About Weekly Forecast

This site is a spinoff from Grand Trines.  We are testing the waters to determine whether or not we want to explore producing a “for profit” Astrology website.  All of our work so far (since 2008) has been “gratis,” or “for free.”

The level of traffic on this site will determine whether we proceed to the next step or keep what we do as a hobby.

Here is the chart for the “birth” of this blog, filtered first for the Mystic Rectangle that is present:

Weekly Forecasts (Mystic Rectangle)

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We interpret the presence of a “Mystic Rectangle” for such a venture as to be fortuitous.  It is a sign we should move forward in our efforts.

We do not have a “kite” present (another beneficial pattern), but we have several “almost kites.”  Given that this is a test for a larger venture, we find this acceptable as a favorable sign.

Weekly Forecasts (Kite, Almost (1))

Weekly Forecasts (Kite, Almost (2))

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We also have a Thor’s Hammer, a sign that gives us “energy” but also a “warning”:

Weekly Forecasts (Thor's Hammer)

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We also have a Hele, a sign that alliances will need to be formed for this project to succeed:

Weekly Forecasts (Hele)

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We also have a Yod, a sign that an important decision must be made.  One leg is much stronger than the other, and that hints that the decision may be already completed:

Weekly Forecasts (Yod)

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We also have a Grand Cross, Grand Trines (associated with the “almost Kites”), and T-Squares.  Since the Grand Trines are shown in the “almost Kites”, and most of the T-Squares are covered in the Grand Cross, we will not duplicate them here.  But, finally, here is the Grand Cross, and the “energy” and “turning point” that it represents:

Weekly Forecasts (Grand Cross)

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We describe the Grand Cross as a “turning point” because (1) (like the Mystic Rectangle) they are relatively rare and (2) each element (Fire, Earth, Air, and Waer) is “sitting at the table” in this pattern.  All options, “good” and “bad,” are available from this point of departure.

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