the day.  Many people are still picking up the pieces from the shooting at the Pulse club in Orlando.  Others of us feel like we are doing the same thing, or we may actually be dealing with some other tragedy in our lives.  Venus trine Neptune brings us false hopes in something, or more likely someone, that looks “too goo to be true.”  You know the old saying regarding that.  Enjoy the moment, but just do not expect it to last.  It is not meant to last, but sometimes the most important thing is to experience the joy of the moment.  Mercury squares Chiron today, amplifying the pain we feel regarding some key issue.  Resist the temptation to let that cause you to tell too much or give too much to this new person or situation.  The person you think is your hero is not.  The situation that you think solves your problems does not.  Enjoy the moment.  All of it will pass, so enjoy it while you can.  This might be a good day to take photographs and make video.  Write down notes on paper in a notebook that you keep confidential.  You will want to refer to these ideas later, especially at the end of the week when more information about this situation will have revealed itself, and you realized that you “dodged a bullet” (we hope) today.

Street photographers who are using their work to help the homeless can do very well today as long as they avoid the kinds of dramas described above.  Taking a picture of a bad situation, and passing it on (maybe in a day or two?) to someone who can make a difference can be a good idea today.  Karma is VERY powerful today, so please do not be a bad guy.  You will regret it.

Tuesday June 28th

This is a tough day, and saying that would be enough.  We are sorely tempted to leave it at that.  The Moon just does not give us any pleasant aspects today, and we face a decision today.  It is a tough decision, and no matter what you do you will regret the choice and look back and wonder what would have happened if you had chosen the other path.  Just know that it was not any better, either.

Late in the evening (early Wednesday for UK / EU) an important insight (or opportunity to learn a skill) will come to you.  Make notes and please do recognize that this will prove to be more important, later, than you recognize at this time.  (This is NOT a person; this IS a “way to get something done.”)

Wednesday June 29th

Moon enters Taurus, and Mercury enters Cancer but the Mars direct station trumps everything.  Something or someone could become violent or unstable today.  However, it is likely to be a GREAT day for most athletes.  If you are an athlete, or athletically inclined at all, make notes and take pictures today (or have someone do that for you).  It is likely to be an important day, maybe a turning point in physical matters for some people.  Again, avoid violent or dangerous people.  Boxing matches / UFC type events could go very, very wrong.

Issues involving justice come to the forefront in a HUGE way.  It is a bad day to be a bad guy, especially if you did something wrong on Monday.

Thursday June 30th

The Moon is very busy, and chances are good that you are also.  Or, at least you should be busy.  This is one of those rare days that we mention periodically where you can “get an amazing amount of work done.”  This could be errands or chores or your career or something entirely different.  Moon is waning, so it is a good time to clean out and discard unneeded items.  Some of you will find amazing sale items and make superb purchases.  You will be glad you waited until today instead of making that bad decision on Monday.  Items may not be quite as pretty, but they will prove far more functional and durable.  Financial markets could have a shakeup, and if you are a smart investor you could be a big winner.  (But, as with anything else, you need to know what you are doing.  If you have not done your homework then you will be one of the losers.)  We really like this day overall, and earth and water signs tend to be the big winners (especially Taurus and Cancer).

One more time: certain purchases today may prove to be the best you have ever made (as long as you know what you are buying).

Friday July 1st

The holiday weekend begins, and some of you are having a brainstorm.  We do not know what you bought (or did) yesterday, but your idea hamster is running full tilt.  You have a problem to solve, and the insight you had Tuesday evening along with the purchase or activity you had yesterday are coming together into something even more brilliant.  No doubt you will need to spend time with the family this weekend, but let us offer that you need a notepad, and you need to make notes.  Notes, photographs, video and whatever maps out the ideas that are coming to you in a flood.  Keeping in mind that we have a waning moon (which can be bad for LAUNCHING new projects), you can take positive action today and tomorrow.  But do let that action be in the nature of preparation rather than a “launch” of a new project.  You should not launch until next week.  Certain important pieces of information have yet to come your way.

Saturday July 2nd

Today is MUCH like yesterday EXCEPT that you encounter an annoying glitch that puts a damper on everything.  Holiday picnics are rained out or the heat proves to be too much for anyone to be outdoors safely.  Plans are scuttled, and new approaches must be embraced.  High hopes are dashed.  But you can salvage the day and still have some kind of pleasant fun if your attitude is right.  We encourage you to do just that.  Traditions can be adjusted, and from time to time they should be.  Enjoying the weekend to the best of your ability is the important thing, along with capturing those important ideas that we keep mentioning.




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