Moon Astrology for May 10 – 16, 2020 – Waning Moon

Riding Moon Cycles

These tips focus on the best days to take action and when to wait according to traditional principles of western astrology.

Handle priority matters all day Sunday, Monday, Friday — and Saturday 11a-2p PDT.

Sunday and MondayMay 10-11, are supported by a positive meeting of the Moon and optimistic Jupiter in solid let’s-get-to-work Capricorn Earth.

Ease up on the schedule mid-week Tuesday, Wednesday, May 12-13. Carry on with normal tasks but delay major life-changing decisions and new projects. Work ordinary assignments and those items already in motion.


The Last Quarter moon phase plus an all-day VOC on May 14 Thursday means to take a break from it all. Stop pushing ahead and switch to relaxation or chores if you need to keep busy.

Friday May 15 features a peaceful Pisces Water moon with a kindly nod from a confident Moon sextile with good-for-business Jupiter.

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