2016-05 W23: Forecasts for Week 23 of 2016

2016-05 W23: Forecasts for Week 23 of 2016

2016-06 W23: Forecasts for Week 23 of 2016

May 2016 (Mars Out)

Week 23 (W23)

Everything this week is about love or money.  You can pick one or the other, and in some cases you can have both.  In order to have either, you must clean house and shed old baggage this week.

Sunday May 29th

Planets have either moved out of Taurus or soon will, Moon and Sun have made a powerful statement regarding Sagittarius / Gemini issues, and retrograde planets are beginning to move forward.  School is out (for most students), summer is here, and May (and Taurus) is nearly “over” (until next year).  The “Mutable T” we have been discussing is highly activated today with Moon joining Neptune in the morning.

Secrets have been revealed, and we must process what we have learned.  We do have a danger of “reading too much into something” at this time and becoming delusional.  Stick to the facts as much as you can, knowing that doing just that can be difficult at this time.  “Clean house in all ways if you can.”  That is the message for this week and especially for today.  Time to “move forward,” and exactly what that means is something you will have to decide for yourself.  (But seeking guidance from a trusted source can be a good idea at this time.)

Monday May 30th

Let’s be clear: today is a good day to “get things done.”  Although these good windows do come from time to time, they are not always with us.  If you have read our work “enough” to test whether or not our forecasts work for you, and (assuming they do) you have missed such a window before, then you know how valuable they can be.  As “Larry the Cable Guy” says: “Get ‘er done.”  We could say more, but really that is the most important message, along with “Moon turns void about 6 PM, and the window closes then.”

This is a particularly strong day for water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces).

Tuesday May 31st

You get a second bite at the apple today, but today is better for fire signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius).  It is still another good day to get things done, and (as we recommended yesterday) you still need to push.  “Things” may become a bit shakey as the day progresses because of an annual event that happens tomorrow.

June 2016 (Mars Out)

“June” is named after Juno, the wife and sister of Jupiter.  She was often the jilted wife who could vent a powerful level of anger at the frequently unfaithful “King” regarding his infidelities.  Do what you must, but this is a very good time of year to be loyal to your vows.

Wednesday June 1st

All days have their uses.  Today is fabulous if you are a photographer, film-maker, videographer, poet, or maker of music.  Stage musicians do well also.  It can be good if you are a criminal.  The rest of us should consider a day off.  Some people will have a “summer cold” today.  It is all related to the annual “Sun Square Neptune” aspect that occurs today and will occur near this date for at least a few more years.  If you are a Gemini or Pisces, and especially if your birthday is yesterday, today, or tomorrow, you will really “feel” today.

A TriSeptile between Ceres and Hygeia tells us that we can benefit by helping someone else regarding an issue involving both food (or prosperity) and health.  This could be a donation at a food bank or giving someone a meal.  Have you ever taken the time to be a volunteer at an Elder Care facility and help feed someone?

Thursday June 2nd

The BiQuintile between Vesta and Lilith tells us that tradition, on one hand, and the wild and untamed side of ourselves on the other hand, may cooperate to give us a powerful insight.  Sex is the issue, but this may be sex in ways you have never considered before.

Venus square Neptune tells us that we may “fall in love” with someone and not really see who they are.  Sun opposite Saturn brings a “reality check” of some kind, and these contradictory set of aspects spills over onto tomorrow (Friday).

Some artists can produce rather amazing works today, especially if they explore our expectations about love and sex.

If you are not quite “getting” what I am talking about, consider a video party with many or few friends (maybe even just that one special “friend”) where you watch a double feature: (1) Hope Springs and (2) Last Tango in Paris.  (You get to decide which is first and which is second.)  At least one of them, maybe both, should “speak” to you if you have even an iota of romance within you.  (If not, try tomorrow’s recommendation.)

If romance is not an option but money is, then your double feature should be (1) The Big Short and (2) Money Monster.

Friday June 3rd

Yesterday’s odd conflict between “falling in love” and the “reality check” continues, and today it is amplified further.  If you are interested in a “May-December” romance (young-old), then the window opens here.  Regardless of which side of the partnership you represent, make certain you are ready for the “ride.”  And, let us make one thing clear: SOME of these relationships WILL survive and become the “best thing that ever happened” to each partner.  (Not all of them, but SOME of them!)

If love is not in the air for you, then this is all about money and finance and investments.  Make certain you “know what you are getting into.”  Avoid risky schemes.

This is a good evening to watch Harold and Maude again with someone you love (or would like to love).  What?  You have never seen it?  Really?

If it is still “all about the Benjamins” rather than romance, then you could watch “Wall Street” instead.  (But, we still vote for Harold and Maude anyway!)

Saturday June 4th

Moon moves from old to new circa 11 PM CDT today.  You may want to check the List of New Moons for 2016.

Today is a quirky day, and some people will spend a huge amount of money and some people will make a huge amount of money.  Big gains happen for some, and big losses happen  for others.  If it is not money, then it is overeating or too much in the way of drugs or alcohol.  If none of those affect you, then you MIGHT be able to focus your abilities to accomplish something that is nothing short of amazing today.

Curiously, the moon is VERY old and waning today, so for many people this is about cleaning out and cleaning up.  Buyers are favored over sellers, and some people will buy that “$10 ‘pretty rock'” that happens to be a Star Sapphire (or not).  Alliances that you form shortly past 11 PM CDT may betray you later.  Pick your “friends” carefully.

The particular combination most favored today is that rare person who has beneficial planets in Aries / Virgo.  You have both (1) the drive and ambition and (2) the eye for detail needed to best take advantage of today’s rare opportunity.  Chances are good this will come to you some time between 9 PM and 11 PM CDT.  (Please adjust for your time zone.)

If you are asking someone on a date this Saturday night, make it as late as possible.  Try NOT to end it before 11 PM CDT, and if you can schedule “the kiss” right on 11 PM CDT (adjust for your time zone), then this is best.  (This assumes you actually WANT “the kiss.”  You might change your mind.  If so, end it early and go out with your friends.  You might find the right one later!:)  )

A big Lotto jackpot tonight (Powerball?) would not be much of a surprise.

If love did blossom for you this week, consider doing something special for your sweetie!

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