2016-10 W43: Forecasts for Week 43 of 2016

2016-10 W43: Forecasts for Week 43 of 2016

WEEK 43 (W43) / (EUROPEAN WEEK 42 / W42)


Sunday is wrapup and recovery from an intense Full Moon.  After the Aries Moon v/c ends, Moon moves into Taurus and people become lazy, stubborn, or both.  Practical matters are favored, but a few ingenious ideas may come your way.  Capture them.  We feel Mars conjunct Pluto (Wednesday) as early as Sunday.  Monday is a day to “take care of business” especially regarding health / healthcare issues.  Tuesday you will be tempted to chase your tail and spin your wheels.  Let other people do that.  Wednesday is a powerful and complex day that is an important turning point for many people.  Thursday still feels like Wednesday and continues processing the important issues that emerged.  Friday tells us that we MUST complete whatever was started on Monday.  But the Sun is void of course, and things may not work the way we planned.  Saturday the Sun is still void most of the day, and we feel like “fate” is acting prior to the Sun moving into Scorpio for the next thirty days.


The excitement of the Full Moon is past for most people though some will still feel it.  The Moon remains v/c in Aries after the FM until slightly past 10 AM CDT.  After that, the Moon moves into Taurus and many people feel either lazy or hungover or both.  The rest become focused on practical matters: money, housekeeping, physical fitness, beauty and cosmetics and so forth.  Some artists have interesting ideas, but the quincunxes of the day tend to make “things” go haywire for anybody attempting serious efforts.

Jim Shawvan claims an “Opportunity Period” for this day and the next (Monday), so maybe some people can find benefit.  Venus BiQuintile Uranus supports this idea, as does Mercury BiQuintile Neptune, and you should keep a notepad or other way of capturing innovative and unusual ideas today.  Those that develop “experimental poetry” (or anything similar) may find today to be an important day.

Jupiter and Mars are active today with higher order aspects, so we expect that those in the legal field can also obtain important insights.  If you are in an educational setting (as either teacher or student), then you efforts today may represent and particularly important turning point.

Your Birthday Today:

Focus on practical solutions this year while noting the innovative ideas that come to you.  These same innovations may have a different practical solution later.  If you are a poet, then this might be “your year.”  If you are not a poet, consider learning about poetry and attempting to write some as an exercise for self development.  (Who knows?  You might find a gift that you did not know you had!)


Moon moves v/c in Taurus near 10 AM CDT, but Jim Shawvan describes this window as an “Opportunity Period” which persists until about 9:30 AM CDT Tuesday.  We recommend sticking to practical matters or things that Taurus can favor (writing or playing music, sculpture, gardening).

Sun Semisquares the North Node (Karma) and is Sesquiquadrate Neptune giving an odd sense of urgency to this day regarding matters involving Neptunian matters (endings, confinement, illness, dreams, alcohol, drugs, poetry, music, photography, and videography).  If any of these matters arise then “take care of business” today.  That is the best use of your time and energy.

Pallas moves direct today (Station Direct, Pallas), so some ingenious ideas may leap into your head about how to solve certain kinds of problems.  Whether or not you act on them during a moon v/c (“opportunity period” in this case) or not will be a decision you must make in your particular situation.

We are already “feeling” Mars conjunct Pluto (Wednesday) by today.

Your Birthday today:

Focus on matters involving health, poetry, music, photography, and video this year.  Make a home movie; you might have an auteur hidden in your soul.  Avoid alcohol and drugs, and if you use them then this is your year to get help and quit.  Take care of business.


The void of course Taurus Moon moves into Gemini about 9:30 AM CDT and is in the “too early to tell” period for most of the afternoon.  If you “leap into action” during this window, you may need to shift direction later based on new information.

We note that Martians (Intelligence agencies, police, athletes) will tend to be active during the void and “too early to tell” period but will be going in circles trying to decipher abstract information that does not quite make sense to them.  Martian or not, avoid “spinning your wheels” on this day.  Do what works and defer the rest.

Your birthday today:

You can accomplish things this year, but you have to be extra careful not to expend time and energy on frivolous pursuits that lead nowhere.  Choose your battles carefully.


Mars joins Pluto in Capricorn today, and you have been feeling it all week already.  Financial issues become pivotal on both a global and local (individual) scale.  This is an incredibly complex day with many different messages for different individual people.  Unlike some days, each person today receives a slightly different message.

Glitches happen, and they dominate the day.  What you think is a “miscommunication” may be precisely what you need to hear.  Slips of the tongue happen, and some of these slips “sink ships.”  Other messages are garbled, a bit like your own personal “Mercury retrograde for a day.”  Issues involving education, healthcare, or both rise to the surface, but confusion dominates (Mercury quincunx Chiron).  Expect to be misunderstood.

Mercury opposes Uranus early tomorrow, but we feel it today.  Curiously, writers, inventors, and other innovators can capitalize on the power struggles (Mars / Pluto) and confusion (Mercury / Chiron) of today.  Brilliant ideas are had by those with eyes to see them or ears to hear them (or both).  If you are participating in Nanowrimo this year, this is the day to structure your “plot outline” in preparation for November.

Vesta enters Leo give a sense of “pomp and circumstance” to our traditions; Jupiter Quadrinoviles Ceres and we obtain an important insight or skill regarding either our prosperity (money) or diet (possibly health weight loss).

Your birthday today:

This will be one of the most transformative years of your life.  Expect miscommunications; if you are sly you might profit from them.  This is also the year to “write your novel” (or other book).  If you want to lose weight / take up bodybuilding, this is the year to do it.


We still feel the effects of yesterday as well as Mercury opposite Uranus perfecting shortly before 3 AM CDT.  All of yesterday still applies, but most of the morning is lost to a Gemini Void Moon from about 6 AM CDT until about 10:30 AM CDT.

Too early too tell applies again for the afternoon, similar to Tuesday, and we need to pause and evaluate rather than push forward.  In doing so, if you can fully identify and eliminate blockages to “moving forward,” then you can do so.

Sun Biquintile Chiron gives us a brilliant idea regarding healthcare, education, or both.  Capture it and maybe discuss it with the people closest to you that you trust.

Your birthday today:

Be methodical in how you implement the rather brilliant ideas that come to you.  Cross every “t” and dot every “i” and you can obtain superb results.


Moon (Cancer, its home) opposes Mars / Pluto (Capricorn) and forms what might arguably be called a (very) loose “T-Square” with Uranus.  That makes today a bit irritating and contentious, but you can still “get things done” if you focus yourself and avoid frivolous disputes that do little more than waste your time.  Productivity is possible with the right focus.

Mercury Semisquares the North Node and is Sesquiquadrate Neptune (as the Sun did on Monday) and issues from Monday MUST be wrapped up today.  You know what to do; DO IT!

Higher order messages do come, but they are extraordinarily subtle and require the keenest of minds to observe them and capture them.  Since you are reading this and are appropriately forewarned, you can probably do just that if you make the effort.

The Sun is void for almost all of the day, so stick to routine.  You can make progress, but do not launch anything new just yet.  Some re-do might be necessary later.

Your birthday today:

You will have to work for it this year, but you can do it if you stay focused.  Fundamental changes are afoot in how you live and work and do things.  Expect a shift (a big one).  Pay attention.  Subtle messages will matter.


The Sun continues void most of the day, and we recommend using it for a day of rest if you can.  When a planet is in the last degree of a sign, the feeling emerges that “fate” is in play.  Decisions just seem to be out of our hands.  The Tsunami ruins our well planned party.  The Sun is like that today as it is void until it goes into Scorpio about 6 PM CDT with the next two or three days being in the “too early to tell” period.

Certainly you can do things, but we recommend you stick to routine.  Observation is favored over action.

Outer planets are profoundly busy, but they are sending us messages and insights.  Major changes are coming, and do not be surprised to see someone you care about go into the hospital today.  Poets dream and lovers sigh.

Your birthday today:

Address ALL health issues this year.  Get a checkup, make certain you are on top of vision and dental and so forth.  A change is coming, a major change, and it may not happen this year but the next instead. Prepare as if a storm is coming, and write poetry and songs about it along the way.



2016-08 W34: Forecasts for Week 34 of 2016

2016-07 W34: Forecasts for Week 34 of 2016


The Full Moon / Lunar eclipse dominates this week, but the Venus / Neptune opposition, Sun trine Uranus, Venus trine Pluto, and Mercury opposite Chiron are also important influences.  Sunday, and the entire weekend preceding this Sunday, is dominated by Venus (Virgo) opposite Neptune (Pisces) which presents people, places, and things in the rosiest light possible.  “Things” are not really as they seem at this time, and Sun biseptile Mars means that some kind of karma is involved, a debt to be paid now or later.  Tuesday we have the annual Sun trine Uranus which brings us surprises and possibly important insights, but Sun quincunx Chiron is unpleasant and Venus joins the Node to make this another karmic day.  Wednesday we might feel the first wakeup call from this past weekend as Venus trines Pluto either making us pay the price for indiscretion or reap the benefit of proper action over the weekend.  The Full Moon, and eclipse, perfects Thursday and everything changes.  Friday is unpleasant with Mercury quincunx Uranus and opposite Chiron.  This is a very Chironic week (the wounded healer is operating, telling us that we can only heal ourselves by teaching others the lessons we have learned).  Saturday brings important insights.


We have said it all in several places, but we will say it again: people, places, and things are not as they seem today or this weekend.  With Sun biseptile Mars we have a karmic day, and we recommend anonymous donations to help retired or disabled police and military veterans.  Vesta squares Astraea meaning that traditions and ceremonies may go awry and lead to lawsuits.  Vesta also aspects the North Node, bring even more feeling of karma to this day.  Observe traditions if you must, but do know things may be a bit askew today.


Today looks very “lunar” EXCEPT Mars Novile Pluto which brings important insights to athletes, police, military, and other similar warriors / martians.  Marvin locates his Space Modulator today.  Depending on whose side you are on, this is either very good or very bad.  These “space modulator” issues of the martians dominate the day.  Moon moves void of course shortly before 10 PM CDT.


Moon moves into Aquarius (and too early to tell for a few hours) near 7 AM CDT today.  For the UK and EU, the morning is consumed by a Capricorn void of course moon.  Those tend to give you what you asked for, but not what you want.  Sun (Leo) trine Uranus (Aries) brings surprises and insights but Sun quincunx Chiron (Pisces) is unpleasant regarding educational or healthcare issues (or both).  If you are Chironic, you might have trouble explaining your situation to someone else in a healthcare or educational setting.  Additionally, the martians are still active.  This could be a rather dangerous day for some people.


If you have not felt the Full Moon / Eclipse that is building just yet, you will almost certainly feel it by today.  Venus (Virgo) trines Pluto (Capricorn) and you have a chance to make an important accomplishment today as long as it is practical.  Dealing with finances, taxes, or anything similar is particularly favored today.  Jim Shawvan identifies an “Opportunity Period” that starts Tuesday morning and continues until the eclipse tomorrow morning near 4:30 AM CDT.  We agree.  This is an important day to “get things done.”  For some people, it is a critically important turning point.


In the early morning hours in the Western Hemisphere, and by Noon in the EU / UK, we have both a Full Moon and an Eclipse.  It is an important turning point for some people, particularly air signs (Libra, Aquarius, Gemini) and fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius).  Moon moves void of course after perfection of the Lunar Eclipse and remains void until it enters Pisces about 11:30 AM CDT.  Both Pluto and Saturn aspect Black Moon Lilith on this date, and this feels like the kind of Full Moon / Eclipse where you might actually see a werewolf.  Or, maybe you yourself turn into a werewolf.  In any case, some people will “take a walk on the wild side.”


Mercury opposes Chiron and quincunxes Uranus.  Today feels a bit like some kind of mirror image of Tuesday.  Now, however, some kind of progress might can be made in education or healthcare (or both), but oddball surprises and strange misleading “insights” tempt us to move off course from the direction we should head.  The Piscean moon moves void of course a little past 7 AM CDT and then moves into Aries a little past 2 PM CDT.  During this window “things” can be very messy.  After that, we are in the “too early to tell” window for the moon, so this tends to feel like a day where much may be done, but little is actually accomplished.

Additionally, Saturn quincunx Vesta brings back some issues from this past Sunday, and issues involving our traditions and how we celebrate them arise again.  Pomp and Circumstance may not be particularly strong, now, and we need to stick to the basics and the core of what our traditions are and what they mean to us.


Saturday is strong with the Piscean Moon joining Chiron and then opposing first Mercury and then Jupiter.  A little past 7 AM CDT the moon moves void of course until it enters Aries shortly past 2 PM CDT.  Before the Moon moves void, much work  of a Piscean nature can be accomplished and Jim Shawvan includes the void as an “Opportunity Period.”  However, Piscean pursuits tend to be poetry, lyrics, photography, videography, spiritual pursuits, and helping others.

The martians are active again, and this time they are much smarter, much better organized, and much more effective than earlier this week.  Whether or not that is considered favorable depends on where you are in relation to them.

This is a busy day in terms of both lunar and outer planet aspects.  Many will have a breakthrough insight or develop a new skill that provides better health or better access to healthcare.  Others will take a “walk on the wild side,” similar to Thursday.  Again, this is a busy day with much happening.

Details regarding traditions are worked out, but a few pranksters may still have some fun along the way.  Someone, maybe several someones, working in a sexually oriented business will have a windfall today.


2016-07 W31: FORECASTS FOR WEEK 31 OF 2016

2016-07 W31: FORECASTS FOR WEEK 31 OF 2016


The last full week of July is likely dominated by the Uranus stationary retrograde (SRx) that perfects Friday afternoon.  We feel it all week, and chances are good we felt it some last week as well.  Surprises, maybe dangerous ones, dominate the week.  Revolutions are attempted but surely fail.  A peppering of quintiles gives us some good ideas, but they will almost certainly need revisions and adjustments.  Write them down and keep them for later.


Venus triseptile Neptune tells us that we can, and should, make life better for someone less fortunate than ourselves.  Lately the septiles / biseptiles / triseptiles have manifested themselves as shooters (and dangerous others) who could have benefitted from a better mental health system or at least a few good friends who might could have let the pressure out of the pressure cooker.  Help someone less fortunate than yourself.  It will likely pay off later.

Saturn quintile Astraea gives someone, maybe several someones, some brilliant ideas about difficult situations in the legal system.  Moon is v/c almost all day, so write these ideas down and save them for later adjustments.


Moon moves into Aries setting the stage for a Grand Fire Trine: Moon/ Uranus in Aries; Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Leo, and Saturn in Sagittarius.  This is a strong day for most people (especially fire signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius) and air signs (Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini) to get things done.  However, oddly, highly traditional tasks (such as traditional police and military ceremonies) tend to have failure due to Vesta being void of course until after 4:18 PM CDT (and then being “too early to tell” for at least a few days).  Mercury biquintile Pluto brings bright ideas; write them down.  Saturn quadrinovile Vesta in the evening brings some bright ideas (or skills) about how to solve the problem encountered earlier with traditions.


Tuesday has TWO biquintiles and Mercury trine Uranus.  This is a day for particularly brilliant ideas, and it especially favors inventors, communicators, and writers of any kind.  This might be the most productive day this week; use it wisely!

However, Tuesday morning has Moon v/c in Aries until 10:37 AM CDT, so postpone action until afternoon or better yet evening.  Do also note that the Moon enters the last quarter and is waning.  Housecleaning tasks and preparation tend to be favored; major launches of new projects will have a tendency to wither on the vine.  The flip side of this is that, sometimes, excellent “deals” can be found from the buyer’s point of view.  When Moon goes into Taurus, start checking for sales this afternoon or on Wednesday.

This evening has the potential of “romantic passion” that is a bit on the wild side.


We already mentioned that you might find an excellent purchase today.  This is also another day that favors writers and communicators though yesterday was a bit stronger for that.  A pair of triseptiles make this yet another “karmic” day, so do try to do something to help someone less fortunate than yourself.  Sometimes just helping someone to be “heard” can make a huge difference.

Mercury in Leo in quincunx Chiron in Pisces, and health and healing issues (or educational issues or both) bubble to the surface.  Misunderstandings happen, and finding a solution simply may not occur until another day.  Persist if you must, but sometimes knowing when to take time off with the intent to return to the issue on a later date can be the smartest approach.


A fixed T-Square (Moon in Taurus; Mercury in Leo; Mars in Scorpio) dominates the morning in North America and the afternoon and early evening in the UK and EU.  People become stubborn and powerful conflicts emerge.  Angry words fly, and the bell cannot be “unrung.”  Watch for the tendency to utter words you might regret later, and watch for dangerous behavior in traffic (might be yours; might be someone else’s).

Astraea, the asteroid associated with law and the legal system, enters Libra today.  Traditionally, Libra is “ruled” by Venus.  Almost all astrologers agree on this.  BUT, Venus “also” rules Taurus.  An argument can easily be made that Venus is more Taurean in nature than Libran, and we can see that Astraea might actually be a “better” ruler of Libra.  Based on these ideas, that means Astraea (law and the legal system) is at home (and VERY powerful) at this point in time.  Expect issues of justice to come to the surface and, surprising in some cases, we might see justice when, in the past, we did not see it before.  Today is a turning point for anyone who needs past wrongs “made right.”


Uranus forms a septile with Pallas, and that is a peculiar “karmic” aspect that involves ideas and bright ideas.  With Uranus Station Retrograde today, bright ideas are on hold.  Write them down if they come to you, but be VERY careful about acting upon them.  The smart thing is to know that not all the information is in, just yet, and that waiting for more information is advised.  Mercury squares Mars, amplifying any disputes that you encountered yesterday or Wednesday.  Avoid dangerous people, places, and things, and avoid being any of those yourself.  Police or military (or lawyers), however, might be particularly effective at this time.  Just understand that, if you are in one of those roles, blood may be shed.  These few days are particularly dangerous.

Also: Mercury is void after 3:49 PM CDT today, and continues void until 1:18 PM CDT tomorrow.  Expect communications and transportation SNAFUs and maybe FUBARs.




This is a messy day that is difficult to predict.  Moon is v/c from just before 7 AM CDT until just after 4 PM CDT (and then enters “too early to tell”).  Pallas trines Juno this evening, and if you love your spouse this is a good time to show it.  In fact, this is a good day to make it clear to anyone who deserves your loyalty.  Speak up.  Mercury is also void until 1:18 PM CDT.  It is far ahead of the Sun and preparing to make its retrograde station in a few weeks in early September.  We suggest that accomplish as much as you can on the days where open windows for accomplishment exist.  Once we reach the retrograde period you will need to look back at what you were doing now and decide whether or not it needs to be changed or re-done.

2016-07 W29: Forecasts for Week 29 of 2016

2016-07 W29: Forecasts for Week 29 of 2016

Weekly Sunout Astrology Calendar (Aspectarian)
Weekly Sunout Astrology Calendar (Aspectarian)


We are deep into Cancer and an ongoing Grand Water Trine involving Cancerian planets (Sun, Mercury, Venus), Mars in late Scorpio, and Neptune / Chiron in Pisces.  It is a GREAT time to make money, but it can also be a time that brings sorrow (water) or other powerful emotions (water).  It is also a DANGEROUS week and a week of REVOLUTIONARY THOUGHT.  The Full Moon happens next week, and we move into the waning “cleanup” period of the lunar cycle after that.  This means you need to “get certain things done” this week.

This is a very Martian week, so you can accomplish much if you avoid temper tantrums and avoid dangerous people, places, and things.

This forecast was developed in the early morning hours of Friday, July 8th.


A Mars / Neptune high order aspect brings an odd sense that maybe things are not what they seem.  That rather incredible salesperson you encounter, who may be wearing clothes other than salesperson such as “poets, priests and politicians” who “have words to thank for their positions,” may sound too good to be true.  You know the warning: “If it sounds too good to be true….”

Sun sextile Jupiter CAN make this a good day for some people, and Mercury trine Mars CAN make it a good day to take action.  Just stick with existing plans you know well and avoid buying into the snake oil salespersons.  You already have your own good ideas and plans and need to funnel your energy into THOSE.  (Do NOT let yourself get sidetracked by someone.)


Vesta and Pallas form a high order aspect that MIGHT give us an ingenious idea about our traditions but Mars forms a quincunx to Vesta leading to certain false hopes about actually taking action on those ideas.  I suspect that police and security forces will be having meetings today about the shootings in Baton Rouge, Minnesota, and Dallas last week.  The ideas will sound very good, and they may be very good, but a flaw in their execution may make things worse rather than better.

Mercury square Uranus brings brilliant ideas, especially to writers and engineers, and especially to electrical engineers and computer scientists.  Breakthroughs in these domains (and related) happen today.  Mercury also trines Chiron, so some of the most compelling writing ever written might happen today.  But Venus is void until late, so edits or revisions may be necessary later (maybe tomorrow or, better yet, Wednesday).


Today is EXTREMELY complex and a bit difficult to interpret.  TWO BiSeptiles tell us that we may be facing yet another “Karma Day” similar to those of the shootings of last week and the Pulse Club shootings in Orlando.  Neptune BiSeptile Vesta reveals the fatal flaw (poor choice of words, admittedly) in yesterday’s ideas and plans.  They omit some important human consideration(s).

Pluto BiSeptile Ceres causes individuals to look very hard at their diet and exercise and retirement plans; financial markets (stocks, bonds, options, futures) may face a “correction” relative to recent events.

Juno, the angry wife / daughter / mother / sister, is semi-square the North Node (Rahu in Vedic, Dragon’s Head) which also makes her necessarily sesquiquadrate Ketu (South Node, the Dragon’s Tail).  Don’t be surprised to see Hillary and her team on a rampage today, and many other females will be as well.  Indeed, they may be the very factor that the security forces have not considered.  Instead of “Mothers Against Drunk Drivers” it might be “Mothers Against Police Shooters.”  If you are laughing, then don’t laugh too loud.  It just could be.

A lunar void from about 10 AM CDT until about 4 PM CDT brings a good period for preparation and “wait and see” until time to take action (maybe tomorrow for some).


Today is at least as complex as yesterday, and certain critical issues continue to be in the forefront.  Also coming to the forefront is a shakeup in the “Adult Entertainment” industry.  This could be a large bankruptcy, merger, or both.  Incredible insights will come to those who work in that business, and a revolution there is at hand.  Mark this day well, it represents a big shift.

If you do not work in adult entertainment, this could be another day of “great sex” for certain people.  And if that is not much of your life at this point, then you will be exploring your inner “dark side” and “inner demons” and can have some great ideas.  As we always say, “write them down” or record them in some appropriate fashion.  Certain writers and photographers will have a breakthrough on this date.

If you work in the mental health field, you may see an AMAZING breakthrough with a patient.

Some of you will have the opportunity to learn a new skill.  Seize it; do NOT let this one pass you by.

Note that danger is present today, also, from the Mars / Uranus quincunx that perfects tomorrow.  Mercury in Cancer is void of course most of the day (until 7:47 PM CDT) and miscommunication fuel problems and danger.  Mercury enters Leo and the “too early to tell” period for communication and transportation for a few days (avoid purchase of cell phones, computers, or vehicles such as automobiles or motorcycles).


We would like to say that “things” calm down relative to the last two days, but that would not be the truth.  However, things do “simplify” today.  We cannot even say that the “message becomes clear” because Mars Quincunx Uranus stirs things up and can be VERY DANGEROUS.  It is MARS in late SCORPIO in conflict with URANUS in ARIES.  You cannot get more “Martian” (violent, war-like) than that EXCEPT when the same kind of thing happened with a Mars  /Pluto Septile with the Pulse shooter.  No clear winners here, and we bet both attackers and security forces are BOTH injured.

Vesta BiNoviles the North Node (Dragon’s Head aka “Rahu”) and this means we can learn important lessons if we are paying attention.  A shift in consciousness is needed, and I am specifically referring to an “aha” moment rather than meditation or “tapping” or something like that.  A breakthrough insight is needed, and one can be had if you are paying attention.  If you are sleepy, then go outside in the bright sunlight and let it WAKE YOU.  You need your awareness today.

Moon in Scorpio amplifies the existing Grand Water Trine AND also amplifies the potential for danger.  People are not very flexible today.


Neptune forms a quadrinovile to Hygeia, and certain healthcare professionals can have important insights and learn new skills.  A few will have breakthroughs that lead to important patents.  Yesterday’s message is still true: “you need your awareness today.”

Mars is Septile Pluto, an aspect similar to the Pulse Shooter, and danger continues.   Avoid risky people, places and things.  Maybe staying home tonight is a good idea, or at least limiting your social events to small parties with well known and stable friends.

Mars / Jupiter may also lead us to over-react or consume too much food or mood altering substances.  And, if none of those apply, you might overspend today on some shiny toy that you really do not need.  A wise move is to channel your efforts into harnessing your existing resources in the best fashion.  If it is about exercise, avoid the new gizmo and wear out the existing Yoga mat or dumbbells.

A Grand Fire Trine is present, so fire signs are strongest (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) followed by air signs (Libra, Aquarius, Gemini).  This is another day for bright ideas and skills development, so capture them (write them down, record them somehow).


Ceres enters Taurus, and it is a bit like New Year’s Eve (or Day) for some people.  New diet and exercise programs become the rage.  People in the finance world have weekend (secret) meetings about the earlier shakeup / shakeout we mentioned.  Wall Street failures tend to favor Trump (the Outsider) over Clinton (Wall Street funding), and some people might be worried about that.

Neptune forms a quadrinovile to Juno, and the angry wives / mothers / daughters / sisters of the world have the opportunity to have a powerful, very nearly psychic, insight.  If you are on the “wrong side” of this, then you are in trouble.  They can pierce into the heart of your secrets.  If it involves “Mothers Against Police Shooters,” then THEY WIN.

Pluto forms a quadrinovile to Vesta.  Police and security forces have another idea (or set of ideas), and THIS one really is “new and improved” and better than the one(s) earlier this week.  This set of ideas really CAN “work.”  (You should have listened to those guys in the first place.  It probably means getting the Juno personalities involved and on the SAME SIDE as security and police forces.)

Uranus is quincunx Astraea, so thoughts of lawyers and lawsuits will probably lead into failure.  Be careful about going down this blind alley.

Sun squares Uranus (an annual aspect) today, so prepare to be surprised.  Possibly violence continues, including explosions, and revolutions and revolutionary ideas dominate the day.

Sun in Cancer later forms a Grand Water Trine (Mars in Scorpio; Chiron in Pisces) that trumps anything from yesterday.  Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) tend to win followed by earth signs (Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo).  Much of this bleeds over into Sunday (tomorrow).

July 2016 Monthly Marsout Aspectarian Calendar
July 2016 Monthly Marsout Aspectarian Calendar


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