2017-06 W25: Forecasts for Week 25 of 2017

2017-06 W25: Forecasts for Week 25 of 2017


This is a busy week, and we recommend that you also check (1) the AstroButterfly monthly summary and (2) our reblogs of forecasts at Weekly Astrology.  The Summer Solstice greets us this week on June 20/21st (depending upon your time zone) and on June 23rd we have a New Moon (in Cancer).  The first part of the week is best spent in cleanup and preparation; the latter part of the week becomes very busy.

We have about a month until Mercury enters its Retrograde Shadow on July 24th, so accomplish the most important tasks now.  We think this period from June 23rd to June 24th is particularly important for “getting things done.”

Sunday June 18th

Moon in Aries is not usually considered a strong position but it can (and does) favor fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) and air signs (Libra, Aquarius, Gemini).  Moon is in Aries all day today, opposing Jupiter a bit past noon (and tempting us to overeat, overspend, or overdo in some other way.

The big news is (1) Mercury opposite Saturn which gives us message (or warning) that we need to “pay attention to details” and (2) Sun sextile Uranus which can produce a “surprise” and can sometimes give creatives bright ideas.  (Writers and other communicators prosper.)

Outers are fairly busy.  Perfection of Jupiter square Astaea brings “legal issues” to a boiling point or breaking point today.  Now or never is the message on this.  Saturn binovile Neptune can transform the insights of creatives from “useful” to “genius level.”  Pay attention to even the most fleeting glimpses of the future.

We also have a very “loose” yod in the sky, Jupiter at the apex and Neptune on one leg and Venus on the other.  We face a decision, an important decision, at this time.

Monday June 19th

Sun squares Chiron, turning void until the solstice, and that pre-empts much of the day for many people.  Issues of health, education, mentors or a mix of those rise to the top of the list.  Moon in Aries moves void at 2:40 PM CDT and into Taurus at 4:52 PM CDT (and the “too early to tell” period, sometimes called “sign change boundary,” for the rest of the day).  It is difficult to get things done today, and cleanup and preparation yields the best results.

Mars opposite Hygeia amplifies healthcare issues, making this a particularly difficult day for some people.  Uranus joins Pallas, and bright ideas to solve the problems CAN save the day.  Mars quintile Uranus amplifies the chance of some good ideas.

Tuesday June 20th

Sun enters Cancer at 11:23 PM CDT (and time zones to the west) and 12:23 AM EDT on June 21st (and time zones to the east, including EU / UK).  Everything changes now, but we are entering “Dark of the Moon” and the shift will not be complete until 9:30 PM CDT on June 23rd.  Use the DOTM period to rest and meditate (and see what insights come to you) and “clean house” to prepare for what is coming next.

Outers are complex and difficult to interpret.  But perfection of Jupiter square Pallas bubbles trust issues to the top, and divorce attorneys might be busy today.

Wednesday June 21st

Mercury moves into Cancer, the Summer Solstice point, near 5 AM CDT and Sun / Mercury join at 9:14 AM CDT, producing a profoundly useful window regarding transportation and communication from 8:45 AM CDT until 9:45 AM CDT.  Know what you want in these regards, then ask for it and get it during this window.

Thursday June 22nd

This is the night before the New Moon tomorrow evening, and as some would say (Jonathon Cainer said it when he was alive), “the veil is thin” between “this world and the next.”  Powerful insights can be had, but action other than cleanup and preparation is ill-advised.

Mars semi-square North Node forces us to deal with karmic issues and what we “should” be doing.  Ceres binovile Astraea raises “prosperity” issues in a legal context, giving us a glimpse of the future in these matters.  Watch the financial markets closely today, for they will tell you something important.

Friday June 23rd

The New Moon is this evening, 9:30 PM CDT (and after dark in U.S. time zones except PDT, and early tomorrow morning for UK / EU).  Until then, you have a final window for cleanup or prep before the big shift comes.  And, it is coming.

Mars perfects oppositions to Juno and Astraea, and, again, divorce attorneys can be very busy today.  Furthermore, Thursday / Friday / Saturday may be particularly dangerous to some people.  Be careful and avoid dangerous people, places, and things.

Saturday June 24th

Three things: (1) Venus trine Pluto (very good for passionate sex, if that works for you, or finances and financial review, or sometimes important revelations regarding methods of healing); (2) Mars square Jupiter (everything becomes larger than life, and dangerous “people, places, and things” become amplified in their danger); and (3) Saturn trines Eris, bringing chaos and discord to well established routines, methods, and institutions.  This last, however, ultimately brings much needed change, eventually.

2017-06 W24: Forecasts for Week 24 of 2017

2017-06 W24: Forecasts for Week 24 of 2017

The detailed forecasts of last year proved to be too much work for too little traffic.  I am trying something new over the summer (and will keep it if it works): short “fortune cookie” style forecasts.

Sunday June 11th

Moon in Capricorn urges us to slow down and double check our work, but varied aspects throw in additional challenges.  Outer planet aspects confirm this and also remind us to do something nice for someone else.

Monday June 12th

Prelude to a storm with a Capricorn Moon v/c from about 2 PM CDT til about 7 PM CDT.  Stick to routine and no major purchases.  Outers are complex, and some of you may need to attend to an important legal matter today.  (TCB, Take Care of Business)

Tuesday June 13th

Our little “storm” begins, but it definitely FAVORS certain people.  You can tell who fairly quickly.  Moon trines Jupiter (law & legal, higher ed, travel, sometimes career) and squares Neptune (poetry, play, healthcare, dreams, drugs & alcohol); both Outers are standing still, complicating things and requiring a “re-do” later.  If you are favored, seize the moment.  If not, take a rest.  Mercury square Jupiter favors writers, speakers, and anyone dealing with transportation or communication.

Wednesday June 14th

Most of the day the Moon is void, but Jim Shawvan characterizes it as an “Opportunity Period.”  We think he is right, taking into account what we told you yesterday.  (If you were favored yesterday, then you are probably favored today.  If not, stick to routine or take a rest.)

Thursday June 15th

Sun in Gemini ends soon.  If that favors you, then “get things done.”  We are in a waning moon, so “completion” is favored over fresh starts.  Sun opposes Saturn, and that makes today tough except maybe for Saturnine characters (bankers and stern school masters).  Get done what must be done, but stick to routine otherwise.  Creatives can sometimes break the rules here and MAYBE start a new project (poetry, songwriting, photographery, videography, and similar).

Friday June 16th

Neptune stations retrograde, and Mercury perfects a quincunx to Pluto.  “All bets are off” for most people, and particularly people with alcohol / drug problems (or other mental health issues) may reach a breaking point or turning point or “bottom” today (or this weekend).  For the rest of us: stick to routine (except creatives, see yesterday).

Saturday June 17th

Fire and air signs get a reprieve from the recent downpour of water recently some time after 1 PM CDT when Moon enters Aries.  Earth and water better have everything wrapped up by this morning at the latest.  Moon enters last quarter, so this period is mostly about wrapup and cleanup for everyone.

2016-10 W43: Forecasts for Week 43 of 2016

2016-10 W43: Forecasts for Week 43 of 2016

WEEK 43 (W43) / (EUROPEAN WEEK 42 / W42)


Sunday is wrapup and recovery from an intense Full Moon.  After the Aries Moon v/c ends, Moon moves into Taurus and people become lazy, stubborn, or both.  Practical matters are favored, but a few ingenious ideas may come your way.  Capture them.  We feel Mars conjunct Pluto (Wednesday) as early as Sunday.  Monday is a day to “take care of business” especially regarding health / healthcare issues.  Tuesday you will be tempted to chase your tail and spin your wheels.  Let other people do that.  Wednesday is a powerful and complex day that is an important turning point for many people.  Thursday still feels like Wednesday and continues processing the important issues that emerged.  Friday tells us that we MUST complete whatever was started on Monday.  But the Sun is void of course, and things may not work the way we planned.  Saturday the Sun is still void most of the day, and we feel like “fate” is acting prior to the Sun moving into Scorpio for the next thirty days.


The excitement of the Full Moon is past for most people though some will still feel it.  The Moon remains v/c in Aries after the FM until slightly past 10 AM CDT.  After that, the Moon moves into Taurus and many people feel either lazy or hungover or both.  The rest become focused on practical matters: money, housekeeping, physical fitness, beauty and cosmetics and so forth.  Some artists have interesting ideas, but the quincunxes of the day tend to make “things” go haywire for anybody attempting serious efforts.

Jim Shawvan claims an “Opportunity Period” for this day and the next (Monday), so maybe some people can find benefit.  Venus BiQuintile Uranus supports this idea, as does Mercury BiQuintile Neptune, and you should keep a notepad or other way of capturing innovative and unusual ideas today.  Those that develop “experimental poetry” (or anything similar) may find today to be an important day.

Jupiter and Mars are active today with higher order aspects, so we expect that those in the legal field can also obtain important insights.  If you are in an educational setting (as either teacher or student), then you efforts today may represent and particularly important turning point.

Your Birthday Today:

Focus on practical solutions this year while noting the innovative ideas that come to you.  These same innovations may have a different practical solution later.  If you are a poet, then this might be “your year.”  If you are not a poet, consider learning about poetry and attempting to write some as an exercise for self development.  (Who knows?  You might find a gift that you did not know you had!)


Moon moves v/c in Taurus near 10 AM CDT, but Jim Shawvan describes this window as an “Opportunity Period” which persists until about 9:30 AM CDT Tuesday.  We recommend sticking to practical matters or things that Taurus can favor (writing or playing music, sculpture, gardening).

Sun Semisquares the North Node (Karma) and is Sesquiquadrate Neptune giving an odd sense of urgency to this day regarding matters involving Neptunian matters (endings, confinement, illness, dreams, alcohol, drugs, poetry, music, photography, and videography).  If any of these matters arise then “take care of business” today.  That is the best use of your time and energy.

Pallas moves direct today (Station Direct, Pallas), so some ingenious ideas may leap into your head about how to solve certain kinds of problems.  Whether or not you act on them during a moon v/c (“opportunity period” in this case) or not will be a decision you must make in your particular situation.

We are already “feeling” Mars conjunct Pluto (Wednesday) by today.

Your Birthday today:

Focus on matters involving health, poetry, music, photography, and video this year.  Make a home movie; you might have an auteur hidden in your soul.  Avoid alcohol and drugs, and if you use them then this is your year to get help and quit.  Take care of business.


The void of course Taurus Moon moves into Gemini about 9:30 AM CDT and is in the “too early to tell” period for most of the afternoon.  If you “leap into action” during this window, you may need to shift direction later based on new information.

We note that Martians (Intelligence agencies, police, athletes) will tend to be active during the void and “too early to tell” period but will be going in circles trying to decipher abstract information that does not quite make sense to them.  Martian or not, avoid “spinning your wheels” on this day.  Do what works and defer the rest.

Your birthday today:

You can accomplish things this year, but you have to be extra careful not to expend time and energy on frivolous pursuits that lead nowhere.  Choose your battles carefully.


Mars joins Pluto in Capricorn today, and you have been feeling it all week already.  Financial issues become pivotal on both a global and local (individual) scale.  This is an incredibly complex day with many different messages for different individual people.  Unlike some days, each person today receives a slightly different message.

Glitches happen, and they dominate the day.  What you think is a “miscommunication” may be precisely what you need to hear.  Slips of the tongue happen, and some of these slips “sink ships.”  Other messages are garbled, a bit like your own personal “Mercury retrograde for a day.”  Issues involving education, healthcare, or both rise to the surface, but confusion dominates (Mercury quincunx Chiron).  Expect to be misunderstood.

Mercury opposes Uranus early tomorrow, but we feel it today.  Curiously, writers, inventors, and other innovators can capitalize on the power struggles (Mars / Pluto) and confusion (Mercury / Chiron) of today.  Brilliant ideas are had by those with eyes to see them or ears to hear them (or both).  If you are participating in Nanowrimo this year, this is the day to structure your “plot outline” in preparation for November.

Vesta enters Leo give a sense of “pomp and circumstance” to our traditions; Jupiter Quadrinoviles Ceres and we obtain an important insight or skill regarding either our prosperity (money) or diet (possibly health weight loss).

Your birthday today:

This will be one of the most transformative years of your life.  Expect miscommunications; if you are sly you might profit from them.  This is also the year to “write your novel” (or other book).  If you want to lose weight / take up bodybuilding, this is the year to do it.


We still feel the effects of yesterday as well as Mercury opposite Uranus perfecting shortly before 3 AM CDT.  All of yesterday still applies, but most of the morning is lost to a Gemini Void Moon from about 6 AM CDT until about 10:30 AM CDT.

Too early too tell applies again for the afternoon, similar to Tuesday, and we need to pause and evaluate rather than push forward.  In doing so, if you can fully identify and eliminate blockages to “moving forward,” then you can do so.

Sun Biquintile Chiron gives us a brilliant idea regarding healthcare, education, or both.  Capture it and maybe discuss it with the people closest to you that you trust.

Your birthday today:

Be methodical in how you implement the rather brilliant ideas that come to you.  Cross every “t” and dot every “i” and you can obtain superb results.


Moon (Cancer, its home) opposes Mars / Pluto (Capricorn) and forms what might arguably be called a (very) loose “T-Square” with Uranus.  That makes today a bit irritating and contentious, but you can still “get things done” if you focus yourself and avoid frivolous disputes that do little more than waste your time.  Productivity is possible with the right focus.

Mercury Semisquares the North Node and is Sesquiquadrate Neptune (as the Sun did on Monday) and issues from Monday MUST be wrapped up today.  You know what to do; DO IT!

Higher order messages do come, but they are extraordinarily subtle and require the keenest of minds to observe them and capture them.  Since you are reading this and are appropriately forewarned, you can probably do just that if you make the effort.

The Sun is void for almost all of the day, so stick to routine.  You can make progress, but do not launch anything new just yet.  Some re-do might be necessary later.

Your birthday today:

You will have to work for it this year, but you can do it if you stay focused.  Fundamental changes are afoot in how you live and work and do things.  Expect a shift (a big one).  Pay attention.  Subtle messages will matter.


The Sun continues void most of the day, and we recommend using it for a day of rest if you can.  When a planet is in the last degree of a sign, the feeling emerges that “fate” is in play.  Decisions just seem to be out of our hands.  The Tsunami ruins our well planned party.  The Sun is like that today as it is void until it goes into Scorpio about 6 PM CDT with the next two or three days being in the “too early to tell” period.

Certainly you can do things, but we recommend you stick to routine.  Observation is favored over action.

Outer planets are profoundly busy, but they are sending us messages and insights.  Major changes are coming, and do not be surprised to see someone you care about go into the hospital today.  Poets dream and lovers sigh.

Your birthday today:

Address ALL health issues this year.  Get a checkup, make certain you are on top of vision and dental and so forth.  A change is coming, a major change, and it may not happen this year but the next instead. Prepare as if a storm is coming, and write poetry and songs about it along the way.


2016-10 W42: Forecasts for Week 42 of 2016

2016-10 W42: Forecasts for Week 42 of 2016

Week 42 (W42) / (European Week 41 / W41)



Sunday is a “Blank Rune” kind of day.  Some commentators have criticized the Ralph Blum book in general and the Blank Rune in particular as being a fiction created in modern times.  Even so, we argue the a “Blank Rune” is appropriate, and today is one of those kinds of day.

Generally, “Sun out” aspects are missing.  “Mars out,” or outer planet (and major asteroid) aspects are limited to Saturn sesquiquadrate Vesta and Juno quadrinovile Ceres.  The moon (Capricorn) has a few aspects, arguably forming a very loose T-Square with Sun (Libra) / Uranus (Aries) before becoming void of course shortly before Noon CDT.

What does this mean?  Moon v/c is usually interpreted as “nothing will come of this.”  Sometimes something does “come of this,” but the outcome is entirely unexpected.  Vesta tends to be about traditions (and maybe “duty”), and Saturn removes the unnecessary.  We think something will be lost or stripped away today, and we cannot say that this is necessarily a positive outcome.  We encourage you to stay safe and perhaps stay home today.

Your birthday today

Be open to the new and unexpected gifts that the universe will bring you.  Be alert for important lessons to learn.


In most time zones, the Moon moves into Aquarius early some time Monday morning.  The Aquarian Moon trines Mercury near Noon CDT and then Jupiter near 2 PM CDT.  This is as benevolent as it can get with possible exceptions for some people with earth or water dominated charts.

Mercury is semi-square Venus, and this produces some urgency in the day.  An important matter must be tended to.  We think it will go well for most people.  Mercury triseptile Neptune provides an element of karma or deep insights or both to this day, and that tends to focus also on our more artistic side.  Poets, priests, and politicians need to examine their words carefully.  Sun is triseptile Chiron indicating that the important matter may involve healthcare, education, or both.

Mars novile Pallas brings an insight or opportunity to learn a special new skill, and this will especially apply to anybody doing anything regarding analysis of the political debates on Sunday evening.  Post-mortems of the event will be the order of the day.  Even if you are not a politician or pundit, you can still learn important lessons if you paid attention.  The most important one might be “grace under pressure.”

Do the most important things on this rare day where you can accomplish much.

Your birthday today

Consider going back to school.  Avoid being lazy and letting important opportunities slip by you.  Keep a journal and review your days, weeks, and months in detail.


This is a busy day that brings powerful insights.  This is also a very “Martian” day and warriors of all kinds are active with many of them learning important lessons.  This is true for athletes as well.  Mercury joins Jupiter and this greatly amplifies the already active brainstorms of the day.  (It also raises issues left from the Mercury Retrograde of September.)  We simply cannot emphasize how important it is for you to capture the ideas the will fleetingly pass you by.  Use a notepad.

Mars sextile Neptune gives an advantage to “snake oil salesmen” (and politicians), so do not believe everything you hear today.  Venus trine Chiron raises issues of health, education, or both, but does so in a benevolent and helpful way.

Again, this is one of the best days in this cycle, maybe this year, to “get things done.”  Moon turns v/c about 10 til 7 PM CDT this evening, so accomplish all by that time and then rest for the evening.

Your birthday today

This is one of your most important years.  If you are not physically active, then take up a physical activity.  If you are physically active, consider trying something new.  Focus yourself, and you will find that you can sell refrigerators to Eskimos.


While “things” are not “bad” today, you will encounter glitches today and the seemingly unending opportunities of Monday and Tuesday suddenly vanish for most people.  We hope you accomplished what you need to accomplish while the “window” was open.  Piscean moons are best for play, and almost anything beyond play or creative work results in confusion.

Mars trine North Node gives a feeling of “karma” to today, and helping someone less fortunate than yourself is a wise idea.  Communications tend to go awry today, and this is just not the best day for romance either.

Issues of trust arise in settings involving education, healthcare or both.  Under NO circumstances do anything that even remotely resembles cheating or dishonesty.  This will not go well for you.

Your birthday today

Explore your creative side this year.  Use the oddball problems you encounter to drive innovation.  Clean house, trust God, and help others.


Mercury (Libra) squares Mars (Capricorn), and this is such a nasty and violent aspect that all bets are off except for following the safest of paths.  People, places, and things tend to go “boom” today (though it COULD happen yesterday or tomorrow).  Avoid dangerous people and avoid being one yourself.

Jim Shawvan indicates an “Opportunity Period” today, but we advocate caution.  Late tonight, actually early Friday morning near 2 AM CDT, the Moon become v/c in Pisces.  That tends to be associated with criminality (along with v/c in Gemini), so be careful regarding your possessions and your person.

Today is not without the ability to learn lessons, so continue to keep your notepad.

Your birthday today

You can avail yourself of important opportunities if you can watch your temper and learn to focus yourself.  Keep a journal of both failures and successes.


Moon is void until about 10 AM CDT then we enter the “too early to tell” period for a few hours.  After that, most of the remainder of the day is benevolent.  Sun is quincunx Chiron, so you can count on glitches, gotchas, and misunderstandings involving healthcare, education, or both.  That part of the day is unpleasant, and it can involve legal matters as well.  But you can simply put that matter “on hold” (in many cases) and have a pleasant afternoon “off” to play.

With the impending Full Moon, we think this could be a GREAT date night for some people (particularly air or fire signs such as Libra, Aquarius, Gemini, Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius).

Your birthday today

Things seem a little strange for the next few months, and then you “break loose.”  Address and wrap up any and all legal matters.  This can be a good year for romance.


Mercury square Pluto almost certainly resurrects the squabble of Wednesday.  Sun opposite Uranus brings a surprise, and not necessarily a pleasant one.  Moon opposes Mercury in the morning and late in the evening joins Uranus shortly before the Full Moon.  We can almost bet on squabbles and accidents and maybe even explosions today.  A few smart people will transform this into excellent romance and superb sex.  For these people, this will be a particularly memorable FM.

For others, healthcare issues bubble to the surface in an unavoidable way and MUST be taken care of.  Pay attention to your rituals and habits, and maybe the rituals and habits of others.  These can bring you important insights.

Your birthday today

This will be one of the most memorably years of your life.  You will reach critically important turning points in both January and July and, along the way, encounter surprises and ideas you had not previously considered.  Embrace them.


2016-09 W39: Forecasts for Week 39 of 2016

2016-09 W39: Forecasts for Week 39 of 2016


We have a busy week this week.  Depending on your time zone, Mercury stations direct on either the 21st or 22nd (but we feel the station all week long, and probably felt it last week).  In most time zones, the Autumnal Equinox (aka “first day of Fall”) is the 22nd.  By themselves, those two signal major shifts.

Sunday, Venus opposes Uranus, and that would be enough, by itself, to make the day “interesting.”  The Moon joins that mix, joining Uranus and opposing Venus.  What could that mean?  Septile aspects abound, some of them outer planet, and we feel massive “karma.”  Monday the Moon has two quincunxes that some people MIGHT call a yod.  If so, a decision is at hand, probably a minor one that Mercury forces us to revisit later.  A sesquiquadrate gives us a sense of urgency, and noviles provide us with fleeting lessons or insights that will be important later.  Jim Shawvan identifies an “Opportunity Period” Monday / Tuesday, but we think it is a “tricky” one given Mercury and the impending change of seasons.  Wednesday seems nearly quiet but we might receive an important insight regarding how we treat our Martians (police and military).  Maybe they need a little better care!  Mercury stations Direct Wednesday or Thursday, and the stations are ALWAYS a time to pause and re-evaluate.  The change of seasons is Thursday for most, another signal for a PAUSE to re-evaluate!  Friday Mercury Trine Pluto tells us to STOP PAUSING and START MOVING even though Mercury is still a bit uncertain.  Mis-steps can happen, but we push forward anyway.  Venus moves to Scorpio, and sex and secrets dominate some of us.  Others are forced to deal with “healing our traditions,” a bit of an odd task for some.  Saturday brings a curious mix of powerful insights along with an important need to help others.  A kind word to someone today can make a huge difference.  (Like the difference between whether they shoot someone or not!)


Sunday is complex and busy.  Mercury is retrograde, but we “feel” the direct station coming, and that causes us to have an important need to double check everything.  Computers and cell phones and cars and motorcycles are at risk of failure or needed maintenance all week long.  Do not be surprised if you see important “patches” come out from major computer vendors during this window.  GLBT people can truly prosper at this time, and new romances for them can blossom.  Others see a window for financial windfalls or improved health.  Starting an exercise reigmen at this time can be wise even if you need to “re-do” it several times.  Test your “New Years Resolutions” now to see what works and what does not.  Opportunities come; the wise will seize them.

Give back, give back, GIVE BACK!  We cannot emphasize this strongly enough this week.  Do it anonymously without thought of future compensation.  Do so, and you will likely receive an odd “gift” that seems totally unrelated but turns out to be very worthwhile.

Your Birthday Today: Expect the unexpected this year.  Chances are good you will receive a windfall; remember to be generous to others who are not so fortunate!


The day is mostly a good one if you skip past the minor glitch that occurs in the early morning and the other minor glitch that occurs in the evening.  You can do this, right?  An offer looks attractive, and you feel an urge to push forward.  Do realize that not everything is as it seems.  Even so, the deal is a good one and you should pursue it anyway.  A Mercury / Venus novile gives us a fleeting insight that can lead to an important skill later.  Two additional noviles occur; some of the ideas are nothing short of “wild.”  Capture it, write it down or draw it; you will need it later.

Please do understand that some of these idea may involve “breaking” or “violating” traditions of some kind.  Some may be offensive to some people.  In any case, they are very powerful, and chances are good that most people will find the insights that come to them to be worthwhile even if they are “risky” (maybe even risque).

Your Birthday Today:  This is an adventurous year, and you may learn some of the most important lessons or skills this year that you ever learn.  Keep a journal and write or diagram or draw your best ideas.  Even keep your bad ideas.  This is a good year for some people to go back to school.


Chances are good that you will face an important decision this evening, and the two alternatives look remarkably similar in some ways.  Both are sexy, but one might be more about love.  Others see a choice between money and power.  Whatever you choose, you MUST lock it in before 10:30 PM CDT.  Do understand, also, that your choice will need to be revisited later this week, and maybe at other points in the future, for a bit of “care and feeding.”  Chances are good that you will feel a sense of urgency today, and you SHOULD.  Do the work, and you will find the results you receive are worthwhile.

Your Birthday Today: Similar to yesterday, chances are good that you will receive a windfall this year.  And you will face an important choice.  This could be regarding a future mate, or it could involve a choice between power and money.  Whatever you choose, you will have to work for the result.  Persistence will be essential, and chances are good that you will have the stamina to do what needs to be done.


All bets are off.  The Mercury Direct Station is at hand, and we cannot quite predict what will happen for you.  We can say that today and tomorrow will be a very good time for most people to pause and reflect.  Computers and electronics and vehicles break or signal that they need maintenance.  Take care of that first.  Everything else can wait, and if you do not take care of these matters you will regret it.Wednesday

Practical ideas about how to solve important problems arrive.  A sense of urgency is present to take care of both legal matters and matters involving healthcare.  These, too, must be addressed.

Your Birthday Today:  This year you must buckle down and “get to work.”  Stick to practical matters and taking care of the essentials.  This is an important year for you to “lay a foundation.”  Take care of business, and you will find it takes care of you.


(1) Re-read yesterday.  All of it still applies.

(2) BUT, if you have neglected anything, the “intensity” ramps up.  Ignored matters simply cannot wait any longer.  Some things / people shut down.  Avert disaster by being as utterly diligent as you can be.

Your Birthday Today: Read Yesterday’s birthday.  It applies to you also.


Shakeups continue, but “things” start to “get better” as the day progresses.  Healthcare issues pop up for some people, but they can be addressed and resolved.  You may have to take a particularly hard look at your daily routine.  What do you need to be doing differently?

Secrets and sex become important.  This could be secrets about sex.  Hidden relationships happen.  Some people find lost objects; other people lose objects at this time.  Be the former, and not the latter, if you can.  Pay attention!

Almost certainly you will need to re-visit some important point or issue from earlier this week or last week.  Chances are good that you can resolve the problem.  This could have something to do with an opportunity that emerged on Sunday or Monday.

Your Birthday Today:  Things are a bit rough, but they get better.  You may be tempted by a “secret” relationship, a sexual one.  Whether or not that is “good” depends on what else is going on in your life.  In some cases, it can be great.  In others, it is a disaster.  Be wise about this.  Money can come in the form of unexpected windfalls, but some work, possibly hard work, may be required.  You can do it if you really want it.


Snake oil salesmen do well today.  If you are NOT one of those, then be careful regarding “opportunities” you hear about today.  They will tend to be bogus.  That said, you can obtain some rather brilliant ideas, maybe even from the “snake oil salesman.”  If so, just make certain you are extra careful about who you go into business with; waiting a day or a week could be a very good idea.

Creatives have a strong day today.  Bright ideas come to inventors, and they might lead to a patent.  The rest of us should write down what we think about; we could obtain an important advantage from the ideas.

Your Birthday Today:  Be careful about what you hear this year.  Good ideas will come to you; research them and find alternative vendors for the products.  Do not buy them just because you receive a flier in your mail or email.  Check elsewhere.  Keep notes; you will have good ideas.

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