2016-07 W31: FORECASTS FOR WEEK 31 OF 2016

2016-07 W31: FORECASTS FOR WEEK 31 OF 2016


The last full week of July is likely dominated by the Uranus stationary retrograde (SRx) that perfects Friday afternoon.  We feel it all week, and chances are good we felt it some last week as well.  Surprises, maybe dangerous ones, dominate the week.  Revolutions are attempted but surely fail.  A peppering of quintiles gives us some good ideas, but they will almost certainly need revisions and adjustments.  Write them down and keep them for later.


Venus triseptile Neptune tells us that we can, and should, make life better for someone less fortunate than ourselves.  Lately the septiles / biseptiles / triseptiles have manifested themselves as shooters (and dangerous others) who could have benefitted from a better mental health system or at least a few good friends who might could have let the pressure out of the pressure cooker.  Help someone less fortunate than yourself.  It will likely pay off later.

Saturn quintile Astraea gives someone, maybe several someones, some brilliant ideas about difficult situations in the legal system.  Moon is v/c almost all day, so write these ideas down and save them for later adjustments.


Moon moves into Aries setting the stage for a Grand Fire Trine: Moon/ Uranus in Aries; Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Leo, and Saturn in Sagittarius.  This is a strong day for most people (especially fire signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius) and air signs (Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini) to get things done.  However, oddly, highly traditional tasks (such as traditional police and military ceremonies) tend to have failure due to Vesta being void of course until after 4:18 PM CDT (and then being “too early to tell” for at least a few days).  Mercury biquintile Pluto brings bright ideas; write them down.  Saturn quadrinovile Vesta in the evening brings some bright ideas (or skills) about how to solve the problem encountered earlier with traditions.


Tuesday has TWO biquintiles and Mercury trine Uranus.  This is a day for particularly brilliant ideas, and it especially favors inventors, communicators, and writers of any kind.  This might be the most productive day this week; use it wisely!

However, Tuesday morning has Moon v/c in Aries until 10:37 AM CDT, so postpone action until afternoon or better yet evening.  Do also note that the Moon enters the last quarter and is waning.  Housecleaning tasks and preparation tend to be favored; major launches of new projects will have a tendency to wither on the vine.  The flip side of this is that, sometimes, excellent “deals” can be found from the buyer’s point of view.  When Moon goes into Taurus, start checking for sales this afternoon or on Wednesday.

This evening has the potential of “romantic passion” that is a bit on the wild side.


We already mentioned that you might find an excellent purchase today.  This is also another day that favors writers and communicators though yesterday was a bit stronger for that.  A pair of triseptiles make this yet another “karmic” day, so do try to do something to help someone less fortunate than yourself.  Sometimes just helping someone to be “heard” can make a huge difference.

Mercury in Leo in quincunx Chiron in Pisces, and health and healing issues (or educational issues or both) bubble to the surface.  Misunderstandings happen, and finding a solution simply may not occur until another day.  Persist if you must, but sometimes knowing when to take time off with the intent to return to the issue on a later date can be the smartest approach.


A fixed T-Square (Moon in Taurus; Mercury in Leo; Mars in Scorpio) dominates the morning in North America and the afternoon and early evening in the UK and EU.  People become stubborn and powerful conflicts emerge.  Angry words fly, and the bell cannot be “unrung.”  Watch for the tendency to utter words you might regret later, and watch for dangerous behavior in traffic (might be yours; might be someone else’s).

Astraea, the asteroid associated with law and the legal system, enters Libra today.  Traditionally, Libra is “ruled” by Venus.  Almost all astrologers agree on this.  BUT, Venus “also” rules Taurus.  An argument can easily be made that Venus is more Taurean in nature than Libran, and we can see that Astraea might actually be a “better” ruler of Libra.  Based on these ideas, that means Astraea (law and the legal system) is at home (and VERY powerful) at this point in time.  Expect issues of justice to come to the surface and, surprising in some cases, we might see justice when, in the past, we did not see it before.  Today is a turning point for anyone who needs past wrongs “made right.”


Uranus forms a septile with Pallas, and that is a peculiar “karmic” aspect that involves ideas and bright ideas.  With Uranus Station Retrograde today, bright ideas are on hold.  Write them down if they come to you, but be VERY careful about acting upon them.  The smart thing is to know that not all the information is in, just yet, and that waiting for more information is advised.  Mercury squares Mars, amplifying any disputes that you encountered yesterday or Wednesday.  Avoid dangerous people, places, and things, and avoid being any of those yourself.  Police or military (or lawyers), however, might be particularly effective at this time.  Just understand that, if you are in one of those roles, blood may be shed.  These few days are particularly dangerous.

Also: Mercury is void after 3:49 PM CDT today, and continues void until 1:18 PM CDT tomorrow.  Expect communications and transportation SNAFUs and maybe FUBARs.




This is a messy day that is difficult to predict.  Moon is v/c from just before 7 AM CDT until just after 4 PM CDT (and then enters “too early to tell”).  Pallas trines Juno this evening, and if you love your spouse this is a good time to show it.  In fact, this is a good day to make it clear to anyone who deserves your loyalty.  Speak up.  Mercury is also void until 1:18 PM CDT.  It is far ahead of the Sun and preparing to make its retrograde station in a few weeks in early September.  We suggest that accomplish as much as you can on the days where open windows for accomplishment exist.  Once we reach the retrograde period you will need to look back at what you were doing now and decide whether or not it needs to be changed or re-done.

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