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Read the interpretation of interplay of the planets as they move through the zodiac signs.

(These are not personalized predictions)


( 21st March – 20th April )

Blue_and_Gold_Zodiac_Signs_PNG_Clipart_Image copy

Financially, the phase is such that you can expect unexpected gains, through known and unknown sources. Investments and even speculations are favored. Monetary matters and responsibilities will be discussed and thrashed out. Getting a windfall/legacy/win at gambling may also be possible. Work wise you feel it is the correct time to formulate and implement new policies, guidelines — the mainstay around which your work will resolve. Emotionally, you are making headway for inner peace and a sense of balance. You are looking forward to being in harmony with your near and dear ones — a feeling of peace and bliss not preferential attachments. Health wise the graph is good.


( 21st April – 21st May )

Blue_and_Gold_Zodiac_Signs_PNG_Clipart_Image copy 2You…

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Moon Astrology for April 19 – 25, 2020 – New Moon is On the Way

Riding Moon Cycles

Wednesday 4/22, Thursday 4/23, and Friday 4/24 to 5p PST are the best days to take care of important tasks for the week.

Make your moves while this moon in Taurus heads to an agreeable trine to lucky in business Jupiter.

Wednesday is tricky with a Moon challenging square to taskmaster Saturn, but if you can rise above low moods, then forge ahead.

Head’s up for next week that has a long spell of ordinary days to keep the trains running and hold off on priority items if you can.

Help arrives May 2 Saturday with Earth Moon in Virgo with three lucky trines on a grand day to make your mark with business or pleasure.

* Times listed are Pacific Daylight Time. Add 3 hours for EDT.

APR 19 – SUN

Pisces to Void Moon 4p

LQ+5. Noon may bring temporary disruption, but turns out ok by dinner time…

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2020-04 Week 17 Astrology Daypages

2020-04 Week 17 Astrology Daypages

Not shown on these graphics: Pluto Station Retrograde April 25th

Pluto has a 240 year orbit, so we feel this retrograde weeks before it perfects.  Issues involving police, intelligence agencies, poisons, drugs, pain, death, and “hidden matters” or “underground matters” are in play here, some popping to the surface and others vanishing forever.

Mars Out Aspects

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Sun / Moon Aspects

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Sunout Aspects

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Downloadable Time Map of
2020 Week 17
Astrological Aspects

2020-04-W17 Sunout Time Map

[PDF file opens in new tab upon click]

Revolution and Astrology Forecast April 19-25

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

Please remember that we are in transition between Ages- moving from a now dying Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. 

The Age of Pisces began around the birth of Jesus Christ, maybe 100 or 200 years before that birth.

The Christ birth turned into the Christian religion.  Anything in the name of Christ is Pisces, the sign of compassion, sacrifice, soul, and even savior.

The opposite sign of the sign of an Age is important- actually together they create the New Age.

Virgo is the sign opposite Pisces and Virgo in this case represents the material plane, distinctly opposite the soul plane of Pisces.

An old expression, paraphrased is ” Give unto Caesar or give unto Christ” .

The Roman Empire existed at the same time as Christ and the birth of the Christian Religion.

And so this was the first look at an…

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The Gold at the End of the Rainbow

Sarah Fuhro Star-Flower Alchemy

This chart promises the potential for both Neptune’s mysterious plague and Pluto’s creaking death cart.  They are in connection for the moment.   But it also promises the construction (Saturn) of a new healing (Chiron).  Perhaps the Earth will benefit from enforced quarantine, perhaps we will make new discoveries around the immune system, but, whatever else, we will never be the same planet or people.   We know we can change everything we take for granted, our work, our social structure, our ability for sudden transformation and potential for infinite resilience.

No surprise, the worldwide wonder of each day continues, as a new Moon begins in Taurus.  The Lunar cycle begins each month when Sun and Moon meet at the same degree.  This particular degree in Taurus has a strong image, a promise we have heard before.

gold in the stream             Photo: Robert Fuhro

‘The Pot of Gold…

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Tarotscopes – From April 19th through April 25th, 2020 — Philosophy & Astrology

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Tarot Card of the Week: 20 to 26 Apr, 2020 — Tarot Fortune

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