Mythic Oracle Guidance for the Week Ahead — Angelorum – Tarot and Healing

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For the week of 4th of September, we have a general week ahead message from the Mother Mary Oracle and individual messages from the Mythic Oracle. Pick a card!

via Mythic Oracle Guidance for the Week Ahead — Angelorum – Tarot and Healing

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This week in Astrology: Sorting out the essential from your heart

9th House

Monday opens with the Moon in the last degrees of Taurus on the Fixed star Algol or the Head of Medusa; don’t lose your mind. We are building towards the Jupiter/Uranus opposition that will be exact on the 27/28 of September. This is a revolutionary aspect which is excellent for visionaries and artists and for people who have the ability to see the silver lining in chaotic  circumstances but also have the guts to do things differently. On a mundane level it can feel destabilizing if you are holding to the status quo at all cost or need predictable outcomes. Small and large shifts are happening in our awareness and intuition is at an all time high. Flashes of insights and new bold ideas are available if you adjust your vision. With Uranus in Aries closing in on its opposition to Jupiter in Libra there is an urge to liberate…

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Prayers for Texas – Planetary Weather September – HOUSTON & A HEARTBREAK TRANSIT by Magi Bette

Monavie Voight

Magi Bette talks to us about the planetary weather bringing in these natural disasters, and the good and ugly that’s going to be happening in September.

Prayers for Texas – Planetary Weather September – HOUSTON & A HEARTBREAK TRANSIT

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#Tarot Card Reading for Week Commencing: 11 September 2017

MacGabhann Tarot

TCR 11-09-17

The beginning of the week and the Knight of Swords warns against rushing into situations. think before reacting and take time to consider situations carefully.

The middle of the week and the 3 of Cups tells you it’s time to enjoy the company of friends.  Make sure that you aren’t being anti-social; try to set aside some time to enjoy the company of others.

The end of the week and the 5 of cups reminds to to concentrate on the things that you have and not dwell on what you have lost.

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Weekly Tarot Card Reading, 11 Sept, 2017!

Helen Edey - Aspects of You


This weeks card is the Hermit.

KEYWORDS – turning in, finding one’s light, completion/beginnings, harvest, resting in one’s center, wise guide, readiness to face the shadow on the path to the light.

  • Virgo – is the sign of careful deliberate, thought and action.
    Be your own wise guide and always find your center in the world.
    Know that “You got this”!!!
    Know that you have got skills.
    Have faith and trust in you.

Some alone time may be needed sometime this week to connect with you. The Hermit is an internal journey so you can see where you are now at. You go out into the world and experience it, now you go inwards to understand it, to gain some insight, to find your own answers and Wisdom on you. You may need some time to process all that has been happening around you. What the Hermit wants is to…

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Week of September 11, 2017

Libra Seeking Balance

Best news this week is Venus in Leo regains her mojo! The Virgo Sun and Mercury in Virgo have their challenges but nothing we can’t handle, while Mercury is getting back to normal and will be much more effective at sorting out the details once more.

On Tuesday Venus in Leo enjoys a trine to Saturn in Sagittarius, very good for injecting some common sense into love and money matters. If you have been holding off on dealing with complicated romantic issues or putting together a financial deal, now is a good time to move ahead. On Friday Venus will be sextile Jupiter in Libra and hopefully bring everyone a pinch of good luck.

A much more exciting aspect is Venus trine Uranus in Aries late Sunday, September 17. That one ought to give our love lives a boost as well as open up some brilliant creative ideas! Remember this…

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Horoscope Sept 11-17. Venus kinky sex and more

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology, Psychic

Highlights of this week:

The MOON is Void of Course Sept 11 until 12:29 pm PDT/3:29 pm EDT/8:29 pm GMT

Don’t initiate anything until the Moon enters the next sign. A void of course Moon is good for routine tasks.

The Moon enters GEMINI on the 11th @ 12:29 pm PDT/ 3:29 pm EDT/8:29 pm GMT

MOON is VOID the 13th from 11:35 am PDT/2:35 pm EDT/ 7:35 pm GMT

Cancer Moon in her home sign Sept 13 @ 3:12 pm PDT/ 6:12 pm EDT/ 11:12 pm GMT 

Sept 15 Moon is VOID from 2:23 pm PDT/ 5:23 pm EDT/ 9:23 pm GMT

Moon enters LEO on the15th @ 6:09 pm PDT/9:09 pm EDT/16th @ 2:09 am GMT

Moon is Void of course on the 17th @ 5:55 pm PDT/ 8:55 pm EDT/Sept 18 @ 1:55 am GMT

Moon enters VIRGO on the 17th @ 9:52 pm PDT/ 18th @…

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